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Unable to compete with Uber & other apps, SA Taxi Associations resort to violence

In yesterday’s article, I talked about how a lot of traditional businesses are struggling against new data and tech-driven startups. In the western world, such businesses have resort to lobbying and asking for protective laws that do not always make sense to be passed by politicians in their pockets. Some businesses, however, like the South […]

Zim govt distances itself from $2000 Mushikashika fine

A few weeks ago the Zimbabwe Republic Police (soon to be Zimbabwe Police Service) sparked outrage when they announced that passengers are seen boarding non-ZUPCO buses would be fined $2000 ZWL. I called the fine cruel and heartless and wondered what law was being used to implement said fine as it would probably not pass […]

New ZUPCO buses were caught smuggling goods from South Africa

Recently the government unveiled 50 ZUPCO buses in a bid to solve the transport crisis they created when they banned kombis. It turns out the buses may have been involved in a smuggling incident according to a report in Newsday. The smuggling attempt was thwarted by ZIMRA officials who searched the buses and fined the […]

ZUPCO partners with NRZ to launch 3 routes in Harare

Yesterday, I said that the government needs to think outside the box when it came to public transport and well… they responded a lot faster than I expected. ZUPCO has partnered up with the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) to launch three routes that are set to be operational this afternoon. We have witnessed long […]

ZUPCO to get 50 buses as govt scrambles to prop up its monopoly

The government has been on the back foot when it comes to public transport over the last two decades. Few remember the days when the Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) was a viable means of getting from point A to B simply because the state-run company doesn’t have enough buses. This brought about the rise […]

The $2000 mushikashika fine is cruel and heartless

Last year the Zimbabwean government for no particular reason I can think of decided to create a transport crisis in Zimbabwe. Claiming they wanted to protect the public from COVID-19 they banned kombis and at first, we understood. We were at the height of the first wave and thought the ban was temporary. Later they […]

Paying For Kombis By Card Is A Bad Good Idea

So the new kid on the payments block is City Card, an NFC card that allows passengers to pay for their ride by taping the card against a tolling machine on board. Ecocash tried this some time ago but it didn’t take off. City Card will probably meet the same bumps in the road. Hwindi […]

The Move To Banish Kombis From Harare City Centre Could Signal Opportunity For Startups

They have tried this before and it was all chaos. Now they have decided to try again and this time by giving two days notice and by making the first effective date for this new system to be a public holiday, a new public holiday in honour of an ousted president for that matter. Anyway, […]

Soon You Won’t Need To Own A Decoder And Dish Set To Watch Kwese TV

Kwese TV is on the offensive. They are making moves meant to entice every single Zimbabwean to join the Kwese family. As you know, Kwese TV is an Econet company and being sister companies with those other companies in the Econet group has its benefits. We saw this back when Kwese was officially launched in […]

Here are the Harare kombi routes with Econet WiFi kombis

Yesterday, Econet introduced WiFi in Kombis. Basically, Econet subscribers can buy WiFi bundles and can use these in kombis. The kombis are fitted with WiFi routers. So far the Kombis with WiFi are only in Harare. 50 of them in total. Econet has said that this is a pilot and they are collecting feedback to factor into […]

Rwandan cab hailing app launches Zimbabwean version, 263 Taxi – is it a transport solution or an angle for investment?

One such Uber-inspired taxi service, Rwanda’s 250 Taxis which was launched in early 2016 recently announced its entry into the Zimbabwean market with the launch of cab hailing service called 263 Taxi.

We don’t need Uber in Zimbabwe

Most of us who follow technology and crazy business valuations are already familiar with Uber, the on-demand service that allows anyone to get cab transportation at the tap of a button. The disruptive app started in the United States and but spread virally to the rest of the developed world. 60 countries and a $68 billion […]

More info on EcoCash’s new Tap & Go NFC Card

A few weeks ago we stumbled upon an EcoCash card payment system that was being used at an eatery in Harare. The system, which was under some form of stealth test phase, turned out to be powered by Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, as users simply tapped the cards against a merchant device. Today we […]

Econet subsidizes kombi fares for EcoCash users

In an apparent move to attract subscribers to use its EcoCash mobile payment service, Econet announced this week that for a week they’ll subsidize the kombi* fare by US 25 cents for people paying via EcoCash. For some users of EcoCash this means as much as half of the fare will be paid by Econet just for using their platform.