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Finally Kwese Is Now Licensed In Zimbabwe

After months of court battles and periodic suspension of broadcasting in Zimbabwe, Kwese has finally been awarded three broadcasting licenses through Econet Media by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ). Yes, you heard it right, three broadcasting licenses. The three licenses are for Web Casting, Video On Demand and Content Distribution. The content distribution license […]

Point Of Correction: The Licences Kwese Is Applying For Are Sufficient BUT They Have Much To Explain…

We have just covered the fact that Kwese is applying for three broadcasting licences from the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ). However, we implied and explicitly expressed that the licences they are applying for are not sufficient to cover their satellite broadcasting service. This is not true at all. One of the three licences they […]

Econet Media (Kwese) Applies For Broadcasting Services Licences

You probably know by now that Kwese (Econet Media) terminated their contract with their partner Dr Dish. It was interesting news because Dr Dish has a broadcasting licence and it is that licence which Kwese was utilizing to be able to broadcast in the country. If one is to peruse the Broadcasting Services Act, one […]

Kwese Responds To Allegations Of Breaking The Law

Last Friday we published the allegations that Econet Media (Kwese)’s partner is making against the media company regarding their Zimbabwe operation. Said partner, Dr Dish is alleging that Kwese is currently operating without a license which is a criminal offense in Zimbabwe. Of course when Econet Media came into Zimbabwe they did not have a […]

Kwese Partner Threatening To Report Econet Media (Kwese) To Anti Corruption Commission

It came to light that Kwese might not be licensed to broadcast in Zimbabwe because they had cut their relationship with their licensed Broadcasting Partner. The important question to ask is that how is Kwese still available in Zimbabwe if they no longer have a partner that is licensed to broadcast in Zimbabwe? Are they […]

Kwese License: When We Thought It Was Over, It May Just Have Started

So if you just want the current conclusion, here is it: Kwese is not currently licensed to operate in Zimbabwe. Now, let’s backtrack a bit and bring you up to that conclusion. At First Econet Media (the Kwese guys) did not have a license to broadcast in Zimbabwe and did not really apply for one. […]