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Internet Access Has Been Restored To Some Zimbabweans

Late last night at around 22:00, internet access for Zimbabweans was shut down following a directive from the government. Just a few moments ago, it looks like the internet access has been restored though it’s currently only for a few people. The networks that currently have access are NetOne, TelOne, Telco and Utande. It should be […]

[Update] Which Internet Providers Have Restored Internet Access And What Can People Access

So internet access seems to be getting restored around the country and depending on which mobile network or internet service provider you’re subscribed to you might have access to different things on the internet right now. ZOL – ZOL seems to have restored internet access for everything else except for social media and WhatsApp. If […]

Why Is Internet Access In Zimbabwe So Expensive?

Some things in life are certain. The sun will always rise from the East. Without oxygen we are doomed and so forth and so on. It seems another thing that can be a part of that list is the fact that internet connectivity in Zimbabwe will always be expensive. At least that will be the […]

Microsoft Invests In African Startups In Bid To Improve Internet Access On The Continent

Airband Initiative is a little known program run by Microsoft. The initiative sees them partner with equipment makers, ISPs, energy access providers and entrepreneurs to make affordable internet access a reality. Through this very same program, yesterday, Microsoft invested in three African startups to provide internet access and cloud-enabled solutions to underserved African communities. All […]

What A New Zimbabwe Could Learn From Kenya To Reverse Falling Internet Penetration Rate

Poa! internet is a relatively new ISP in Kenya with a unique business model. Their focus is on the low income earners in the slums of Nairobi, the capital. They use solar powered hotspots to deliver the internet and provide free access to schools, health centres, churches, mosques and youth centres.  Poa! uses Liquid’s fibre network […]

UN says online rights are also human rights and must be protected

In the last several days, some governments around the world raised their hands in solidarity with the importance of internet freedoms. The United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council last week passed a landmark resolution which seeks protection of human rights on the Internet. The resolution is on “the promotion, protection and enjoyment of human rights […]

Is internet in Zimbabwe really that much cheaper?

Many would like to believe that internet is now cheaper in Zimbabwe but other than the promotional packages i feel that we are still a bit high. Mobile data which would provide the most convenient delivery of internet is ridiculously expensive.

The future of WiFi – a techie’s fantasy blended with reality

Mobile and home Internet in the future is going to be accessed mostly through WiFi and IAPs will provide free last mile connectivity, or close to it. WiFi will be available everywhere resulting in the decline of Mobile Data consumption and Voice calls.

Insights into Zim Internet usage

   1,223,947 that is the total number of people in Zimbabwe who have some form of Internet access, whether at home, the office, Internet Café or by mobile. This is the finding of the ZAMPS (Zimbabwe All Media Products and Services Survey) of Q4 2011. Let’s call this group the Online Group. The other group […]