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Dandemutande entering EBITDA profitability. Here’s the ownership structure after merger

According to the results, Dandemutande, after years of losses, was now entering profitability at an EBITDA level based on the 2015 fourth quarter performance.

iWayAfrica embraces POTRAZ fees adjustment, slashes VSAT prices

Following on the heels of the VSAT fees adjustment administered by the regulator, POTRAZ, iWayAfrica, a local internet service provider has drastically reduced the cost of its VSAT packages.

How expensive is it to go online in Zim?: An overview of prices for internet services

2015 started off with mobile subscribers celebrating the good news that as had been promised, the voice tariffs for the country’s mobile network operators had been reduced. Unfortunately we didn’t see a tumble in the cost of mobile data accompanying this change. The same could be said for internet services across the board actually. Despite a tighter economic […]

Tips for faster downloads: How I combined two internet connections

Recently during the holiday season my primary internet connection started acting up. It seems there is a signal problem affecting my upload speed, so it takes an inordinately long time to complete simple tasks such as processing the GET request although the download is a breeze once this obstacle is surmounted with download threads achieving the […]

iWayAfrica connectivity “challenges” persist

On Friday the 3rd of October I woke up and for the first time in a while (what is two years) could not go online using my Rocket modem.On every attempt to connect I kept getting stuck with a “PPP link control protocol” was terminated error. At first I thought this problem was from my […]

Goodbye Powertel, hello…

So you have read about my niggardly thoughts on Powertel’s bundles. I really hate not knowing what I am going to spend on my internet connection in advance. The good news is that I know exactly how much I am going to spend on my internet next month: $50. After Powertel’s switcharoo I went out […]

iWayAfrica’s expensive VSAT vs TelOne’s. Selective application of licensing rules?

So about two months ago we asked an official from the Postal and Telecoms Regulation Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) about what was apparently the selective application of VSAT licensing regulations. TelOne, a government owned fixed line operator, introduced cheap VSAT in May this year, but it later turned out it was cheap because, unlike the competition, they are […]

iWayAfrica Zimbabwe now in the green. New products doing well, says source

In an article we posted earlier today about Gondwana’s new deal with SevenC Computing to have iWayAfrica Zimbabwe introduce new managed IT services, we indicated that iWayAfrica has had “lacklustre performance in recent years”. This, based on the $55,000 loss they made in 2012. A source close to iWayAfrica Zimbabwe sent us an email to provide more facts and to point us to […]

iWayAfrica partners SA’s SevenC to introduce managed IT Services in Zimbabwe

An announcement by Gondwana International Networks (the new owners of iWayAfrica since December) yesterday said they have just partnered South African IT services company SevenC, to introduce managed IT services in Zimbabwe. iWayAfrica will provide what would otherwise get from an internal specialised IT department if it made business sense. Services like email, data storage, backups & disaster […]

iWayAfrica diversifies into business intelligence solutions

iWayAfrica today unveiled set of new business intelligent products that are a wee bit out of their regular business scope suggesting that the company is actively diversifying. The new products were launched under the umbrella of “business intelligence and enterprise assurance solutions”, which are basically advanced logistical tracking and advance surveillance systems that they are […]

Masawara hangs on to iWayAfrica as Telkom SA exits

In December, Telkom SA announced the offloading of their majority stake in iWayAfrica, citing a need to cut out the negatively performing business from the group. The sale was to Gondwana Communications, a South African telecoms firm. We talked a bit about the possible chances of Gondwana turning around iWay here. The one issue not […]

Will iWayAfrica new owner, Gondwana, succeed turning the company around?

You may have heard over the past few weeks that iWayAfrica, the company that has 8 ISP operations in 40 countries including Zimbabwe, changed hands. From the hands of its former (mostly hands-off) owner Telkom SA to now a South African telecoms company called Gondwana Communications. According to the reports on the matter, the reason for […]

Pocket Rocket is iWayAfrica’s new dongle based broadband internet

Recently we came across an iWayAfrica online banner advert advertising mobile broadband through a “range of devices” including one called the Pocket Rocket. With this new product, iWayAfrica effectively becomes one the first ISPs (that is not IAPs) to introduce mobile internet in addition to the traditional UHF Radio, Fibre and fixed WiMax connections. So […]

iWayAfrica attempts to wake from slumber, launches $99, 40GB package

Back in the day, around 2005, the brand Mweb was synonymous with the internet in Zimbabwe. They were the giants. You couldn’t plan getting an internet connection and not think first about Mweb. Them and a few others like ofcourse, like Africa Online. Then Telkom happened, and along with it, it seems, a decision to take a back seat and let the other providers eat into their market share.

iWayAfrica in $55k loss for year ending December 2012

The annual report released this past weekend by Masawara also had details of the financial performance of one other internet provider which Masawara has shareholding in; iWayAfrica Zimbabwe. The iWay business also made losses in the year ending 31 December 2012 albeit much lower than uMAX.

CultureShift Zimbabwe tech and cultural sector challenge – Ideation Day 1

Today was the first of the two day Culture Shift Ideation, an event to get software developers, designers, creative arts people and entrepreneurs to find solutions to problems in the arts sector that can be solved by technology. It was great having individuals and organisations from the arts side get to learn of the possibilities tech platforms avail locally.

Aquiva Wireless and Aptics face major problems with WiMAX

An update sent out by one of Zimbabwe’s largest internet service providers, ZOL, confirms (what the industry has been saying for about a month now) that Aquiva Wireless and Aptics are having major issues delivering internet via the WiMAX platform. The ZOL update was sent out some 6 days ago and read in part:

Alpha Media and iWay to host Stafford Masie at breakfast meeting

Alpha Media Holdings announced yesterday via a press release in one of its papers that the media group will be hosting Stafford Masie at a tech breakfast meeting to be held in Harare on the 17th of February. Alpha is holding the event in partnership with Telkom owned ISP, iWayAfrica.

The difficulties of registering a local domain in Zimbabwe

The need to have local Zimbabwean content on the internet has been widely discussed. The main idea being that the internet will become more relevant to locals if it has content people have traditionally consumed on platforms like TV, radio, newspapers, books and so forth.