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New Law Mandating Mobile Money Interoperability Is A Big Step Forward But…

Some 10 years ago I wrote an opinion article in the Banks & Banking Survey (The Independent) titled ‘The case for a transparent, inter-operable and viral retail payment network‘. The article advocated for the payments market to go digital or cashless, on the back of crippling hyperinflation which ended in 2009 when the economy dollarized. […]

No, You Can’t Send Money From EcoCash To OneMoney – Here’s What’s Possible

A number of tweets have led people to believe they can now send money from an EcoCash account to a OneMoney account directly (i.e without the need for an agent). The above tweet is an example of the euphoria around this issue but it’s important to note that this has always been possible. Moving money […]

The Importance Of Interoperability – The Evolution of Payments Part 2: Mobile Money

This is the second of a three-part series on the importance of interoperability in the payments space. In the previous article we looked at the early history of electronic payments and how interoperability played a key role in the success of credit cards and ATMs. In this article we will take a closer look at […]

Zimswitch Digital Payments Conference: The State Of Industry Interoperability

We are at the Zimswitch Digital Payment Conference in Victoria Falls and the conference will be covering many areas to do with ‘cashless’ solutions and how these can be optimized to offer more efficient solutions. Mr Saul Chin’anga, a certified Electronic Banking Specialist and the Head of Electronic Banking and Card Services at CBZ Bank, presented on […]

Supa Mandiwanzira’s Deadline Expired: Where Is Mobile Money Interoperability? It’s Already Happening In Kenya

What’s happening in Kenya? Safaricom and Airtel recently made their mobile money services interoperable. M-PESA and Airtel Money will work together seamlessly removing some of the logistical hassles that were involved in making payments from one mobile money service to the next. A 3rd player, Telkom – through its recently launched T-kash- is also said […]

Supa Mandiwanzira Thinks EcoCash Dominance Could Be Disastrous

The Minister of ICT and Cyber Security, Supa Mandiwanzira told The Fingaz that EcoCash dominance in the mobile money sector could lead to a disaster if not curtailed. According to Mandiwanzira, there are two stats that are a cause for concern. Firstly, EcoCash processes about 90% of transactions in the entire mobile money field and, […]

What Will Work Best For MNOs In 2018, Competition or Collaboration?

“Competition makes us faster; Collaboration makes us better.” Anonymous To compete or to collaborate? To say these are mutually exclusive would be quite inaccurate. However, it’s important to note that most times when we choose one, the other suffers. I chose to look at this dilemma with a special focus on Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) because […]

Econet still uninterested in interoperability (updated)

It seems Econet, banking on its market share and business interests, is still unwilling to enable interoperability in some aspects of their services, particularly hand to hand wallet to wallet interfacing. This is unlike the competitors OneWallet, Telecash and Nettcash.

Open mobile money ecosystems – inevitable but not urgent for African operators

I had the had the thrilling and awesome privilege to chair the second day of the 7th edition of the Mobile Money and Digital Payments Africa 2014, in Johannesburg at the end of May. Different stakeholders in the mobile money and digital payments industry across Africa and beyond converged at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in […]

Econet CEO on why they suspended EcoCash transfers to other networks

Almost 3 months ago, Econet suddenly announced a suspension of EcoCash transfers to other mobile local mobile networks; Telecel and NetOne. We suspected ofcourse that this was a move to encourage people to ditch their Telecel and NetOne lines to access the mobile money service. Or at least a move to have sons and daughters […]

Econet breaks EcoCash as interconnection dispute with Telecel continues

The smooth convenience of using mobile money for transfers and payments is exceptional. The idea of being able to send money to anyone that has a mobile phone and them being able to pick it up immediately in any part of the country is something that a few years ago wasn’t imaginable. Anyone with a mobile phone!