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TelOne pays $29 million to Econet and Telecel

Recently, Chipo Mtasa, the CEO of TelOne pointed out that the fixed telecoms operator had reached a debt repayment deal with Econet Wireless and Telecel. TelOne will pay $24 million to Econet and another $5 million to Telecel. Mtasa referenced a “tripartite offset arrangement” between Government, Telone and Econet and the extension of money towards that debt.

Econet owed $26 million by Telecel & NetOne

Telecel and NetOne owe Econet $26.3 million from the past year alone. These are debts related to interconnection fees that Econet has always struggled to collect from the other operators. That figure is big enough to have paid for a little over 40% of Telecel.

We will not do what Econet did to you, says Telecel

Last week’s light jab at its fighting rivals wasn’t enough for Telecel. They’re not done yet taking optimum advantage of the situation. In a more settled and deeper response to the goings on with Econet and NetOne, Telecel statements in the print press attributed to the CEO Francis Mawindi, essentially offer that the company would […]

Econet and NetOne agree to resume interconnection pending main hearing

Reports on yesterday’s High Court hearing on the interconnection dispute between Econet and NetOne say the two mobile operators made a “draft consent order” yesterday in which Econet agreed to resume interconnection services with NetOne pending the main hearing on the matter. The date of the hearing will be set after Econet files its arguments […]

Seizing an opportunity: Telecel’s response to the Econet & NetOne fight

So what do you do when you two business rivals start fighting? No, you don’t sit back and watch! You seize the opportunity! You explain to the market why it’s a smart idea for them to just ditch your two rivals and join your network! Gotta give it to them! thanks KSPD. Quick NetOne, Econet, […]