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Facebook unveils Messenger Lite for countries with slower internet, doubles down on emerging markets

Facebook has unveiled Messenger Lite for countries with slower internet, doubles down on emerging markets.

Telecel introducing free Facebook browsing

Now, it seems that its launch is around the corner. It turns out that some Telecel subscribers have already been accessing Free Basics through a zero rated Facebook experience.

Facebook launches Free Basics in Nigeria while Zimbabwe launch still awaits approval

Facebook continues with its quest to offer the word free internet through its initiative. Just recently it launched its Free Basics service in Nigeria through a partnership with Airtel.

MISA & POTRAZ open dialogue on net neutrality as Zimbabwean internet use falls prey to silos

Earlier today the Media Insititute of Southern Africa (MISA) and the local telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, brought together the country’s internet service providers and mobile networks operators for a discussion on net neutrality.

Mark Zuckerberg’s disappointment with India’s ban on Free Basics, and the internet’s reaction

While net neutrality proponents celebrated the victory, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook and the man pushing for Free Basics took to Facebook (where else, really) to express his disappointment and to let people know that his team wouldn’t be giving up on India or its mission to offer a free internet.

India bans Facebook’s Free Basics – offers Zimbabwean regulators another chance at self reflection

The net neutrality cause got a huge boost today when the Telecoms Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) permanently banned Facebook’s Free Basics on the grounds of net neutrality violations.

Telecel & Free Basics, WhatsApp Regulation in Africa, POTRAZ Report & Zim Telecoms – Podcast

Telecel was recently confirmed as the mobile operator which will be offering Facebook and’s Free Basics service. We discuss that issue in this episode, as well as the impact WhatsApp regulation will have on African telecoms. We also touch on the latest POTRAZ report and some of the highlights sprinkled in the industry’s quarterly release.

Telecel to partner Facebook for free internet service

In the latest bit of information to be shared about the service, it has been confirmed that Telecel is the mobile operator that will be partnering with Facebook and for the launch in the Zimbabwe. This information was shared by sources working on the Free Basics implementation. is offering you $150,000 for tech solutions in education and economic empowerment

Any entrants that can develop working websites, apps or online solutions (no prototypes allowed) that help in economic advancement of communities or lean on technology for the delivery and inspiration of education will be considered for the top prize of $150,000.

Here’s what you need to sign up your website for Facebook’s Free Basics

Free Basics is set for launch in Zimbabwe and here are some requirements that site owners have to meet if they want to sign up their properties on it.

#MoreThan140 for Twitter, Free Basics in Zimbabwe, the VasBox app for SMEs – Podcast

In this first part of the weekly podcast we discuss the Twitterstorm caused by news that the micro-blogging site is going to increase the number of tweet characters; the introduction of’s Free Basics service; and an app called VasBox designed to help SMEs manage their business’ accounts.

Facebook’s Free Basics service shut down in Egypt

Egypt becomes the second country to block the service after India made the move as part of a response to concerns raised around Free Basics’ net neutrality violations. Etisalat Egypt, Facebook, and Egyptian officials haven’t mentioned the reason behind the shutdown in Egypt but there has been a lot of speculation that the country is also concerned about the same net neutrality violations.

Facebook to introduce Free Basics internet in Zimbabwe, the project from Facebook which facilitates free internet access to specific website and platforms, and is now working under the name of Free Basics, is set to be launched for the Zimbabwean market in January 2016.

Facebook to provide internet in Africa via satellite

Facebook announced yesterday that it will deliver satellite broadband internet to Africans via satellite starting next year. This will be made possible through a partnership with a European satellite operator called Eutelsat as part of the initiative.

Zimbabwean startups need to decide to either follow tech or the market

Most tech startups and techies in general, believe that the world is as tech literate as they are and the solutions they provide seem to miss this point.

Facebook is now in Africa, is Zimbabwe part of its plans?

Facebook announced that it will be setting up an office in Africa, something that has displayed its keen interest in the opportunity that Africa presents for the company in the future. What sort of opportunity does this create for Zimbabwe, seeing that it wasn’t listed as one of the countries that are being supported immediately.

Facebook set to open offices in Africa

The world’s largest social network, Facebook, is set to open offices in South Africa. The office will be focused on the network’s advertising business. This is another deliberate focus on Africa following its investment through initiatives like and the launch of the Facebook Lite App.

Facebook Lite launched, will we use it because of expensive bundles?

Facebook Lite, the stripped down, faster version of Facebook for emerging markets was officially launched yesterday. We already had the app available here in Zimbabwe because we were one of the first 8 countries to trial it. If you were ignoring it, you might reconsider now because of the adjusted bundle price.

Net Neutrality pressure forces Facebook to open up

The net neutrality pressure in the 1.3 billion people market called India is yielding some interesting results. Facebook announced today a loosening up of to let “anyone” provide zero rated content via the platform. Developers, says Facebook, will be able to create services that integrate with Our first reaction was to doubt Facebook’s sincerity especially as […]

Facebook’s makes its way to Tanzania

A little over a few months ago, the Facebook owned, non-profit organisation, debuted a service in Zambia via an app that allowed locals to access a curated list of services on the web for free. Part of the promise included the expansion to other countries across Africa and standing true to their promise, that […]

Facebook announces free data access in Zambia with

Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerburg has just announced that Facebook is launching the application in Zambia. This app allows free data access to basic internet services. Zambia is the first country which will benefit from this project and its large set of free internet services with other countries in other parts of the […]

Zuckerberg keynote at Mobile World Congress: WhatsApp, #MWC14

We’re trying to live blog Mark Zuckerberg’s live keynote at the Mobile World Congress, so we’re just going to post information in our not so structured fashion. If you have good internet, you can watch the Keynote here: Zuckerberg is talking a lot about what they are doing to push the vision of Says […]