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Jah Prayzah at 1 million Facebook followers, swimming in money?

I don’t think Jah Prayzah needs an introduction now. There are a million reasons why should know him by now. The musician is uber popular now. I mean, how can one have 1 million Facebook followers in a nation of about 15 million. That’s close to 7% of the population. That’s even more impressive when […]

Be careful, most YouTube ripping sites are now logging user data

We are always saying this but it’s true. Data is expensive in Zimbabwe which is a little odd considering YouTube, one of the most data-intensive sites out there, has been consistently one of the most visited sites in the country. The clever ones have found ways to enjoy their YouTube clips without having to visit […]

Jah Prayzah fans are not happy with his Gateway Stream exclusive album launch

As I am sure you have already heard Jah Prayzah has launched his latest album Gwara exclusively (audio version) on local super app Gateway Stream. If you have never come across the app it’s akin to Cassava Smatech’s Sasai in that it has a lot of services under its umbrella. You can book hotels, do […]

Top 10 Zim YouTube channels: earnings, views & subscribers

YouTube has been a revelation for the liberalisation of content creation the world over. In Zimbabwe, it took power out of the hands of the monopoly that is the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and handed it down to anyone who has a camera and data. So I thought it would be interesting to look at […]

Twitter Users Are Trolling Jah Prayzah- You Have To Be Thick-skinned On Social Media If You Are A Celebrity

Making a mean comment online may seem harmless, but trolls have driven people to depression and even to commit suicide. More often than not, trolls target celebrities so as to gain the celebrity’s attention or other Twitter user’s attention. Celebrities are always in the limelight, and it’s unfortunate that they have to endure badmouthing. But […]

Zim Artists Venture Into 4K Land

Right now Jah Prayzah and Winky D are hot items. Their last few videos have blazed past the 1 million views mark at breathtaking pace. Given our internet population hitting a million views here is like hitting a billion views in the US. Their videos have also become much more slick and thoughtful. They, Winky […]

Winky D Is Winning The Second Unofficial Race Against Jah Prayzah As MuGarden Goes Viral On YouTube

In case you missed it there is, perhaps, an unintended YouTube video war between Winky D and Jah Prayzah. On Monday 11 February Jah Prayzah uploaded his Kunerima video after realising a teaser image of him and Misred embracing. A picture that set tongues wagging before people could put it in context. Thanks to this […]

Zimbabwe’s 10 most influential in Technology 2016

In the same retrospective spirit, we took a look at what happened in the local technology space and came up with our list of the 10 most influential in this space.

Jah Prayzah launches Mdhara Vachauya video on YouTube, taps into power of social media

Zimbabwean music superstar Jah Prayzah has just released the much-anticipated video for his hit Mdhara Vachauya following a huge build-up (it was marketed like a major event) that was supported by a strong campaign on social media. The video, which is the second official video release from his latest album with the same name, attracted a lot […]

Jah Prayzah’s video for the hit Watora Mari video gets over 1 million views on YouTube (update)

Zimbabwean music superstar Jah Prayzah has just celebrated a career milestone and an achievement for local music. His video for the hit Watora Mari which is a collaboration with Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz has recorded over 1 million views on YouTube. Jah Prayzah shared a celebratory video on social media yesterday (on the 29th of August) […]

Jah Prayzah’s hit video records half a million YouTube views in a week, races towards new record for local music

This song has been supported by a great video which was uploaded on Jah Prayzah’s YouTube channel on the 12th of August and has since recorded one of the fastest (if not the fastest) views count on YouTube for a Zimbabwean music video.

Jah Prayzah’s distribution partnership with Zimpapers is Zimbabwe’s best shot at piracy so far

For his latest album, Mdhara Vachauya, Jah Prayzah’s team partnered with Zimbabwe’s largest news publisher Zimpapers to distribute the CD album via its network of newspaper vendors.

Remittances service Hello Paisa signs Jah Prayzah as African brand ambassador, offers his content via its app

Hello Group, the financial services outfit that owns the remittances operator Hello Paisa has signed on Zimbabwean music superstar and “Hello” hitmaker Jah Prayzah as its African brand ambassador for Hello Paisa.

Professionalism & the internet – How Jah Prayzah is outshining every other Zimbabwean artist

In an interview with Jah Prayzah’s manager, Keen Mushapaidze, he explained how the artist’s success can be attributed to professionalism, an integration of offline and online strategies and significant sacrifices in both time and money.

Jive Zimbabwe launches online music platform..Again. Will they succeed?

You may have read an article in yesterday’s Sunday Mail (and last week’s NewsDay actually) about a new online music distribution site for Zimbabwean music called Jive Zimbabwe. They are here. This is actually not the first time Jive Zimbabwe has “launched” so it should be a relaunch really. The first launch happened almost two years ago […]