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ZSE & SECZ want more retail investors – Stockbrokers will have to improve their online presence for that to happen

The Securities Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe (SECZ) and Zimbabwe Stock Exchnage have made it clear that Zimbabwes securities market needs more retail investors. Men and women like you and I, who traditionally haven’t invested are the new target and whilst applications such as C-Trade and sites like ZSEDirect make it possible to trade there are […]

ZSE launches Direct trading platform with goal to get more ordinary people investing

A fortnight ago we took an exclusive look at Zimbabwe Stock Exchange’s Direct trading platform. The platform that allows ordinary folks like you and me to buy shares from our laptop and smartphone has finally been launched. The problem At the launch event, ZSE noted that the creation of the platform was prompted by a […]

[Update] ZSEs alternative to C-Trade close to launch: First look at ZSE Direct

Back in May, we exclusively reported that the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) was working towards introducing a platform where investors can buy and sell shares. ZSE is calling the service ZSE Direct and the website is now up! As indicated when we spoke to ZSE officials back in May, the design is indeed friendlier to […]

Listed Companies Urged To Hold Annual General Meetings Online By ZSE

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) has responded to concerns of listed companies citing COVID-19 as a hindrance to hosting Annual General Meetings (AGMs) & Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs). The stock exchange has noted the companies’ concerns but urged that they host these meetings virtually and when they can even do so physically: The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange […]

C-Trade’s Auto Trading Feature Allows You To Buy/Sell Stocks Whilst Offline

We’ve raged on about the convenience offered by C-Trade along with the necessity of such a platform needing to exist. With over 10 000 investors registering in half a year, it’s clear a number of people are interested in the convenience offered by the platform. Adding to this convenience is an auto-trading feature that was […]

Prof Mthuli Ncube: Government To Retain 26% Stake In NetOne & TelOne

The planned partial privatisation of TelOne and NetOne, is still in progress according to Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube. The minister also disclosed that the government will be keeping a over quarter of the stake in both TelOne and NetOne. Coming to TelOne and NetOne, these again have been partially privatised. We have made a decision […]

Interview: C-Trade Registered Over 10 000 Accounts Last Year

2018 was an eventful year for C-Trade. C-Trade was launched to much fanfare and having become the first online platform for share trading, C-Trade quickly rose to prominence with over 2000 traders opening accounts in the first fortnight. This is a significant number in that since dollarisation only 7 500 investors had opened accounts. We recently […]

EcoCash’s I-nvesta Platform Allows Users To Trade Shares On C-Trade Through EcoCash

If you open EcoCash’s menu there’s a lot that may pass you by because we often use a few particular functions. One such feature that has been there for a long time and we constantly missed was the EcoCash I-nvesta menu. I-nvesta is (and has been for quite a long time) available on the EcoCash […]

NetOne To Enter Joint Venture With South Africa’s Telkom?

Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube is the man of the moment and when he speaks Zimbos listen. Last week Mthuli spoke about the privatisation of state-owned parastatals and it seems like there is a 6-9 month timeline for that to happen. In line with this privatisation, South African Telecommunications company Telkom is said to be in […]

C-Trade Answers Some Of The Frequently Asked Questions About Their Trading Platform

We have talked at length about C-Trade. From a how-to on the sign-up process, why their platform is a great thing, and how to buy the shares once you’ve signed up. Since their launch in July however, the reception has been mixed. Though they have quickly grown and have amassed about 7000 new traders there have […]

Here’s An Article From Mthuli Ncube, Zimbabwe’s New Minister Of Finance, We Like The Focus On Startups

By Prof Mthuli Ncube We published the following article 3 days ago on the 4th of September. Today Prof Mthuli Ncube has been announced as the new Minister of Finance and Economic Development for Zimbabwe and thus we think it is important to republish this article. This is how the man tasked with the very difficult job […]

What Type Of Investment Is Right For Your Business?

As the saying goes, you have to ‘speculate to accumulate’. As anyone with a stock trading account will attest, when it comes to the market this means taking some form of calculated risk in a bid to make your funds grow further. In a business context, the principle is the same. In order to achieve […]

Mr President Before You Give Tax Incentives To Foreign Investors For Job Creation, Have You Looked At Startups?

Today’s Herald carried a headline that said, ‘ED mulls tax incentives to lure investors.’ The Herald wrote: Tax holidays and incentives, the President said, will help attract more attract foreign investment into the country, which will go a long way in creating decent jobs for the populace and help the country to attain the Government’s […]

Group Of Diaspora Investors Interested In NetOne

The Diaspora Infrastructure Development Group is mulling over the possibilities of investing in Zimbabwe’s second largest Mobile Network Operator, NetOne. Donovan Chimhandamba, Executive Chairman at DIDG had this to say about their interest in Netone: We continue to assess the situation at NetOne. We have expressed our interest before and the plans and we continue […]

United States Giant General Electric And The US Government Scout Zimbabwe For Possible Investment/Partnership

According to The Sunday Mail, the US government and a major American firm are responding to Zimbabwe’s new economic and political outlook. The major firm indicating interest in investing in Zimbabwe is General Electric(GE). General Electric is a technology and services company on a global scale. They develop and manufacture products for generation, transmission, distribution, control […]

7 Tips to Trade the Markets like a Pro

FX, commodities, stocks, and bonds are all traded on the global financial markets every day. The advent of technology has now enabled anyone with a passion for trading the markets the ability to do so, right from the comfort of their home. If the thought of trading the markets excites you, then here are seven […]

What every first time entrepreneur should know about raising money from investors

My company, BitFinance, has raised over $50k from 4 different investors over the last 2 years and as we’re preparing to go for another round of fundraising, I’ve been reflecting on the things that have worked for us, the lessons we’ve learnt and how much easier it would have been if someone had written a […]

Press Release: Telecel announces $200m deal – moves to close coverage gap and introduce LTE

Press release sent to Techzim by Telecel Zimbabwe: HARARE – MAY 17, 2017 – The Minister of ICT, Postal and Courier Services, Honourable Supa Mandiwanzira has announced that Telecel will be unveiling LTE and expanding the mobile company’s network coverage through a government brokered  $200m finance deal. Speaking at a briefing cocktail held in Harare, […]

Strive Masiyiwa “didn’t seem to grasp” Iroko’s VOD vision, says Nigerian startup founder, Njoku

In an article dedicated to demonstrating that it’s taking Africa’s richest people too long to grasp the opportunity of investing in internet ventures, Nigerian Video on Demand (VOD) entrepreneur Jason Njoku says Strive Masiyiwa didn’t seem to understand their VOD business when he spoke to him last year. Jason Njoku founded and leads what is now one of Africa’s largest VOD companies. Called […]

EcoCash Head, Jabangwe, says company not about to share mobile money infrastructure

Speaking at the Mobile Money and Digital Payments conference today, EcoCash Head, Natalie Jabangwe-Morris, alluded to the fact that the company is not yet ready to share its mobile money distribution infrastructure.

Infrastructure Sharing: About threats, distrust and the opportunity to be grateful

In threatening Econet with havoc if they don’t share infrastructure, the ministry of ICT missed an opportunity to appreciate the significant contribution that Econet’s investment in infrastructure has made. But all this would be easier to say if Econet themselves were fair in the ecosystem they play in.

NetOne by the numbers: 2.7mil subscribers, 200k OneWallet subs, $105M revenue

Last week’s parliamentary portfolio committee meeting on Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services where NetOne was giving oral evidence on One Wallet, was a blessing to those of us that are always knocking for information on closed systems. We didn’t attend ourselves, but the Financial Express has a brilliant collection of figures in the article they […]

Thou shalt not form a startup

I still remember the ZOL startup of 2010 like it was yesterday. A room filled to the with young and ambitious talent that wanted to make a difference and bring back their country from out of the cold limbo of the just past decade long crisis. Fast forward to today and many of those startups are gone, long forgotten and the few that have made it can only have their successes chalked up as modest.

#263Chat: Tweets on tech and tech entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe

Earlier this week I was guest on the weekly #263Chat discussion hosted by Nigel Mugamu where the discussion was centered on tech in Zimbabwe; the state of, the challenges, possible solutions, opportunities, funding for entrepreneurs and other issues. #263Chat is a really interesting way to have a realtime virtual gathering and discuss important common issues. If you’re not on Twitter yet, this is a good reason to try it.

The problem with grant and challenge funded entrepreneurship

Today I read an article that noted something we discuss often with colleagues here. It’s also an issue that I find a lot of people strongly disagree with; the issue around donors awarding money to young entrepreneurs for the impact prospects of the startups’ businesses. Even with limited knowledge of the Kenya tech company ecosystem, […]

Either Brodacom has poured another US $25 million into the company or…

You may also have noticed an article in today’s Herald newspaper that’s saying that Brodacom has invested some US $25 million on network infrastructure. The figure reminded us of news we posted almost a year ago that basically said the same thing; that Brodacom (then just Spiritage) had invested $25 million into the network.

Why mobile operators should consider startup funding in Africa

Paul Graham, Founder of the Y Combinator incubation hub once spoke of the ingredients required to create Silicon Valley. He summed it up as a combination of:

Rich people (angel or VC investors) + Nerds (talent)

ICT sector investment opportunities in Zimbabwe and Africa

I recently attended the NEPAD Business Foundation Implementing ICT Projects in Africa Workshop and the Zimbabwe Investment and Trade Conference. It was interesting to note that the message on ICT had a common theme.

I’m investing in Zim Agriculture, says African award winning telecoms exec

Last week, we received a press release on the winning of a Global Telecoms Business award by Norman Moyo, an exec at Tanzanian mobile operator called Zantel. We posted the story here. Moyo has worked for Celtel in Zambian and Nigeria, Econet Wireless in Zimbabwe and Zain in Bahrain. He was recognised as one of the top 40 global executives under the age of 40 in the telecoms industry.

For the article, we asked Moyo what he is investing in back home. His response was something we found quite interesting. Here’s an extract:

TelOne is looking for a hundred million dollars, full stop

Back in March this year, Zimbabwe’s telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, revealed that it had granted TelOne the fourth GSM license in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean government now effectively has two GSM licenses as a result. The other is through NetOne. A GSM license is a treasured asset world over, more so in Africa where mobile telephony uptake has been nothing short of a revolution in recent years.