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IROKOtv CEO Announces 2 New Services The Video Streaming Company Is Introducing

In one of his ever-detailed blog posts, IROKOtv CEO Jason Njoku announced 3 new services that the SVoD (Streaming Video on Demand) company will be introducing starting today. IROKOtv is important because it is one of the only African media companies who have been able to establish a sustainable model to offer a streaming service […]

iROKOtv CEO Says Econet’s Approach With Kwese Was Not Respectful To The Nature Of The Business

Lately, we’ve been covering iROKOtv a lot, and the fact that we were not doing so over the past year is downright CRIMINAL! Why? Well, iROKO is the only African video content platform that has been scaled widely and with Econet, TelOne and NetOne (at some point in the future) all trying their hand at […]

Founder Of iROKOtv Calls Rok Acquisition “Largest Media Deal In West African History”

Jason Njoku’s iROKOtv is one of the most successful African tech companies and even fewer companies on the African content to get Video on Demand right. Recently, ROK Studio, which made content for iROKOtv was acquired by Canal+ for an undisclosed fee. The deal is obviously a huge deal and Njoku shared that it’s the […]

Nollywood Studio ROK Gets Acquired By Canal+

If you’re familiar with Video on Demand technology, you may have heard of IROKOtv -one if the biggest continental players in the VoD space. One of their content studios ROK has been acquired by Canal+ who are looking “to strengthen its content production reach in Nigeria and across Africa.” ROK studio created to make original […]

iROKO & CANAL+ GROUP partner to introduce mobile TV to French speaking Africa

iROKOtv, the Nigerian subscription Video on Demand (sVOD) service that only recently launched a global content distribution arm, has announced that is has entered into a multi-million Euro deal with the CANAL + GROUP, the largest French pay TV provider which has a leading focus on Francophone Africa.

What happens when Netflix says it’s “coming to Africa”

As you many know, on-demand internet streaming movie service, Netflix, announced it quarterly results this week. Growth in the US is slowing apparently, so Netflix is looking to outside its home to regain fast growth. Traditionally, something you’re probably super frustrated by if you’re in Africa, Netflix doesn’t allow much streaming outside the US and Canada. So those too keen […]

Here’s a list of Africa’s Video on Demand & pay TV providers

Recently, we wanted to quickly refer to pay TV and Video on Demand (VOD) providers in Africa for an article we were working on, and found that we couldn’t find the information we needed in one place. So we just decided to start putting the information we’re coming across here in this article. The list is […]

Africa’s Netflix, iROKOtv, kills ads to focus on subscription VOD exclusively

Jason Njoku, the founder of what is arguably Africa’s largest online movie service, iROKOtv, announced today that his company is going to stop the free ad driven component of their Video on Demand service to focus exclusively on subscriptions. The announcement was made in a long blog post titled Killing iROKOtv posted on Njoku’s personal blog. In the announcement, Njoku describes the […]

iROKOtv unfazed by Google’s YouTube partnering program, says Njoku

In a blog post yesterday, Jason Njoku, the iROKO founder however said the new YouTube program doesn’t bother them much as YouTube does not contribute much to their revenue anymore. He also says that much of the revenue doesn’t come from the YouTube advertising model but from other streams like licensing and monthly subscriptions.

Wabona and the internet opportunity for pay-per-view video streaming in Africa

We were recently in touch with Simukayi Mukuna, one of the two co-founders of a new pay-per-view video streaming service called Wabona. The service was launched in beta in November last year, and the Wabona team has since been accepted into a 88mph startup incubator in South Africa. it was great opportunity therefore for us to hear out their perspectives and plans withe the service.

Do your ideas and methods address the needs of your local market?

Some several months ago a Zimbabwean friend invited me to check out website he was working on that’s modeled along the lines of American local business review site, Yelp. Our conversation, when we met and went through the website, quickly went into the relevance of his service to ordinary Zimbabweans. He seemed very much aware of the […]

Iroko Partners pumps up the volume with $8 million in fresh funding

Jason Njoku’s one and a half year old outfit has raised the bar for Sub Saharan African startups. Iroko Partners is charging ahead with its vision to put Nigerian entertainment online. Pando Daily published a post yesterday, revealing that the Lagos based startup had bolstered its war chest by way of two $4 million rounds. The funding came from Silicon Valley and emerging market stalwarts, Tiger Global.