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My Companies Were Complying With The Law When They Blocked The Internet But I am Praying And Fasting For You Says Strive Masiyiwa

The Founder and Chairman of the Econet Wireless Group, Strive Masiyiwa wrote on his Facebook Page yesterday concerning the internet blackout in Zimbabwe on the same day. Unfortunately, most Zimbabweans (whom he addressed in the post) could not access that message and still can’t because access to Facebook and other social sites has been blocked […]

Here’s List Of Websites Blocked In Zimbabwe In Fear Of Protests, Includes Dating Sites!

So protests and stay aways are a very fearful thing it seems. Our paranoid government has blocked all websites they can think of that allow people to share information. The list even includes dating websites and platforms like Tinder! Here’s the list: There are probably more websites that are not on this list. WhatsApp appears […]

Hey Mobile Network Give Me Back My Dollar, I Am Serious.

So my colleague shared what they did when the internet went off yesterday and they asked all of us to share in the comments what we did. In the confusion following the re-connection and trying to investigate what really happened (we are still probing at this: dog to bone), I forgot what I did soon […]

Can The Zimbabwean Economy Function Without The Internet?

We were without internet access for almost six hours today, from 11:45am to about 17:17pm. The outage was due to a core platform failure on the Liquid Telecom network which in turn affected all those riding on their network. ZOL and Econet were affected. NetOne was affected but only briefly as they seem to have switched to […]

What I Did When The Internet Went Down In Zimbabwe

So today, the internet went down in Zimbabwe from around 11:45 to 17:17 and this was due to a core platform failure on the Liquid Telecom network which is the backbone of internet service providers in Zimbabwe. I’ve always known that most of what I do for a living severely depends on having internet access […]

The Gambia joins Africa’s politically inspired internet censorship club – here’s why Zimbabwe could be next

It’s clearly being viewed as a strategic way to quash expression or control communication in one way or the other. As Zimbabwe gears up for its own election season in 2018, it’s hard to not imagine that our government could explore the same strategy if “things” got out of hand.