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Champion Insurance launches mobile app

Champion Insurance has launched their mobile application on Google Play Store. The insurance application will allow motorists to purchase their insurance, ZINARA and Radio license in the comfort of their homes. Features being touted by champions Insurance are; Online insurance, Zinara and radio license purchase Provide users with a quotation should they require it first. […]

Renew Your Insurance, Vehicle, & Radio Licence Using This WhatsApp Bot

Given that the entire nation is currently under lockdown, those of you with expiring insurance, vehicle and radio licences might be in search of digital renewal options to ensure that when the lockdown ends the first thing you do is collect your disc. IceCash is offering one such WhatsApp bot (08677 004010) and an online […]

ZIMNAT’s GeneInsure ATM-Like Vehicle Licence Machines Now Available In Stores

We’ve talked about GeneInsure before. The ZIMNAT off-shoot intends to appeal to the mass market by targeting all consumers. The brand hoped to set itself apart through excellent customer service facilities which would include social media support – something which is rare for insurance companies in Zim. Anyway back in December, they announced that they […]

Online Insurance Renewals To Reduce Leakages & Counterfeit Registrations

Migrating insurance from paper-based manual systems to online based technology seems to be having a positive effect on the vehicle insurance sector. Surprise, surprise! It’s great that the Insurance Council of Zimbabwe (ICZ) has moved over some of their processes and made them online-based since this has come with the efficiencies usually expected with such […]

EcoSure Revised The Pricing Of Premiums A Week Ago. Here Are The New Prices.

In 2014, EcoSure was launched replacing the disaster that was EcoLife and ever since it’s launch, EcoSure prices have not changed. Unfortunately owing to the changes in the economy EcoSure recently revised pricing of their service. This is something we only came across after we scoured EcoSure’s pages following the recent fiasco that saw the […]

FBC Shares More Details Regarding MyDrive Insurance

A week ago FBC announced a new insurance product; MyDrive and since the announcement they have done a really great job of answering all the questions that have been popping up around their new service. We felt it was an interesting service; more interesting than EcoSure’s Moovah but in that article, we raised some questions. Once […]

FBC’s MyDrive Insurance Product Is More An Innovation Than EcoSure Moovah But Winning Is Not That Simple

I have to start by stating that I am excited by FBC’s new MyDrive product. It’s a totally new value proposition in the Zimbabwean motor insurance market. The logic behind the product makes sense. EcoSure Moovah is another fairly new motor insurance product that hit the market a few months ago. Having been launched by […]

FBC Launches New Motor Insurance Service Allowing You To Pay For The Distance You’ve Driven

FBC has just announced MyDrive; an insurance service they are terming as “customer driven and low-cost Usage Based”. The new FBC product is the first of its kind in Zim and it allows customers to get charged on a case by case basis dependant on their mileage. In a press release sent out to media, […]

No More Carelessness: New Regulations Now Require You To Have Third-Party Insurance To Fly Your Drone

If good fences make good neighbours, insurance does too for drone operators.  Every drone operator knows that flights don’t always go as planned, and when your drone breaks a window or lands on Chiyangwa’s new Mercedes, you may need to make amends. That’s why the new Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) drone regulations now require […]

Zimnat’s Self-Service Portal Allows You To Buy Your Insurance Cover Online

Zimnat has been very active in adopting some digital solutions for their business in 2018. They’ve hosted a hackathon, an accelerator and more recently they deployed Musa (a chatbot) to handle insurance enquiries on their website. Another step they’ve taken in order to embrace digital solutions this year is their self-service portal. The self-service portal […]

Zimnat And HIT Hosted A Hackathon. We Need More Of These!

Hackathons are not an entirely new thing but in 2018 that Hackathon’s are gaining ground in Zimbabwe. Zimnat came together with HIT to look for solutions that can be implemented in Zimnat‘s insurance business and even though we were not made aware of this hackathon we are still excited that these things are taking place. […]

Stand A Chance To Win $2 500 By Coming Up With An Insurance Innovation

The Nicoz Diamond think tank competition was launched on Friday the 27th of July. Think tank represents a pool of ideas, thoughts etc. We got a lot more details but those mentioned in the previous article were the essentials. The competition is one to come up with innovative insurance solutions for Nicoz Diamond, a short […]

Nicoz Diamond Think Tank Competition To Be Launched Tomorrow, This One For Student Innovators

Nicoz diamond in partnership with BOOST Fellowship is hosting an innovators competition launch tomorrow the  27th of July 2018 at Nicoz Diamond HQ  from 1 p.m- 3p.m. They will have a workshop and give more information about the competition. So far we know that it is a competition targeted at but not limited to attached […]

Insurance Companies Beware! Econet Is Coming For You: Car Insurance Coming Soon

Browsing through Econet’s Financial Results for the past year makes for an interesting read. You come across interesting developments that are not necessarily publicised and it may be very easy to overlook these developments. One such example of an interesting development is gathered from the statement below: During the next 12 months, we will be […]

Econet Zimbabwe Now Offers Motor Insurance Services

So, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe in collaboration with TiB Insurance Brokers and Steward Bank recently introduced a car insurance product, iDriveSure – another insurance service by Econet after EcoSure, the funeral cover. iDriveSure is a bundled product incorporating Motor insurance, Vehicle and ZBC Licensing. It is available at selected Econet Shops and Steward Bank Branches nationwide. […]

Would you get insurance for your smartphone?

To understand why you might need insurance for your smartphone, let’s take a look at a scenario. So picture this, you’re lying on the sofa, holding your phone up and chatting with some friends on WhatsApp. Then all of a sudden your phone hits your face, you know how much that sucks right. Well, this […]

NMB launches range of life assurance products (Press Release)

NMB Bank has launched a range of life assurance products at the Harare Agricultural Show branded NMBLife. The new range of products embraces life assurance, a retirement plan and a funeral plan. Those who sign up for any of the three NMBLife products this week are being given an instant gift in addition to the […]

ZimSelector shows growth through redesigned platform and new providers

The last time we wrote about ZimSelector, the Zimbabwean online insurance aggregator, the startup had introduced a payment option and was working on signing on more insurance institutions to give users a wider range of options for credible comparisons. After a bit of silence the aggregator has now come out to announce the next phase of its growth. This […]

First Mutual Life launches e-FML, a mobile based insurance product

First Mutual Life today launched a new mobile based funeral assurance product that is called “e-FML”, which suggests an acronym for Electronic First Mutual Life. The service costs as little as $0.80 for $500 worth of funeral cover. Here’s a  general outline of the product. Firstly the service is not 100% mobile as was the […]

Moore Stephens launches Rulebook for Pricing: Insurance

Moore Stephens Consulting, an international consulting firm based in the UK officially launched the Rulebook for Pricing for insurance service providers in Harare yesterday. Rulebook for Pricing is an agnostic, pricing and quoting tool designed to replace pricing spreadsheets that characterise the Zimbabwean and General Insurance Markets. The product has been on the market for […]

Econet announces EcoFarmer, insurance for smallholder farmers

Yesterday, we exclusively reported that Econet was working to launch a new insurance service for smallholder farmers called EcoFarmer. Econet just issued a press statement announcing the product. Our report yesterday covers most of what the product is but here’s the new information from the statement: Econet is implementing this in partnership with Seed Co, […]

Econet to launch EcoCash powered insurance for sme farmers, EcoFarmer

We are getting information that Econet will in a couple of days launch the new EcoCash service called EcoFarmer which has been talked about a bit locally in the past few months. Contrary to what we believed – that EcoFarmer is an attempt at creating something like eSoko – the information we are getting suggests […]

Altfin to extend mobile based medical aid scheme to Telecel, Econet

Altfin Medical Aid Scheme announced yesterday that its MedAccess mobile based medical aid service is going to be extended to Econet Wireless and Telecel Zimbabwe subscribers in the coming few days. The service, which was launched in December last year, was until now only available to NetOne subscribers. Econet is the largest mobile operator with […]

The TrustCo side of the story. TrustCo to protect its intellectual property rights

Since TrustCo terminated the Econet agreement some 2 weeks ago, TrustCo hadn’t spoken about the issue. It is Econet Chairman, Tawanda Nyambirai, who gave the Econet side of the story which basically amounted to: TrustCo demanded more money than was due to them, spammed Econet subscribers, threatened to terminate the agreement when Econet complained about all this and when Econet called their buff, they backed out but Econet wouldn’t have it.

Econet to Partner Afre on New Life Assurance Product: EcoLife

We just received information that Econet and Afre Corporation (formerly First Mutual Life Assurance Limited) will be announcing a new Life Insurance product to the press tomorrow. The new product is called EcoLife