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Zim Students Win Most Creative Idea Award At WSIS19 Forum In Geneva

The International Telecommunications Union HQ (Geneva) played host to the WSIS (World Summit on the Information Society) 2019 Forum. As part of the 4 day summit, there was a hackathon on Hacking Solutions for Lifelong Learning and Livelihoods. The aim of this competition was to come up with innovative ideas that could go a long […]

Zim Hosting International Telecommunication Union Meeting This Week

Zimbabwe is hosting an International Telecommunication Union meeting in Victoria Falls this week. The meeting started on Monday and the Minister of ICT Kazembe Kazembe was at hand to officially open the meeting that will run until next Friday. The ITU-T Study Group 13 meeting will focus on future networks that are expected to be […]

Zim wins Certificate of Excellence Award, local man gets accolade of excellence at ITU

This year’s International Telecommunications Union Telecom World 2017 was held in South Korea. ITU Telecom World is a not-for-profit neutral platform to accelerate ICT innovation for social and economic development through exhibiting solutions, sharing knowledge and networking. The Minister of Information, Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services, Supa Mandiwanzira attended the event with a delegation and […]

POTRAZ is hosting African telecoms stakeholders’ regional forum on tariffs standards

Called the ITU Regional Economic and Financial Forum of Telecoms/ICT for Africa it brings together various stakeholders in African telecoms including service providers, regulators, academics and state representatives.

Zimbabweans scream plagiarism after discovery that proposed Cybercrime Bill resembles Lesotho’s draft

Earlier today a number of people on social media were quick to point out the striking similarities that exist between Zimbabwe’s own draft bill and Lesotho’s own Computer Crime and Cybercrime Bill.

Zimbabwean regulator POTRAZ deploys QoS software to monitor telecoms performance standards

According to POTRAZ the QoS software meant to monitor all these services has already been deployed. It was sourced via a tender process that was floated last year and was acquired from a foreign vendor.

Let’s not kid ourselves, government & policy are necessary pieces of the tech puzzle

While I agree that governments often tend to do things that count for imprudence, the reality of the matter is that while we may not want anything to do with policy makers, the policy makers have everything to do with us and our tech goals.

Local telecoms regulator POTRAZ bans WhatsApp bundles, operators given 7 days to comply (April Fools)

Zimbabwe’s telecommunications regulator, POTRAZ, has announced that it will be banning all over the top service bundles for applications like WhatsApp, Facebook and Opera Mini.

POTRAZ has a set of Child Online Protection Guidelines & here’s why they are important

This online presence exposes them to potential threats such as bullying, identity theft, and various forms of online abuse such as exposure to sexual content for grooming purposes, and the production of child sexual materials. Three out of four children online are willing to share personal information about themselves and their family in exchange for goods and services.

Digital migration project delayed again as switch to digital broadcasting is set for December 2016

The crossover to digital broadcasting was supposed to have been achieved by April this year, but according to the Minister of Information, Chris Mushowe, this schedule can only be met if the government sticks to payment dates set with the contractor.

Opportunities for eHealth emerge as POTRAZ partners ITU for rural telemedicine

Starting in January, remote public health facilities will be accessing telemedicine facilities that include online diagnosis, remote consultation for specific conditions, communication of information such as broadcasting of alerts and updates on potential outbreaks.

Africa achieves only 20% broadband penetration, 85% mobile network coverage: AU

Africa has reached an average broadband penetration rate of 20%, a rise from 7% in 2008. In addition mobile networks cover 85% of the entire population according to the AU.

No surprises as Zim misses digitisation deadline. What does it mean for you though?

Nine years down the line Zimbabwe has missed the ITU digital migration deadline for a host of reasons that include delayed funds release, lack of skill and low prioritisation. What does this mean for you and me? Well, it’s business as usual with your first, permanent and only choice in local broadcasting.

ZBC’s 6 channels & the 8 things about digital migration that you need to know

What do we need to know about Digital Migration, really? Well, quite a bit actually. OK, so the whole exercise that was brought upon us by ITU has ZBC written all over it, but it will affect the whole country, including the multitudes that turned their back on local TV. So for those who are […]

Zim looks East for digital migration: BAZ signs on Huawei, says deadline will be met

What’s the latest on digitisation? There’s a lot of activity that we are starting to see regarding this project, but I’m one of the many people that have doubts that this going to happen on time. Still, the people involved are out to allay our fears. Today we attended a Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) media […]

The challenges behind digital migration: Why Zim won’t meet the ITU deadline

What is the latest on digital migration?  If the reports in the state media are anything to go by, everything is “on track” and we will be ready to join the rest of the world in migrating from analogue to digital broadcasting. But just how ready are we, really? We were told that the funds […]

“Long after all this technology talk…” – President Mugabe

Dear Mr President About ten years ago, at the World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva, Switzerland, you made a remarkable speech on technology in third world countries, and this speech galvanized me to do something about technology from the moment I read it. I have included an excerpt of that speech below: Long after we […]

Zim information minister calls for regulation of the internet, social media

A report in today’s Herald newspaper says Zimbabwe’ Media, Information and Publicity Minister, Webster Shamu, has called for the “appropriate regulation of the internet and new media platforms”. The Minister, according to the report, is calling for this because the potential of the internet to cause strife in society.

What should concern you about the ITU’s internet regulation meeting

Governments from all over the world are meeting in Dubai since 3 December to discuss regulating the internet or, in other words, censoring it. The meeting, called World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12) is organized by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), which is an arm of the United Nations.

Predictably, developing countries register highest mobile growth globally

Last week, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) released the Measuring Information Society report, a report that details the state of the telecommunications industry globally. The report shows that developing countries have registered the most dynamic growth in mobile in the year 2011. According to the ITU, the trend is evidence that many developing countries are […]

Zimbabwe among most dynamic countries in ICTs growth says ITU report

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has ranked Zimbabwe the second most dynamic country globally in one of three categories that measure the development of ICTs. The development is measured by what is called an ICT Development Index (IDI), which the ITU uses to determine the ICT readiness, the level of use of ICTs, and the […]

POTRAZ to introduce new pricing model for mobile operators

Zimbabwe’s state owned daily, The Herald, reports today that POTRAZ, the local telecoms regulator will be introducing a new cost-based pricing model for telecommunications operators. Quoting POTRAZ deputy director general, Alfred Marisa, the report says the Long Run Incremental Cost (LRIC) method will be adopted by the regulator. We are in the process of coming […]

UN Broadband Commission sets broadband targets for 2015

At the ongoing Broadband Leadership Summit, the UN Broadband Commission endorsed today new broadband targets for countries to implement by 2015.

Zimbabwe, 3rd most expensive place in the world to make a mobile call

According to a report released by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) last week, Zimbabwe has the most expensive mobile cellular tariffs in relative terms. Only Malawi and Niger have higher mobile tariffs. Mobile cellular tariffs are measured by the ITU in 165 economies and contribute as a sub-basket to the overall ICT Price Basket of an economy. The data used in the report was collected in 2010. You can download the report here.

ICT Development Index: Zimbabwe moves four places up

Yesterday, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) released latest the global ICT pricing and penetration data report. You can find the report here. A key feature of the report is the ICT Development Index (IDI), which ranks 152 countries according to their level of ICT access, use and skills, and compares 2008 and 2010 scores.

Startups: The International Telecoms Union is waiting for your pitch

Two weeks ago, ITU (the International Telecoms Union) launched a global competition that seeks to give 60 Young Innovators and Digital Innovators the chance to travel to its flagship event, ITU Telecoms World in Geneva (October 24-27). Entrants will be able to pitch their ground-breaking ideas to leaders of the world’s ICT industry. Techzim would have wanted to publish this sooner however we have just found out about it. And it’s not too late!

Android powered Internet boxes can transform Africa

In the 21st century there’s one gigantic reality that many aspiring inventors bump into; there’s not much left to invent! While this may be so, the focus now (more than ever) is on building on what’s already there to solve humanity’s challenges and/or making life simpler. Groupon exploded onto the scene by tweaking a traditional coupon concept and panel beating it for the 21st century, the iPad (and “others”) squeezed laptops into a handheld wonder, while social networks took traditional human relationships online.

Consumer rights and Zimbabwe’s telecoms sector

A free market economy is a sound development catalyst as jobs, opportunities and wealth are created. Unfortunately; as has been the case with anything unbalanced, capitalism can be downright devastating if left to its own devices. One cannot help but to think of scandals like Enron, Worldcom, Renaissance Zimbabwe and numerous others. Insatiable greed is a reality. Conversely too much government control in any economy can result in stagnation due to a lack of incentive and purpose. A fine balance of the two is a trusted success formula.

Some 1.8 million Econet subscribers use mobile broadband

At the “Thinking Global” ICT conference held in Harare two days ago, Econet disclosed the number of subscribers using mobile broadband internet services on its network. That number is a staggering 1.8 million. Staggering because that’s more than 30% of the total Econet subscribers (5,500,000).

The rise of 3G – (ITU 2010 World ICT facts and figures)

We just thought we would post here an ITU depiction of 3G connectivity world over from a report titled “The World in 2010, ICT facts and figures”. We were quite struck with how Zimbabwe compares to the majority of African countries.