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Tag: iPads

Harare Councilors: “Give Us iPads By The 31st Of October”

Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up… The Harare City Councilors have given an ultimatum to the town clerk Hosiah Chisango. What do the City councillors want? They want iPads. When do they want them? Well, it seems like NOW is the answer to that question as 31 October is the deadline they’ve set. […]

TN Bank to finance smartphones and tablets for Econet subscribers

When Econet made moves to acquire TN Bank last year, they made it clear it was to push adoption of their EcoCash mobile money service. But there are more benefits to owning a financial institution than just driving mobile money adoption; Econet announced today that one of those benefits, and indeed one of the reasons it acquired the bank, was to have it finance smartphone deals for Econet subscribers.