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iPhone gaining popularity in Zimbabwe, can’t be ignored anymore

The iPhone is a wildly popular smartphone. The iPhone has been the best selling flagship smartphone for years and is Apple’s chief revenue generating product. However, most of that success comes from their home country and a few other key markets. Here in Africa, they have not been nearly as successful. However, it seems Zimbabweans […]

Apple pays off developers in a bid to buy them off

Back in May, we wrote about how Apple was in trouble as a number of developers sued the company over its iron-grip rule of the App store. It seems the company has now found a way out of its trouble by settling with some of the developers. It will pay about US$100 million in settlements […]

Google is developing an app that will make iOS to Android migration easier

According to a teardown on XDA Developers, Google is looking to make the migration from iOS to Android a little easier. The application in development is called “Switch to Android” and it will help iPhone users transition to the land of expandable storage. The information found on XDA comes from the Android 12 Beta 3 […]

iOS apps crashing on launch

According to multiple reports a number of iOS apps are crashing. Tinder, TikTok, Pinterest and many others according to Downdetector are all crashing when ever users try to open the apps. Although the cause of the problem is not yet known, according to The Verge, one theory is that the outages are being caused by […]

Your next Apple or Samsung phone might not have a charger in the box

When news broke last week that the iPhone 12 might come without a charger in the box – the Android fanboy in me was smiling from ear to ear man! My immediate reaction was “Apple is anti-consumer so no surprise there.” You can therefore imagine my face when Samsung (which happens to be my brand […]

Apple’s WWDC Is Happening Today, Things To Look Out For

Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference is happening today at 7pm Local Time. The conference, because of the global pandemic is now going virtual. You can stream the event on Apple’s YouTube account. Here’s what to look out for Operating System Updates This event is usually where Apple announces updates and new features to their operating systems. […]

WhatsApp Dark Mode On iPhone Is Better Because It Saves Battery

Those of you who love to argue about the supremacy of iPhone over Android (and vice versa) will have a field day with this one. iPhone users finally got a taste of WhatsApp’s dark mode last week and it turns out not only is the dark mode on iPhone different from the one on Android, […]

Apple’s iOS 13.3 Allows Parents To Limit Who Their Kids Can Text & Call

Apple’s newly released iOS 13.3 has built-in parental controls giving parents the ability to limit who their children can call, text and facetime (video call). Parents can also manage their children’s contact list. Parents can also apply a different set of limitations on calls and messaging during the child’s permitted screen time and their downtime […]

How To Remotely Access Your Computer From Your Phone

Google has made it possible to access your Windows desktop or your Mac from your phone, even if its an Android phone or an iPhone. And it doesn’t have to be iPhone for macOS, you can mix and match – all you need is the Chrome Remote Desktop app running on both devices. Here I […]

How To Turn Off All WhatsApp Notifications

At times, the WhatsApp notifications can be overwhelming. Of course, you won’t uninstall WhatsApp just to avoid WhatsApp notifications. The other option that’s available is to turn off your mobile data or Wi-Fi. But the problem with that is that it will stop notifications from all other apps that need to connect to the internet. […]

Google Researchers Claim To Have Found Security Flaw In iPhones

Google’s security researchers claim to have found an exploit which exposes iPhone users who visit malicious websites to hackers. Earlier this year Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) discovered a small collection of hacked websites. The hacked sites were being used in indiscriminate watering hole attacks against their visitors, using iPhone 0-day.   There was no target […]

Google Working On ShareIt Alternative & AirDrop Competitor Fast Beam

ShareIt is a pretty brilliant application but it’s become pretty frustrating to use over the past few years. With constant ads and notifications, I’ve found myself using it less and less. Fast Beam is what Google hopes will replace ShareIt and act as Android’s version of AirDrop. The application which 9To5Google got their hands on […]

Xbox One & PS4 Controller Support Coming To iPhones & iPads

Apple recently confirmed that they would be adding support for the two most popular controllers on their iPhones. This means that if you’re big on PUBG or Fortnite on iOS and you also happen to own one of these consoles, your mobile gaming experience will be getting significantly better once support is made available for […]

iPhone Users, The Next Version Of iOS promises Apps That Are 50% Smaller

If you live in a country where internet data comes at a premium (Zimbabwe is on that list) you’ll be happy to know that the next version of iOS is coming with some features that’ll allow you to spend much more data when it comes to installing and updating applications on your iPhone. During the […]

Here Are Some Leaked Screenshots Of Huawei’s Future OS

If you’re among the group that firmly believes that Huawei will walk away from Android and become a stronger company, this article is for you. Huawei’s replacement Ark OS – has been spotted in the wild and here’s what it could look like: I said it could look like this because the screenshots shared could […]

WhatsApp Fingerprint Recognition Is About To Come For Android Users

Finally, its now official that WhatsApp is working on a fingerprint recognition feature that will enable WhatsApp-Android users to lock and unlock their WhatsApp using a fingerprint. iOS-WhatsApp users have already got used to this feature which was introduced for them early this year. The feature adds an extra layer of security for you in […]

Nike’s Self-Lacing Shoe Is Failing To Self-Lace For Android Users

Image Credit: Kopitiam Bot After a high-profile build up, the all-new Nike Adapt BB self-lacing basketball sneaker has finally hit the market. However, Android users of the self-lacing smart sneaker are experiencing technical difficulties given a bad Android update a short time after the shoe released. The new Android patch has been largely problematic for many users who claim […]

Apple Finally Fixed That FaceTime Bug

So last week one Facetime user discovered a bug that allowed callers to spy on their contacts and the internet went into a frenzy. Apple has always prioritised privacy so having something this devastating happen was obviously a big deal. Apple promised an update within a week and last night that update started rolling out. […]

WhatsApp Users On iPhone Now Able To Unlock The App Using Face/Touch ID

We’ve known for a while now that WhatsApp was working on some biometric integration and the feature has finally made its debut on the iPhone. iOS users will now be able to lock their WhatsApp chats and use their fingerprint or facial recognition to open the application. This is according to the WhatsApp update notes […]

Apple Urging Investors To Shift Focus From iPhones As They Have 900 Million Users They Can Monetize

Apple announced their quarterly results and as expected they iPhone sales slowed down. This wasn’t as big as many thought it would be because Apple is telling investors not to focus overly on the iPhones. Why? Because iPhones are in the past and that’s not where Apple expect their growth to come from going forward. […]

WhatsApp Will Soon Allow Users To Unlock The App Using A Fingerprint Or Facial Recognition

When WhatsApp isn’t making the rounds for some fake news controversies, the application is seeing some useful revisions being added. This cycle goes on and since yesterday we talked about WhatsApp and the effect it’s had on the Brazilian elections, today there’s information concerning new features. WhatsApp is said to be working on bringing Touch […]

Google Maps Now Making It Easier To Plan As A Group For An Outing

Group dinners or outings can be a drag. Not because your friends and family are terrible, but because deciding on a place to go can be such a struggle. But Google Maps latest feature called group planning will allow users to plan where to go to eat or hang out as a group. How it […]

Google Chrome Turns 10 And Brings With It A New Redesign And Some Features

For companies, anniversaries work a bit differently than the way it works for people. Whereas people expect gifts when they reach a certain milestones, for companies milestones are usually a test to see if they can remain relevant and actually keep innovating. This was the case with iPhone when they reached 10 last year and […]

Instagram Just Added New Security And Account Verification Features To Help Keep The Platform Safe

Instagram has just started rolling out a number of security measures, making the platform safer for its billions of users. It is giving users access to more info on an account, the ability to apply for verification, and use third-party apps for two-factor authentication. Let’s take a closer look at each of these features: About this Account […]

Google Releases A List Of The Best Smartphones For Viewing Videos YouTube

If you’re a massive fan of YouTube and your purchase decisions are actually influenced by your love for the video sharing platform then the recently released list can help you buy your next phone. The devices on the list are called YouTube Signature Devices. “What is a YouTube Signature Device?”, is probably something you’re thinking […]

Google Removes Irritating Conversation View From Gmail’s Mobile App

You may think you don’t know ‘conversation view’ but trust me, you do. If you use Gmail, you’ve probably opened up a recently received email and before you know it you’re going through a thread of emails with the hopes of finding the mail you just got. That, ladies and gentleman is conversation view for […]

Apple Is Now Valued At One Trillion And They Are The First American Company To Reach That Milestone

Well, that was quick! In March we talked about the race between Apple, Amazon, Google and newcomer Microsoft to become the first US-based company valued at a trillion dollars. Four months have passed by swiftly and it seems Amazon, Google and Microsoft are now competing for second place as Apple have completed the race. It […]

Apple Bans Cryptocurrency Mining On Both IPhone And IPad

Apparently, Apple is coming for cryptocurrency miners on both the iPhone and the iPad. The company announced a new update to its developer guideline where it said apps may not run on unrelated background processes, such as cryptocurrency mining. In the interest of all those who know little or nothing about how cryptocurrency mining works, […]

WhatsApp Business For iphone Users To Be Launched Soon

At the recent F8 Conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg highlighted the success of WhatsApp Business among small enterprises. He talked about the company’s plans to expand the users of the app. Now as part of the growth plans, WhatsApp Business could soon be supported on iOS devices (Apple devices). Currently, the app is not supported on […]

Apple To Soon Roll Out An iOS Update That Allows Users To Either Opt In Or Out Of The ‘Throttling Feature’

Last month, Apple was nabbed for deliberately slowing down iPhones with older batteries in a bid to make the batteries last longer. This attracted a lot of lawsuits against them, a total of 45 as of yesterday. However, Apple in response to the outcry, has decided to roll out a new software to rectify that. Tim Cook (Apple […]