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Zimbabwe’s internet speeds versus other African countries

Nobody wants slow internet. In Zimbabwe, we all dream of having that awesome home internet connection that allows us to stream to our heart’s content, download gigabytes in seconds and video chat with friends and family without issues. Unfortunately, the reality is that we don’t always get what we want. Zimbabweans always complain of slow […]

Why Do Different Internet Speed Tests Show Different Results?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but if you perform an internet speed test on your phone using different apps/websites you tend to get different results. Heck I just tried right now and these are the 3 results I got; – 36.6mbps (download) and 7.6 Mbps (upload) – 18.4mbps (download) and 19Mbps(upload) […]

How Much Do People Pay For 100Mbps/Internet around The World?

Researchers from Picodi took a look at the pricing of 233 of the biggest fibre internet providers in 62 countries taking into consideration the following factors: How expensive is the internet? Where is surfing the net the cheapest? In which countries is super-fast internet easy accessible? The higher the speed the more you’ll pay – […]

[Watch] Is Zim Internet Fast Enough To Handle PS4’s Remote Play Feature

In October Sony announced that the PS4 Remote Play application would no longer be exclusive to Sony phones and would now be available to other Android devices – which was great news. I always wondered how remote play – which allows a PS4 owner to play their PS4 from a tablet or phone- would fare […]

Internet Speed Challenge, How Fast Is Yours And What’s Enough

When I lie asleep at night I often dream of my internet. I dream that I live somewhere in North America where internet is cheap and I have a 1 Gbps symmetrical line. The comedown comes when I wake up to the sound of our annoying house bird and realise I somewhere in my beloved […]

Netflix’s Will Now Do More Than Just Checking Your Internet Speed

In 2016, Netflix unveiled – a site that enabled users to check on the speed of their internet connection. Unlike the more popular, Netflix took the less is more route and only offered site speed. It seems is now taking the more is more approach and adding new functionality to their site. […]

Netflix’s is the simplest way to check your internet speed

Simplicity is where a new site by Netflix, excels. One simply has to go to the url and that’s it! The service tests the speed and gives you one figure – the download speed.

Huawei and MTN claim successfully testing fastest & most intelligent fibre

In a press release sent out today by global telecoms giant MTN, them and Huawei claim to have achieved a major milestone in the global telecommunications industry by successfully completing tests of what is “currently the fastest and most intelligent optical network to date in the industry”. Using MTN’s backbone fibre in South Africa, the two companies […]

Life begins at 1mbps!

It is truth universally acknowledged that if you live on less than $1 a day you must be poor. In this new digital age I would like to add two more soundbites: Life begins at 1mbps and prosperity at a 100mbps. If information is power and if you live on less than 1mbps then you are undoubtedly poor.