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Tag: Kwenga

CBZ Launches Their Own Mobile POS Machine; Kleva POS

Banks and mobile POS machines seem to have eyes for each other right now. Late last year Steward Bank was the first to get off their marks and they launched Kwenga. FBC followed suit a few months ago with their Kwik POS machine. Now CBZ has one as well and they are calling theirs the […]

We Finally Have Details On FBC’s Kwik POS Machine Targeting SMEs

Last week FBC started advertising their new Kwik POS machine, and whilst it was very apparent that this would compete in the same space as Steward’s Kwenga POS device many other details were left to the imagination of the public. We contacted FBC when the news broke but it seems the support desk was not […]

[Breaking] FBC Introduces Kwik, Their Own Version Of The Kwenga POS Machine

FBC is introducing a POS machine targeting SMEs, which makes them the third bank to have a similar device (CABS and Steward Bank debuted their own devices last year). We are still trying to get more information about the device as pricing and whether or not FBCs Kwik POS is bringing a new twist to […]

A Payments Startup In South Africa Managed To Raise $16 million For Their Kwenga-Like Solution

Last week, Yoco raised R248 ($16.4) million in a round of investor funding for their POS solution targeting Small to Medium Enterprises. This is a significant amount for Series B investor funding. Series B funds are about taking businesses past the development stage. Yoco builds tools that enable SMEs to receive payments and manage business […]

Steward Bank Introduces New Products In A Drive To Improve Internet Banking

One of Zimbabwe’s youngest banks, Steward Bank has just introduced new products in a bid to become an innovative and leading player in the digital space. The bank is advancing its innovation momentum that is partly defined by the recent introduction of Kwenga. They had an exhibition today where they were showcasing their new products. […]

Apparently Steward Bank Is Not The First To Introduce A Kwenga-like Device

With all Steward Bank’s innovation drive, it may come as a surprise to know that Kwenga is not the first portable POS machine to grace Zimbabwe’s financial sector. Who then? CABS. CABS was the first to roll out portable POS machines. One of our readers on Techzim informed us that she saw a CABS portable […]

Thanks to Technology Small Businesses Could Get Loans In 30 Minutes

Have you ever waited for 2 weeks to hear a response of whether your loan application has been approved or declined? Only for the application to be declined. That sucks, right? Welcome to the Age of Credit Decline. Now that banks have reduced consumer lending to productive sectors of the economy, who will lend to […]

Every Zimbabwean Bank Should Be Very Afraid Of Steward Bank’s Kwenga Or At Least Copy It Faster Faster

What business are we into? This is an important question every business should keep asking themselves and in answering it they should not assume the easy, lazy and obvious. That doesn’t mean the answer has to be complex though. If you speak to my colleagues they will tell you my preferred solution is the simplest […]

Did Steward Bank Rush The Launch Of Kwenga?

We were in attendance when Steward Bank launched Kwenga, an affordable and portable Point of Sale (POS) machine crafted especially for small businesses. The Kwenga products There actually are two Kwenga machines, one requires the user to have a smartphone and costs a mere $35. The Kwenga device and the smartphone then connect via Bluetooth. […]

Govt Removes Tax For Swipe Transactions Below $10

Today we were in attendance as Steward Bank launched Kwenga, an affordable and portable Point Of Sale (POS) machine for the masses. Also in attendance was the Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Mr Terrence Mukupe. Steward Bank CEO, Lance Mambondiani was understandably all smiles as he unveiled the Kwenga, or Kwengas to be […]

[Video] Steward Bank Kwenga POS Machine Live Demo

Kwenga is a service from Steward Bank providing POS machines to the masses. There are 2 POS devices, one is around $200 and the other is $35. Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount: EcoCash number: {{error_message}} {{error_message}} If anything goes wrong, chat with us using the chat feature […]

Steward Bank Launches Kwenga, A Portable POS Machine For The Masses

Steward Bank seems to be getting it. Banking is not banking if it excludes the majority. The battle cry in Zimbabwe has been ‘financial inclusion for everyone.’ If you are to include everyone you have to first understand what everyone is doing and develop products specifically for them. That’s what Kwenga does. Zimbabwe is going […]