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Cloudflare Cuts Off 8Chan For Folding Hands Whilst Extremists Commit Hate Crimes

Web security and infrastructure service giant, Cloudflare has cut off 8Chan from its list clients following the recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas that resulted in death of over 20 people. 8chan is an American-based imageboard site composed of user-created boards. The site has been accused of being a breeding ground of harmful internet cultures along […]

Zimbabwe’s Internet Governance Conference: A summary so far

We have just concluded the first session of the MISA Governance Conference. Here is a summary of the event so far.

As Africa moves towards regulating the Internet should Zim follow?

Africa seems to be awakening from the internet ignorance slumber that has seen some countries connecting to the world wide web with no restrictions. This situation has its pros as advocated for by Internet Freedom activists and its cons as is evident from the demage that can be attributed to social media as an example

Zim information minister calls for regulation of the internet, social media

A report in today’s Herald newspaper says Zimbabwe’ Media, Information and Publicity Minister, Webster Shamu, has called for the “appropriate regulation of the internet and new media platforms”. The Minister, according to the report, is calling for this because the potential of the internet to cause strife in society.