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Tag: international remittances

Zimbabwe’s formal remittances for 2016 decline by 17% to US$780 million – Blame a weak Rand & informal routes

In the 2017 national budget statement for Zimbabwe which was shared recently by the Minister of Finance Patrick Chinamasa, it was announced that formal remittances for 2016 are projected to amount to US$780 million which is a 17% decline from the US$935 million recorded in 2015. This is the first decline in remittances growth recorded […]

Finally: here’s how to receive money through PayPal in Zimbabwe…

For a couple of years now PayPal has been ‘active’ in Zimbabwe. Yes, some of you that are across rivers and bridges may sigh and say ‘big deal, so what?’, but this has been a struggle for us, not only as residents in Zimbabwe, but even for mere visitors to our land. Getting paid through […]

How to send money to UK

There are instances when you are either travelling or have a friend or relative in the diaspora and need to send money to them. Yes, the flow of funds is not just one way, but undoubtedly more funds come into Zimbabwe than go out (I’m not referring to payments for goods here, but rather peer […]

An EcoCash parallel market for cross border remittances emerges in Botswana

Last week, Econet launched EcoCash Diaspora, basically a means for Zimbabweans outside the country – and there are millions upon millions out there – to remit money back home to relatives. But EcoCash and WorldRemit’s arrangement has two major weakness. 1) it’s not available where most of these millions of people are are. The big relevant markets it’s […]

Zimpost launches Zipcash, local & international electronic money tansfer

Zimbabwe’s government owned postal services company, Zimpost, yesterday launched launched an electronic money transfer service known as Zipcash. The service, according to a report by Finx, allows for domestic and international money transfers. The new service replaces Zimposts existing money order services which basically entailed a lot of paperwork for sending and notification of transfers. […]