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Web design & web development – what’s the difference?

I remember in my tender age how simpler and seemingly normal even to most folks by then to refer every type of washing powder as Surf. Yes I did and you know everyone was cool with it, no harm came with it. Everybody would be aware of what was being referred to, it was just […]

Zimbabwean websites hacked. Joomla fault or just poor security management?

So every now and again we get tips about local websites that have been hacked, defaced or compromised in one way or the other. In the past few days, there was an increase in such tips as quite a number of websites, most of organisations very well known, were compromised. As has been the case in the many previous cases we’ve […]

WordPress, Drupal or Joomla? Choosing the right CMS for the job

Content Management Systems have for a long time made it easy to get into content publishing on the internet, and sometimes can be the quickest way to a rapid solution even for a startup that’s not into hard core publising especially when your coding is not your strongest point. We came upon this comparison of […]

Government website hacked

Yesterday, we noticed that a government website,, was hacked. The website belongs to the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development. It was designed and is hosted by the Government Internet Service Provider (GISP) so we sent them an email notifying them just in case they don’t know it yet.

South African government charged US $10 million for a WordPress theme job

It happens all the time but this is definitely extreme. South African tech blogs reported that a web development company actually charged the South African government at least R97 million for a website. The website is basically just WordPress (free) and a WordPress theme (about $40) that they clearly didn’t modify much. Here’s a screenshot of the theme.

A lesson from the Joomla footer

Many years ago, I found something called Joomla. I downloaded its manual and taught myself how to install extensions, templates, etc. I was doing fine, until I got to the damn Joomla footer. I wanted to remove the text in the footer section that says “Joomla is open source software bla bla bla”, and in one attempt a whole bottom section disappeared.

Metropolitan Bank website hacked

We’re gathering that the websites belonging to Zimbabwean bank, Metropolitan Bank ( was defaced and subsequently taken down ‘for maintenance’. According to site defacement archive, the Metropolitan Bank website was defaced on 19 January 2013 by hackers calling themselves “Qifwhysoserious”.

Popular Zim entertainment blog Zimbojam hacked

A tweet this morning alerted us to the hacking of popular Zimbabwean entertainment blog, Zimbo Jam, by hackers calling themselves “Teamr00t”. Visiting the website a few minutes ago would load this:

CABS website gets hacked

We just got a tip that the Central African Building Society (CABS) website has been hacked. Visiting the website right now loads the screen we have captured here:

More than 30 YoAfrica hosted websites get hacked at same time

Yesterday morning, we got tipped to the fact that some YoAfrica hosted websites had been hacked. It was just 2 websites so we figured it was anything to worry about but we contacted the company nonetheless and told them about it. As the day progressed, a few more people told us their websites had been hacked and checking where they were hosted all pointed to YoAfrica servers. Well, one server in particular. We told YoAfrica through the day of these developments we were getting.

Zimbo Jam downed for several days during upgrade

Zimbo Jam, Zimbabwe’s most popular entertainment news and culture website is down. The site has been down since Friday due to a problem that happened during an upgrade to a new version of the website. We got in touch with Zimbo Jam founder Fungai Tichawangana today and he told us that one of the major components of the site stopped working on Friday last week and his team had to spend two days restoring it. “Totally derailed us- as so many other things depended on it,” he said.

The basics of protecting your website

This guest article was written for TechZim by Joe Ruzvidzo, a blogger and consultant based in Harare, Zimbabwe. He writes here in his personal capacity. There have been numerous stories here on TechZim and around the world about websites being hacked. Some of the largest brands locally and abroad have had their websites defaced, and the […]

The changing face of the web development industry

It’s almost safe to say that history is repeating itself. A few years, specifically prior to the year 2008 companies such as Cyberplex were known to rule the roost and getting a website for a company was a comparatively sizable investment. There was the initial cost of getting the site developed, and the fixed monthlies/update fees. The process involved repetitive cycles between the marketing team and the web designers until the two parties agreed on a design concept.