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Econet Adjusts Tariffs For Roaming And International Calling To Reflect USD:RTGS Interbank Exchange Rate

Econet has announced an adjustment on tariffs for roaming and international calling services. According to their statement, this is not a tariff change per se but rather a recognition that the official exchange rate between the money we are using here in Zimbabwe and the US dollar is no longer 1:1. International calling and roaming […]

International voice traffic drops by up to 19% as Zimbabweans embrace alternatives for diaspora talk

International voice traffic to and from Zimbabwe declined by as much 19.6% between April and June 2016 with calls made via mobile as well as fixed telecommunications registering lower traffic during the period

Econet slashes international tariffs. Fails to compete with its own App bundles

Over the last several days, Econet announced through its website a promotion reduction of international tariff rates by up to (emphasis ours) 25% for countries in the region and to 20 cents a minute for calls to the UK, the US, China and Canada. Before this, the last reduction was in February last year. This latest round goes lower. Ads published […]

Holiday deals: Telecel slashes international call tariffs

More holiday deal goodness! This time it’s Telecel and it’s an international calls deal. Starting 16 December calls to some 12 international destinations have been reduced to 19 cents per minute. Telecel has been advertising the promo since two days ago.

Telecel Slashes International Call Rates To As Low As A Local Call

Starting today, if you have a Telecel mobile line and need to call someone in the US, the UK, Australia, the Emirates, China or India (Update: Canada too), you will be charged local call rates. Calls to these destinations can now be made for as little as 25 US cents. Note though that this doesn’t apply to calls to Vodafone numbers in the UK.

This compares quite favorably to making international calls on other Zim mobile networks (Econet and NetOne) which costs anything between US $0.30 and US$8,70 depending on the international grouping of the destination.