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Cassava bemoans regulatory pressures placed on EcoCash in investor update

Cassava Smartech -EcoCash’s parent company- issued a trading update outlining the the first half of the year and what investors and the general public can expect going forward. In the update there are a number of interesting points to harp over and one of the key talking points will be the regression of EcoCash due […]

EcoSure Revised The Pricing Of Premiums A Week Ago. Here Are The New Prices.

In 2014, EcoSure was launched replacing the disaster that was EcoLife and ever since it’s launch, EcoSure prices have not changed. Unfortunately owing to the changes in the economy EcoSure recently revised pricing of their service. This is something we only came across after we scoured EcoSure’s pages following the recent fiasco that saw the […]

Zimnat’s Self-Service Portal Allows You To Buy Your Insurance Cover Online

Zimnat has been very active in adopting some digital solutions for their business in 2018. They’ve hosted a hackathon, an accelerator and more recently they deployed Musa (a chatbot) to handle insurance enquiries on their website. Another step they’ve taken in order to embrace digital solutions this year is their self-service portal. The self-service portal […]

Insurance Companies Beware! Econet Is Coming For You: Car Insurance Coming Soon

Browsing through Econet’s Financial Results for the past year makes for an interesting read. You come across interesting developments that are not necessarily publicised and it may be very easy to overlook these developments. One such example of an interesting development is gathered from the statement below: During the next 12 months, we will be […]