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Tag: Internet Connectivity

Google Station To Bring Fast Public Wi-Fi To South Africa

You may have never heard of Google Station – an initiative which rolls out “safe” public Wi-Fi hotspots to provide partners with hardware and software support. In Africa, Google Station is already available in Nigeria with a target of 200 hotspots by the end of this year. To deploy the networks, Google is working with […]

Why 7 in 10 people use Voice Calls over WhatsApp Calling

My calling and texting habits is something I rarely put into perspective, more often I am more interested in the topic of discussion and quality of conversation than the medium I used to create the two-way communication channel. According to POTRAZ, 1 in 3 things we utilize our mobile internet on is the Whatsapp service, this is […]

A user’s review of the uMAX service

This review is written by someone who has used virtually every ISP in Zimbabwe since the year 2000 and has the battle scars to boot. This is not so much a technical review of the product but a user’s review of how the product delivers. This is deliberately so because at the end when all […]

Africom in aggressive network expansion

In a sign of the increasing excitement in  Zimbabwe’s Internet industry, news reaching us is that Africom is aggressively expanding their network. Africom a major player in Zimbabwe’s telecoms industry offers voice and data (fixed and mobile) products using the wireless CDMA EV-DO Revision A standard. The company whose roots are in the enterprise sector […]

An internet business working backwards: building a web start-up in Zimbabwe

We wanted to be online but the Zimbabwean public wanted to pick up the phone. What was amazing was that the reservations number on the website was just above the booking form but they would still prefer to pick up the phone and incur the cost of calling us…