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The US seizes Iranian news website domains in a shocking move

In a controversial move, it seems the United States government has seized domains belonging to Iranian affiliated news agencies. Right now if you try to visit you will be greeted by a seizure notice, an FBI and the US Department of Commerce seal. This is just one domain name of many such news related […]

The internet in Zimbabwe can still be shut down (probably will), the court ruling that outlawed it last time wasn’t enough

Zimbabwe is or maybe not at the brink of yet another massive demonstration by the citizens against the government. When this demonstration planned for tomorrow the 31st of July was being discussed on Twitter, I dismissed it as something that wasn’t going to happen. Well the government seems to believe the demos are going to […]

Video: Will a VPN work during an internet shutdown?

Internet shutdowns are the new norm in Zimbabwe and whenever one is imminent there is always talks of VPNs saving the day. In this video we explore how do VPNs work and if will they work when the internet is shut down. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): […]

Jonathan Moyo says Govt will shut down the internet before 31 July protests

Former Minister of Higher & Tertiary Education, Science & Technology Development Jonathan Moyo tweeted that the government is going to shut down the internet ahead of demonstrations by Zimbabweans on the 31st of July. The former government official announced that this decision was made by President Mnangagwa, Owen Ncube (Minister of State) and Isaac Moyo […]

Iran’s Internet Shutdown Is Music To African Dictators Ears

People in Iran have been unable to access the internet for the past 3 days amid nation-wide protests against the government. As with most attempts to shut down the internet, the point of this shutdown is to limit communication among protests and help control the spread of the protests whilst also making sure people outside […]

US Ambassador To Zim: When Govt Switched Off The Internet, They Chased Away Investors

If you haven’t watched Trevor Ncube’s interview with Brian Nichols the USA’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, I highly recommend that you do so. The interview touches on a number of topics including sanctions and corruption. Around the 25 minute mark, the interview touches on something that intersects with Techzim – that is the internet shutdown of […]

With Protests On The Horizon, You Better Have A VPN Ready In Case The Internet Is Switched Off Again

Major opposition party -MDC A (its MDC A right??)- has protests planned for August 16 (tomorrow), which means we could end up with limited access to the internet or if push comes to shove no internet at all. Let’s talk VPNs If access is blocked off for social media and messaging apps –as it was […]

Court Decision Was Inadequate, Internet May Be Shut Down Again

Early morning on Tuesday the 15th of January 2019 Zimbabweans from all over the country discovered they were failing to connect to their beloved WhatsApp neither could they access Facebook and Twitter. The reason: the government had ordered internet service providers to block access to these services in response to labour protests on urban streets […]

Ethiopian PM: If Deemed Necessary, Internet Could Be Closed Permanently

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has come out and said that if unrest in the country continues to be spurred on by online incitement internet connectivity could be cut off for good. For sake of national security, internet and social media could be blocked any time necessary. As long as it is deemed necessary to […]

Liberian Government Shuts Down The Internet In Response To Protest

Former footballer and current Liberian President, George Weah, has had a tumultuous time leading the West African nation. Shortly after coming to power, Weah’s administration lost (yuhp, lost) a container with US$104 million in bank notes and now the same administration has decided to shut down the internet in response to protests against their leadership. […]

We Compensated Everyone Who Couldn’t Use Their Data Bundles During Internet Shutdown – Econet

Econet has, to date, refunded all the customers who didn’t get to use their data bundles during the Internet Shutdown according to its Chief Operating Officer, Fayaz King. Mr King was speaking in reply to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Information Communication which received complaints from “the public”/customers that some service providers had not refunded […]

China Is More Aggresive Than African Countries When It Comes To Blocking Internet Services

January was pretty eventful for Zimbabweans, the Government took away our beloved internet access and for a few days many of us who had no knowledge about how VPNs worked had to learn on the job as that became the normal way to access many popular sites such as Twitter, Facebook  and even our main […]

Network Providers Won’t Dare To Cross The Government And Make Telegram Bundles

This is one of those opinions I sincerely hope are wrong as I write… If you’re a big fan of Telegram you have to be resigned to the fact that the service hasn’t had bundles for a while. If you were hoping that Telegram’s newfound popularity would translate to bundles, I would advise you not […]

Econet: It’s Fake News,Government Has Not Directed Us To Clear Ecocash Balances

For the past few weeks there has been a message circulating telling people that their Ecocash balances were going to be written down to $0.00 in response to a government directive. The tone of the message is carefully crafted to match the tone of the two SMS messages that Econet sent out when the government […]

Internet Will Be Shut Down Again In the Future To Curb “Chaos And Mayhem In Society”- Presidential Spokeman, George Charamba

I was a fool to think that, our government was regretting its decision to shut down the internet a couple of weeks ago, apparently not. In fact, it will shut it down again in future when protests happen again according to Presidential Spokesperson, George Charamba. In an interview he said: As a matter of fact, it’s […]

President’s Spokesperson Says Investors Don’t Need Internet, They Need Peace

This is not an April’s fool’s joke or a headline from 1997. The President’s Spokesperson, George Charamba came out and said that investors coming to Zimbabwe have no need for the internet. During an interview with Capitalkfm the President’s spokesperson said: Let’s not over dramatise. Investors don’t need the internet when they come to Zimbabwe. […]

Pictures: The Google Play Store Before And After The Shutdown

There are things that happen in life that will forever shape your psyche. For me the recent internet shutdown is one of them. It seems it also altered the way Zimbabwean people view the internet and their knowledge of it.  VPNs were something people rarely used- the stuff of geeks. Two screenshots taken of the […]

Netone To Compensate Customers Who Were Affected By The Internet Shut Down

Last week’s internet blackout saw many people’s internet bundles expiring without using them. Therefore, Netone wants to do its subscribers a favour to compensate those who didn’t get to use their internet bundles during the course of the internet shut down. On its Twitter page, Netone tweeted: Dear Valued Customer, Please Be Advised that all […]

Overzealous ISPs Are Blocking Google’s Search Page And Playstore

So the internet has been back for some days now (who knew the entire thing could be taken away from us like a phone from a naughty kid) but a social media sites and apps as well as a bizarre collection of sites remain inaccessible due to government ordered blocking. Let me rant a bit […]