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Can You Receive Money Into A Zimbabwean PayPal Account?

Every now and again, we receive a question from readers asking us if they can receive money in the Zimbabwean PayPal accounts. The answer right now (October 2018) is that you cannot. PayPal hasn’t yet opened this functionality for their Zimbabwean subscribers. How to Check? In case you’re reading this article sometime well after October […]

Cash Now Accounts For 2.82% Of Payments, Less Than Internet Payments At 7.24%

In the latest Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) report on National Payments Systems which covers the third quarter of 2017 it was revealed that both values and volumes of transactions processed increased. Transactions worth $26.26 billion were processed in the three months to September 2017 from 287.5 million transactions meaning the average transaction was worth […]

Exclusive: Econet to introduce an EcoCash linked Mastercard card. Why this is big

Econet, we have been told by reliable sources, is finally going to launch a Mastercard card that’s linked to the EcoCash wallet. It took a long time but not too late and it’s definitely not little by any margin. Some background first. About two years ago, a year after Econet had launched the EcoCash mobile money service, a […]

Podcast: Interview with Webdev on its internet payments platform, Paynow

A couple of days ago, we interviewed Webdev’s Sales and Operations director, Vusi Ndebele, and technical lead, Mathew Hood on the launch of the company’s new internet payment gateway, Paynow. We discussed how the idea came about, what Paynow can do, e-commerce, where Paynow stands in relation to its competition, both locally and the PayPals […]

Webdev: We built the Paynow payments platform because we needed it

It is said the best startup idea is one which solves a personal pain the founder has. Not only does this mean they are solving a real problem, but usually also means they have the determination to go through what it takes to see the difficult process through to the having a working solution. The Paynow story is no different. […]

Paynow, a new Zimbabwean internet payments gateway. Simplicity at its best

If you tried to buy a ticket to the Broadband Forum event that we held last week, you probably noticed you could buy online, and that we were accepting EcoCash, ZimSwitch Vpayments and even VISA. And it worked seamlessly both for us and the people paying. We were using the new internet payments platform by Webdev called Paynow. The platform has been live for […]

The EcoCash Internet payments gateway. Here’s what they are working on

A little over 6 months ago, we wrote that Econet was working on an EcoCash internet payments gateway. The API, were had been told then, was supposed to have been made available to developers in July last year, but that release had been pushed forward indefinitely due to something we don’t know. Maybe a change […]

PayPal finally responds to my Zimbabwe sanctions allegations (well, sort of)

Because Pay Pal has continually requested that Techzim take down pictures containing its trademark, I’ve decided to put a picture of these two pot bellied pigs instead, no symbolism intended, enjoy. Many Zimbabweans don’t buy the story that sanctions against Zimbabwe affect everyone, that is until they attempt to use PayPal with a Zimbabwean credit card. […]

Using PayPal from Zimbabwe: Introduction

In this series we will look at how to buy and sell using PayPal from Zimbabwe. Update: Recently, PayPal contacted our webhosts with a request to take down this page because it “uses our trademarks inappropriately.” We assumed they meant their logo and not all the content on the page. We have therefore removed the […]

EcoCash & MasterCard, not VPayments, will ignite ecommerce in Zimbabwe

Through the MasterCard Mobile Money Partnership, you will be able to use your EcoCash wallet wherever MasterCard is accepted with the option to have a prepaid MasterCard that you can also use wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Econet working on an EcoCash internet payments API

Information we have suggests that Econet has been working on an internet payments component for EcoCash which was schedule to be released this month. The release has however, as we have been told, pushed a further and its not clear when it will be available to web developers and eCommerce companies to use.

Guide to online shopping in Zimbabwe: Best practice on choosing a store

Once you have decided to make an online purchase, you should get down to searching and selecting the store from which to make the purchase. This is almost certainly affected by the product you want to purchase but given the global nature of the internet there can almost certainly be more than one option.

Guide to online shopping in Zimbabwe: the introduction

Ever since the introduction of the multiple currency system in Zimbabwe, online shopping has become somewhat simpler. Hitherto problems like obtaining an internationally accepted Visa/ MasterCard, hyperinflation and limited internet connections had hampered the widespread adoption of e-commerce.

New Zim and US eCommerce site, KhayaShopping, launches

Without any widely adopted internet payments platform, despite the existence of Vpayments, and some EcoCash internet payment trials, eCommerce in Zimbabwe is struggling to take off. But there are startups that are moving in early regardless, positioning themselves for when the Zimbabwean will rely on the internet to shop.

Everything you need to know about Zimswitch’s Vpayments gateway

Zimswitch, a national switching company recently introduced an internet payment gateway service called Vpayments. Being a financial switch basically means they provider interconnection between their member banks. Zimswitch member banks account for about 95% of the 1.5 million banked population in Zimbabwe. After hyperinflation and dollarisation, many Zimbabweans moved away from the banks, but now they are moving back, with the number of banked individuals holding a bank account expected to exceed 3 million by the end of 2013.

University student develops EcoCash internet payments proof of concept

One of the things that came out of the EcoCash tour that we were part of recently was that internet payments are not near the top of their priority list in terms of the roll out of payments. Understandably so actually; there are bigger, immediate and bankable needs to address away from the web. Needless […]

ZimSwitch on eCommerce opportunities in Zimbabwe for startups

When we posted the report of the BarCamp Zimbabwe 2012, we promised to follow up with an audio of  one of the presentations. This one titled “Opportunities for m-commerce and e-commerce in Zimbabwe for technology entrepreneurs” that was delivered by ZimSwitch Business Development Manager Adam Roscoe. Here it is. If you’re interested in the mobile […]

Econet’s move to Comviva to give Zimbabwe e-commerce jetpacks

This guest article was authored by Prosper Chikomo, an internet entrepreneur and author of Turning Iron into Gold: Golden Opportunities: How to Spot Them, Create Them, Make Money from Them, and How Not to Miss Them (Available on  As great as Pattern Matched Technologies’ (PMT) platform is, the move to Comviva’s platform will certainly help push […]

TN Holdings to launch an online shop

We’ve received reliable information over the past couple of days that TN Holdings, one of the fastest growing of companies locally, is preparing to introduce an e-commerce platform to enable Zimbabweans to purchase its products over the internet. TN Holdings has interests in financial services, health, furniture and more recently, supermarkets and fast food outlets.