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Kenya to introduce digital tax for online sales and services

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has approved the 2020 Financial Bill, this bill consists of proposed amendments to the: The Income Tax Act The Value Added Tax Act, 2013 The Excise Duty Act, 2015 The Tax Procedures Act, 2015. The most notable part of this piece of legislation is the Digital Services Tax. The Kenyan government […]

Coronavirus Speeds Up Approval Of Google’s Internet Balloons In Kenya

We have written about Project Loon a number of times. Last time we noted that the balloon-based internet service was undergoing commercial trials in Kenya. It’s taken the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic for Telkom Kenya and Google to get approval to finally deploy the balloons which will beam satellite internet in remote regions of […]

Kenyans Will Soon Receive Court Summons Via WhatsApp

Kenya’s Parliament is considering passing into law an act that will allow the sending of summons via messaging applications. Summons may be sent by mobile-enabled messaging applications to the defendants’ last known and used telephone number Recommendation The chair of the Kenyan Law Society said that this was a positive development: For a start, the […]

Safaricom Accused Of Selling Subscriber Data

An ex-Safaricom employee suggested that the biggest mobile network operator in Kenya sells data to micro-financing companies and betting agencies. Last year, the MNO was taken to court by a customer who alleged the company had sold personal data of 11.5 million customers to betting companies. It has now come to light that one of […]

Showmax’s 10 Most Streamed Shows Of 2019

2019 was a pretty eventful year for Showmax. The company made some considerable leaps in the world of streaming with one of the highlights being the trial of sports content. With 2019 having just ended Showmax released a list of the most popular shows on the streaming service internationally and in South Africa. 10 most-streamed […]

No Robert Mugabe Did Not Say These Things: How To Spot A Fake Robert Mugabe Quote

You all remember Robert Mugabe right?  I mean come on we literary did not go to work on his birthday like a few weeks ago. Guy used to be president you would see him country and globetrotting in his famous Armani and other rich label suits as he sprinted up plane steps-quite energetic for a […]

Nigerian Government Tired Of Fake Phones, Creates Committee To Reduce Their Numbers

The Federal Nigerian Government has created a committee that will ensure that the number of counterfeit phones in the country is reduced drastically. It’s not only Nigerians who are tired of fake phones – last year Kenya banned phones with battery lives lower than 8 hours of talk time. The joint committees; a Project Steering […]

State Of The Internet 2018 Zimbabwe VS Kenya, Zimbabwe Punching Way Above Its Weight

No doubt Kenya is a digital powerhouse on the continent. All those stories have to count for something right? Let’s see how Zimbabwe stacks up against Kenya when it comes to internet connectivity. For this comparison we are using the respective July-September 2018 telecoms sector reports from the regulators in both countries. Mobile penetration As […]

Here Are Some Money Transfer Controls In Other African Countries, And Then Compare With Zim

The amount of online money transfers is fast growing year by year. It’s one reason to have a closer look at the situation in Africa regarding remittances and capital control restrictions.  To whom are online money transfers relevant? Online money transfers are relevant to anyone who wants to transfer money to a person in another […]

Biometric Registration To Be Introduced To Get Rid Of Ghost Workers, Says The President

Zimbabwe will now have to bank on biometric technology to manage the rising wage bill and get rid of ghost workers. I mean the government might finally do away with the ghost workers that has haunted it for years, with the wage bill becoming unsustainable leading the Treasury to struggle to pay the ‘real’ civil […]

{Press Release}: Digital Payments Firm, Cellulant Listed On The Prestigious KPMG’s 2018 FINTECH100

Cellulant, a leading digital payments provider that reaches 40 million people across 11 African countries has been named among the Top 50 emerging Fintech companies in the world in this year’s KPMG FinTech100 report. Cellulant is among the only three African companies representing Africa from Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa to be included in the […]

The World’s Second Largest Reinsurance Firm Appoints A Zimbabwean As CEO For UK And Ireland Operations

Another Zimbabwean has put us on the spotlight again, this time for a good reason. The world’s second-largest reinsurer, Swiss Re has appointed a Zimbabwean, Tavaziva Madzinga to be its chief executive officer (CEO) of its UK & Ireland (UKI) and business effective from January 2019. With this, Mr. Madzinga will leave his current role […]

Startup In Kenya Launches Women-only Taxi Service

When I came across this news, I wasn’t too sure how I felt about this. But instantly I remembered how women have been complaining about ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft for a long time now. For women, going into a car with unfamiliar men is not as simple as it should be […]

Microsoft Invests In African Startups In Bid To Improve Internet Access On The Continent

Airband Initiative is a little known program run by Microsoft. The initiative sees them partner with equipment makers, ISPs, energy access providers and entrepreneurs to make affordable internet access a reality. Through this very same program, yesterday, Microsoft invested in three African startups to provide internet access and cloud-enabled solutions to underserved African communities. All […]

Zimbabwe Ranks 125 Out of 200 Countries In Broadband Speeds, Slips Down By 16 Places

The average broadband speed around the world has increased from 7Mbps to just over 9Mbps over the past year, according to research by Measurement Lab, which says the data has been collected from 168 million speed tests in 200 countries for a period of one year ending May 19, 2018. Published by Cable, the data reveals that Singapore […]

Mauritius Has Best Telecoms Industry In Africa, But Africa Still Far Behind Asia

Budde Comm released their African Market Report and this report contains the Telecoms Maturity Index (TMI) of all African countries and the TMI measures and ranks the maturity of a country’s telecoms industry on a scale of 1 to 100. All countries are placed into one of three categories: ‘Market Leaders’, ‘Market Challengers’ and ‘Developing […]

[Breaking] Golix To Launch In Two More Countries, Going Ahead With ICO

Zimbabwe’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange had an eventful month in May. From planning their ICO to having to contend with the RBZs ban of Crypto and then dealing with customers after their fall from favour, it’s safe to say the last month was chaos-ridden for the exchange. Now it seems they are trying their best […]

Kenyans Now Need Licenses To Post Videos On Social Media Or Face $1000 Fine

Every Kenyan now needs to have a filming license to post a video for public viewing. This is what a new law that took effect yesterday in Kenya demands. The law is applied not only to movies and television broadcasts but also to all videos including those posted on the internet and social media (the […]

Zim Startup,Courier City, Expands Shipping Network: You Can Now Ship To And From Kenya

Zimbabwean Startup, Courier City, is broadening their reach as they expand their shipping network to Nairobi, Kenya. They’ve sent out a press release detailing how this will work and customers will save up to 50% just like when shipping from Canada. You can read the press release below: Courier City is expanding its revolutionary approach in […]

Kenya Ban Phones That Keep Power For Less Than 8 Hours In A Move To Curb Fake Phones

In Kenya, it is now illegal to import mobile phones that do not offer a battery life of at least eight hours talk time or lacks a physical manual. The law is Kenya’s government new plan to curb counterfeits which in the recent past have been on the rise. They find their way into the […]

Microsoft Launches It’s First Software Testing Centre In Kenya

If you follow Tech news around the region you’ll probably know that Kenya has really been on a surge when it comes to development in their tech space of late. As recently as two weeks ago we were talking about activity in the Kenyan gaming scene. Now it seems Kenya is at it once again […]

Keen to Understand Kenya more? Here’s a list of Kenyan blogs in various categories

I’m always wondering what publications to follow in countries I’m interested in understanding more when i got this list from a Kenya colleague, I thought it’d be useful to other people out there as well. It’s Kenyan blogs in various categories compiled for Kenya’s blog awards. The thing with awards ofcourse is that depending on the […]

African pay TV & fibre operator, Wananchi, raises $130m for regional expansion

Today, a group that seems to be Sub-saharan Africa’s largest triple play (internet, TV, and voice) service provider, Wananchi, announced that it has raised $130 million to expand its operations in countries in the region that include Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and its home, Kenya. This probably means that in countries like Zambia where Wananchi’s brands had limited market visibility, we will […]

These PIVOT East selection criteria will help your startup wherever you are

It’s just a week before one of Africa’s most watched startup competitions and conference, PIVOT EAST, kicks off in Nairobi. The competition will see 25 startups compete for the top spot in each of 5 categories. The competition is only open to East African startups but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the valuable lessons they […]

The Internet Hall of Fame: Are these the top internet companies in Africa?

An organisation called World Startup Report (WSR) has released research data they call the “Internet Hall of Fame” which is essentially a report on data from the top 3 biggest Internet companies from some 50 countries around the world. There’s a lot of interesting information about internet companies in general so do go through it, but a few things about emerging and […]

Kenya’s Savannah Fund takes on 3 new startups for acceleration

You probably know Savannah Fund as one of the few venture capital firms on the continent and some of you may remember them for being part of biNu’s 2012 series A funding, which we wrote about back then. So yes, it’s been a while since we covered them, and there’s quite a bit to say […]

iOS 7.1 release, Oscar Pistorius & Tweets, Digital banks… – Global & Regional Roundup

Apple releases iOS 7.1 with CarPlay support, performance improvements, UI tweaks, new accessibility options, more (9TO5MAC) The Apple fans amoung you are probably celebrating already, as the rest of us either keep wishing we could get in on the fun too, keep hating your ecosystem, or we just ignore and pretend Android (or Nokia) are enough. […]

Why, outside Zimbabwe (& Kenya), mobile money in Africa hasn’t succeeded

Whenever I’m in a foreign country in the region, I try to observe and ask questions about mobile stuff. Mobile money especially is a big interest and the one thing I have wanted to understand more is how mobile money hasn’t been as remarkably successful in these other countries in the region, as it has […]

Kenyan blogger, Robert Alai, praised for live-tweeting terrorist #WestgateAttacks

One of the most followed Africans on Twitter, Kenyan tech blogger, Robert Alai, has been live-tweeting the Kenyan terror attacks since they began on Sunday Saturday, providing Kenyans and the world alternative on-the-ground coverage of the events. Alai’s live-tweets according to some of his followers on the social media platform, were fresh content while the regular […]

Zimbabwe Elections: Kenya inspired website helps voters find the nearest polling station

A tweet in our feed today alerted us to another elections related website that came online a few days ago. The website, (but name GoToVote! ZW) allows visitors to selector their constituency, district and ward to get a listing of polling stations nearest to them. Here’s a screenshot of the website: