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Tag: Internet Cafe

Econet introduces international voice bundles, faces competition from broadband alternatives

Local mobile operator Econet Wireless recently introduced International Voice Bundles which offer a discount on international voice call tariffs.

A week in rural Zimbabwe

The elders proudly explained how their young sons and daughters had not abandoned them. During each holiday the “children” come to visit and they come bearing gifts of smartphones and solar panels. They spend days tutoring their parents and grandparents on how to use technologies like WhatsApp and Facebook so that when they go back to town they can keep in touch.

Blame WiFi hotspots and bundles, the Zimbabwean internet cafe is dead

The internet cafe is as good as dead, what with all the changes in tech like mobile broadband penetration and the rise of WiFi hotspot provision from the different internet companies. There is a way to make the most of what’s happening for cafe owners though.

What sort of chances does TelOne have with its Metro Wi-Fi?  

At the 2014 Broadband Forum, the conclusion was that the next frontier in broadband is retailing broadband right to the doorstep. Various ISPs made noise about FTTH promising to deliver services such as IPTV. Competition seems to be heating up with emerging solutions being rolled out including TelOne FTTH and ZOL Fibroniks. It’s even more […]

Google helps with tablet internet cafe concept trial in Senegal

Regular internet cafes, no, traditional internet cafes, feel so yesteryear. Yes, customers can come in with their own laptops and tablets for the WiFi, but the cafes still have desktops that they expect the customers to use. An internet cafe in Senegal has decided to put those big machines away and have tablets instead, and Google is helping them trial the concept.

Econet’s new concept cyber cafe (pictures)

Last week, launched it’s much awaited concept Cyber Cafe in Harare (Montagu centre). We had an opportunity to go there and take a few photos of the place. We won’t say that we loved it! You just need to see the pictures below. We also hope you’ll get a chance to visit it if you happen to be in Harare.