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Econet Smart Kambudzi Review – Close but not close enough

A few weeks ago, we bought the Kai OS device Econet is selling and marketing as the Smart Kambudzi. The device is aptly named because despite looking like a basic feature phone, the Vida Atom 3G (its real name) can actually do a number of smart things including accessing your favourite apps but more on […]

Pictures: Econet Smart KaMbudzi feature phone unboxing

So there’s been a lot of talk about Econet’s Vida Atom 3G smart feature phone – or as Econet themselves are calling it, Smart KaMbudzi. Being excited about tech and wanting to experience the merits of such a device for ourselves we went ahead and got a unit for review purposes. Before the review though, […]

Econet introduces Smart KaMbudzi phone which is WhatsApp compatible

We have talked about Kai OS for a while now and how we expect the operating system built to make basic phones smarter. Think of a basic phone (more commonly referred to as kambudzi) running WhatsApp, YouTube, Google and Twitter. Sounds exciting. Well, Econet wants in on the Kai OS pie and announed the 3G […]

WhatsApp Now Available On Phones Running KaiOS

KaiOS Technologies, maker of the KaiOS smartfeature phone has announced that it has added WhatsApp to its KaiStore in a move to connect the world, in partnership with Facebook, the social media giant which owns WhatsApp. The low-cost smart feature phone will now enable users to make calls, text, and WhatsApp their friends and family across […]

5 Alternative Mobile Operating Systems To Android

Android is dominating the mobile and there are no doubts regarding this. According to statistics, Android has a share of 75%, iOS has a share of 22% and remaining operating systems share the rest. We want to talk about these “remaining operating systems” which you probably have never heard of and you will perhaps want […]

Android Go Was Made For Countries Like Zim, But It Might Never Get A Chance To Shine

Not so long ago, Android unveiled a new version of their software that was targeted at entry-level phones. With sales slowing down in most developed countries, it seems that Google (the creator of Android) is now focusing on developing markets that have cheaper phones. They announced Android Go in Q1 of this year and since […]