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Tag: Interconnection

Powertel’s voice interconnection to happen within a month

In November 2012 we wrote: It’s the voice network we first heard of more than a year ago when PowerTel said they were all set to launch and that interconnection agreements were complete. This week’s announcement confirms they over-promised both on the “set to launch” and the interconnection front. Yes, in July 2011 Powertel had […]

VoIP & CDMA operator, Africom, finally interconnects with NetOne

Africom, the one telecoms operator in Zimbabwe that has been deliberate about it’s new VoIP offering, announced yesterday that they have finally interconnected with NetOne, the last of three mobile operators in the country. The interconnection agreement has been finalised a whole two years after Africom interconnected with Econet, Telecel and fixed line operator, TelOne. […]

Zimbabwe VoIP providers the immediate losers in mobile price wars

While discussing the possible pricing of their new VoIP service some time ago, one telecoms executive remarked “Our interconnection pricing is skewed in favour of the incumbents! It’s difficult to make any meaningful money in Zimbabwe as a VoIP provider”.

Telecel – Econet Interconnection: Telecel opens up network

With the Telecel license issue now sorted, Zimbabweans are now waiting for the two week interconnection blackout between the company and Econet to end. We have been testing ourselves since yesterday if calls from either network are going through to the other. We have only had success calling Telecel numbers from an Econet sim card since yesterday afternoon.

Econet breaks EcoCash as interconnection dispute with Telecel continues

The smooth convenience of using mobile money for transfers and payments is exceptional. The idea of being able to send money to anyone that has a mobile phone and them being able to pick it up immediately in any part of the country is something that a few years ago wasn’t imaginable. Anyone with a mobile phone!

Econet / Telecel interconnection blackout enters 5th day. POTRAZ silent

It’s now day 5 since Econet last week severed mobile interconnection with Zimbabwe’s second largest mobile operator, Telecel. Before that, Econet, the largest with more than 8 million subscribers, had been accused by Telecel of throttling voice calls from the network in a bid, they said, to frustrate subscribers into migrating ‘back’ to Econet. Econet didn’t respond to the throttling allegation they responded to a licensing one.

It gets ugly as Econet disconnects Telecel Zimbabwe. Our brief thoughts

Earlier today Econet released a statement, its response to the Telecel statement yesterday that basically accused them of throttling traffic. In the statement, which we posted in full here, Econet essentially said they are no under any obligation to have interconnection with Telecel as Telecel are an unlicensed operator. This because Telecel is still to renew its license.

Telecel vs Econet traffic throttling issue: Telecel issues official statement

We just received a statement from Telecel on the “throttling issue” they are having with Econet which we posted about in the morning. The statement basically confirms what Telecel sources have been telling us anonymously. That they suspect Econet is unfairly throttling calls from Telecel. And here is how Telecel backs their claims:

Telecel reports Econet to POTRAZ for throttling Telecel voice calls

A report in the NewsDay today says Telecel has reported Econet to the Zim telecommunications regulator, POTRAZ, allegedly for unfair business practices relating to not neutrally allowing calls from Telecel subscribers through to the Econet network. Before the report, some Telecel anonymous sources had indicated to the press (including us) that Econet is throttling calls from their network.

Press Release: Econet Wireless blocking Aquiva Wireless Voip calls

Aquiva Wireless would like to advise new and existing customers that there is currently an ongoing interconnection dispute between ourselves and Econet Wireless. Due to this we are currently unable to guarantee calls terminating to Econet.

PowerTel launches a CDMA voice network without interconnection

The print Financial Gazette this week had a supplement with an announcement by PowerTel that the company is unveiling a voice network. It’s the voice network we first heard of more than a year ago when PowerTel said they were all set to launch and that interconnection agreements were complete. This week’s announcement confirms they over-promised both on the “set to launch” and the interconnection front.

More to the Econet and Netone interconnection dispute?

This article is by Jabulani Chirinda, who describes himself as “A technology enthusiast, entrepreneur, Google services platinum user.” Chirinda Studied applied physics at NUST, and is currently pursuing a degree in Telecommunications with a university in Zimbabwe. He’s passionate about mobile technology, social media, digital photography and space technology. Married and have a daughter. Over the past […]

TelOne owes Econet much more interconnection money than NetOne does

Last month, when Econet Wireless chief executive, Douglas Mboweni, appeared before a parliamentary committee on Media, Information and Communication Technology on ICT, he reportedly disclosed that Econet is owed a whopping US $85 million by NetOne and TelOne in interconnection fees. Last week when Econet decided to terminate interconnection with NetOne it cited $20.4 million as […]

NetOne accuses Econet of possible economic sabotage in Zimbabwe

Econet Wireless cut us out during an important national event constituting a possible case of economic sabotage, is the latest accusation from Zimbabwe’s state owned mobile operator, NetOne, which last week had its interconnection with Econet severed as a dispute over unpaid interconnection fees escalated. The interconnection was restored after NetOne challenged the decision at […]

Full text of NetOne’s [REVISED] notice on interconnection dispute with Econet

When Econet terminated interconnection services with NetOne for a day on 23 August 2012, NetOne responded with a public notice published in the local newspapers on Friday, 24 August 2012. We posted the full text of the notice here. A day later, NetOne release another notice, the one below. It’s in many parts similar to the […]

Seizing an opportunity: Telecel’s response to the Econet & NetOne fight

So what do you do when you two business rivals start fighting? No, you don’t sit back and watch! You seize the opportunity! You explain to the market why it’s a smart idea for them to just ditch your two rivals and join your network! Gotta give it to them! thanks KSPD. Quick NetOne, Telecel, […]

Full text of NetOne’s notice on interconnection dispute with Econet

Earlier, we reported that NetOne released a notice today basically saying that in addition to making an application to the High Court to have Econet restore the interconnection (which they have done), NetOne is also taking the matter to the police so Econet board and management can be held liable for the “crime”. The NetOne […]

NetOne threatens to have Econet leaders arrested over Interconnection dispute

NetOne is not taking the blow they suffered from Econet yesterday lightly. In a press notice released today, the state owned mobile operator has threatened to have Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s board and management arrested over the termination of interconnection services between the two mobile operators that Econet carried out yesterday. After the termination, NetOne made […]

After a day of interconnection blackout, Econet restores services with NetOne

No one really expected it to last long. We know we didn’t. We suspect Econet itself didn’t even plan to. We think it was more getting a message across to NetOne stakeholders (mainly the government of course) what Econet is capable of doing if its hand is forced. After a whole day of total disconnection […]

Full text of Econet’s public notice to terminate NetOne Interconnection

Earlier, we reported that Econet issued a notice in the Zimbabwean newspapers today advising that it will terminate interconnection services to NetOne today following the “repudiation of interconnection agreement by NetOne”. Below is the full text of the notice as published in the Herald. We have contacted both NetOne and POTRAZ to get a comment on […]

Aquiva Wireless secures commercial interconnection with Econet for VoIP

Two months ago, Artwell Mataranyika the Aquiva Wireless chief operations officer told us their telecoms company would be launching VoIP service by April. He said they were actually ready to launch on the technical front but had to finalize commercial interconnection agreements to with incumbent operators.

Telco interconnects with Econet. Still to interconnect with Telecel & NetOne

Internet Access Provider, Telecontract (Telco), has interconnected its VoIP network with the Econet Wireless’s GSM mobile phone network. We got the announcement yesterday from Telco. The IAP launched VoIP services in November 2010 and more than a year later, had still not interconnected with a single mobile operator.

Africom officially interconnects with Econet and TelOne

Today, Africom sent a message to its customers through SMS announcing that the Africom CDMA network is now officially interconnected with the Econet mobile network and the TelOne fixed line network. This in addition to the existing Telecel interconnection. Africom also took the opportunity to remind the market that making calls to other networks costs only US 12 cents, less than half of what the incumbent GSM operators currently charge.

Africom yet to finalise interconnection, focus is on business customers

When we posted the article about Africom’s very low voice tariffs last week, one of the readers commenting on the article expressed doubt that the Africom network has interconnection with the other voice networks (Econet, Telecel, NetOne and TelOne) to allow subscribers to make off-net calls. This week, we visited Africom and sadly found out this actually is the case. Well, partly.