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ZOL Wibroniks Network Maintenance

ZOL has announced that it is going to be running nationwide maintance of their Wibroniks Network from the 3rd to the 17th of June Here is the statement they sent to their Wibroniks customers: The scheduled dates for maintenance for each area are: Harare 3 – 6 June 2020 Bulawayo 7 – 9 June 2020 […]

Video: Fixed Internet Subscribers In Southern Africa 2000-2018

This is a visualization of changes in fixed internet subscribers over 18 years Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy airtime because this page will not work. {{error_message}} {{error_message}}

3 Lessons We Learnt From Startups In 2019

I’m pretty sure 2019 was a pretty eventful year for all of us but through the good and the not so good, there are always lessons we can take. Here are 3 lessons we learn from 3 startups in 2019: Housing Hub – Solve The Problems In Front Of You This is probably the biggest […]

How Much Do People Pay For 100Mbps/Internet around The World?

Researchers from Picodi took a look at the pricing of 233 of the biggest fibre internet providers in 62 countries taking into consideration the following factors: How expensive is the internet? Where is surfing the net the cheapest? In which countries is super-fast internet easy accessible? The higher the speed the more you’ll pay – […]

SABC Plans To Introduce Internet Streaming In The Medium Term

The SABC’s group CEO has said offering all their content on an online video platform is something they’re looking into implementing. While we know we are behind on the technology side, the SABC does not intend to leave streaming TV services to our competitors. The SABC has developed an integrated OTT (“over-the-top”) strategy with the […]

President’s Spokesperson Says Investors Don’t Need Internet, They Need Peace

This is not an April’s fool’s joke or a headline from 1997. The President’s Spokesperson, George Charamba came out and said that investors coming to Zimbabwe have no need for the internet. During an interview with Capitalkfm the President’s spokesperson said: Let’s not over dramatise. Investors don’t need the internet when they come to Zimbabwe. […]

[Breaking] Some Zimbabweans Now Have Internet Access But Still No Social Media

Though there was an internet blackout for the last few hours, it seems the internet is now working once again. Yesterday morning service providers start shutting down their networks with initial interference only covering social media sites. Things went into overdrive around 10 when the networks basically started going off the grid entirely and we’ve […]

[Updated] You Can No Longer Buy Econet’s Yo Mix Bundles Using EcoCash

So we’ve talked about Yo Mix and how much value for money their bundles tend to offer (your mileage may vary it seems). I’ve been using the bundles for quite some time now and when purchasing the bundles you could either do so through your EcoCash and your airtime balance. It seems the EcoCash option […]

Yo Mix Bundles Actually Offer Excellent Value Compared To ‘Normal’ Bundles

So Econet recently gave Elevate members the ability to buy custom bundles and after taking a closer look at what’s on offer, I think this is the best offering when it comes to bundles. What you can get? For $5 you can get 2.5 GB weekly on Yo Mix vs 650 MB + 650 MB […]

How Does ZOL’s New Pricing Compare To TelOne?

ZOL Increased their pricing again and you may be wondering how their internet packages compare to what’s on offer from TelOne, their biggest competitor. TelOne last revised their pricing a year ago and comparing the two services makes for an interesting comparison. Capped packages Capped packages have a limit to them. You get a monthly […]

Disturbing Internet Content? How To Protect Your Child

With our children using the internet more and more to watch their favourite cartoons or do their homework, we worry that as they are doing this they will stumble upon disturbing images or videos. Lucky for us  we can minimize the likelihood of this happening using a kid search browser called Kiddle What is Kiddle? […]

No Shutting Down Of Internet During Election Period, Minister Of ICT Assures Zimbabweans

With the trend of repressing internet and social media usage by some African countries, some Zimbabweans are probably holding their breath waiting to see if our government is going to introduce such a law since elections are just around the corner.  Governments in Africa have lately resorted to shutting down the internet and social media […]

Expect Intermittent Connectivity If You Are on TelOne

If you are using TelOne’s internet service you can expect to go through some pains until midday tomorrow. The shut-down will occur from midday today until midday tomorrow. They sent out this public notice to customers concerning: TelOne wishes to advise its valued clients and the public at large that there will be planned to […]

Here’s What We Discussed At The Zimbabwe Internet Governance Forum 2017

In the afternoon we highlighted that we were attending the Zimbabwe Internet Governance Forum (ZIGF) 2017. In case you’re wondering what ZIGF is; well, ZIGF as defined is a multi-stakeholder forum for public policy dialogue on issues of Internet Governance in Zimbabwe. It is at such forums where policies are shaped… and in this case policies […]

Who exactly is Steward Bank looking for???

I’m sure by now you know that Steward Bank is looking for freelancers (teams or individuals) to collaborate with on some fintech projects. If not, well then this should help free you from that rock! Anyway, as per promise, we will be helping you understand what the collaboration is all about. We’ll take it one […]

Competition Policy for Zimbabwe launched today… even the universe endorses it!

The day we decide to launch a Competition Policy for Zimbabwe is the day we have a huge internet outage, what are the odds??? I’m sure you’re wondering what the connection between the two is, well worry nie, I’ll tell you. Today being World Competition Day, the Competition and Tariffs Commission (CTC) decided to commemorate the […]

The Internet is Back On After Being Off for Close to 6 Hours in Zimbabwe

How on earth did we survive before the internet? We got to taste it in Zimbabwe today. The internet suddenly went awol and there was no explanation from anyone. The only internet we know that was working was Telecel and NetOne and TelOne in drips and drabs. Articles that are following this one will investigate […]

What to look forward to #BroadbandEconomy Conference tomorrow

We look forward to welcoming some of you to the Broadband Economy Conference tomorrow Thursday the 20th of July 2017. Most of you will have to join us via live streaming right here or on our Facebook page. You can join in the discussions by sending questions and comments on the various discussions via […]

Now you can shop from Choppies online

Without a doubt the internet is surely disrupting our traditional systems. We’ve been talking quite a bit about this as we prepare for our upcoming Broadband Economy Conference where these and other related topics will be discussed in full to help businesses leverage on this disruption rather than be booted out by it. See, the […]

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know? Actually the internet doesn’t care

We have heard it over and over that it’s not about what you know. Success comes through who you know. I think this used to be true just as much as it used to be true that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Now the truth is that the journey […]

WhatsApp has evolved from just being an affordable communication tool

When WhatsApp stepped into the scene is had a simple selling point. To be the most affordable and convenient messaging application there is. However looking at the usage of this popular communication tool and how it has evolved, one might wonder if it still needs to be classified as a messaging tool. WhatsApp as a […]

Here’s how to unbox the opportunity of the internet

Seconds from 2017, without planning to, I went on a Google search to find something brand new to take into the new year with me. In the last few months of 2016, I had adopted a new habit. Whenever I was getting “no’s” from people to my ideas or suggestions, I would say to myself […]

You’ll Probably Be Wasting Your Time (And Money) By Going To A Local University In 2017…

Preamble: I dropped out of school 3 times; in Grade 7, Form 2 and Lower 6. I’ve never been to university but have proceeded to National Diploma level at Polytechnic. I believe that school is a waste of time and money and if it was up to me, I’d rather have my kids learn how […]

Republic Of Gamers : How big is gaming in Zimbabwe?

Entertainment is not all that big in Zimbabwe, more so when looking at the case of local gamers and how gaming communities are so isolated. Looking at our neighbor South Africa we could see how big gaming is in our region, where there are forums as well as commercial LAN and online gaming tournaments. Me […]

How WhatsApp is stripping away the phone number, and why mobile operators are panicked

The phone number was traditionally a valuable asset to mobile telecoms operators. Once a customer bought a sim card, the MNO’s job was to keep that customer on the network as long as possible while ensuring that the customer was using the sim card for things that made the network money – making calls, sending SMSs, mobile money transactions, buying […]

Econet takes internet revenue increase with a pinch of salt!

Econet, the countries largest Mobile Network Operator, recorded an 8,7% revenue increase in data and internet services according to the mobile operators integrated annual financial report for the year ending February 2016. Revenue for data and internet services increased from $104,17 million in the 2014-15 financial year to $113,18 million in the 2015-16 financial year. Econet’s increase in […]

The top 10 most visited websites in Zimbabwe

According to Similar Web, the top 10 most visited websites  in Zimbabwe are as follows: Google Zimbabwe (Search Engine) Youtube (Tv and Video) Google International (Search Engine) Facebook (Social Network) Yahoo (Search Engine) Alibaba (Online shopping) Newsday Zimbabwe (News and Media) Herald Zimbabwe (News and Media) Xvideos (Adult Content) Twitter (Social Network) Google (local domain) took the top […]

TelOne doubles ADSL data caps. Closes billing system data leakage hole

Starting this month, TelOne has doubled the amount of data on its capped ADSL packages, making their internet even cheaper for subscribers looking for home internet. The new rates are as follows:

Understanding Econet as it prepares for the half year results. What does the future look like?

Does Econet get the internet? Looking at the Tengai experience (it hasn’t been restored more than 2 months later), a strange EcoShopper product, and the long silence on ipidi you get a sense of how much Econet is prepared for business at this level.

ZOL WiFi now free-ish. Should Innscor get into the WiFi business?

“What if Innscor itself got into the WiFi business?” Granted, its not a tech company, but it has some of the best real estate in the country, frequented by people who have a bit of cash to spend on higher-priced fast food more expensive than your Sadza and Chicken.