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Netflix’s Mobile-Only Plan In India Was A Hit

A few months ago, Netflix was in crisis mode – or at least that’s what media had us believe. With the threat of new streaming competition on the horizon, losing subscribers it all felt like it was time to hit the panic button. Netflix decided to roll-out a mobile-only plan in India. The mobile plan […]

Econet’s Statement: Kwese Play Officially Shuts Down, Customers To Be Compensated.

Goodbye Kwese Play. Econet Media has issued a statement notifying customers that Kwese Play service is now dead. Even though Roku had confirmed that it’s partnership with Econet was over, Econet still hadn’t officially confirmed that the service is no more. So now in less than 2 years Econet has lost two media businesses- Kwese […]

iROKOtv CEO Says Econet’s Approach With Kwese Was Not Respectful To The Nature Of The Business

Lately, we’ve been covering iROKOtv a lot, and the fact that we were not doing so over the past year is downright CRIMINAL! Why? Well, iROKO is the only African video content platform that has been scaled widely and with Econet, TelOne and NetOne (at some point in the future) all trying their hand at […]

Roku Says Econet Is Shutting Down Kwese Play And Is No Longer In Partnership With Them

Yesterday, people started receiving an error message on their Kwese Play streaming boxes which read: Econet no longer offers Kwese Play. For more information contact Econet. Econet calmed the storm and said they were in discussion with Roku and would inform customers of the resolution of these discussions Pan-African broadcaster, Econet Media, has noted that […]

Kwese Play Down In Several Countries, Error Message Says “Econet No Longer Offers Kwese Play”

Kwese Play users in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Ugandan woke up today finding the streaming service down. Kwesé Play, which was launched last year, is Econet’s Roku powered streaming platform that uses the internet to deliver entertainment. Econet hasn’t yet issued a statement on whether they are experiencing technical issues or the service is gone […]

ZOL Now Giving Their Roku Box For Free

When ZOL hiked their internet prices they also mentioned the fact that they would be giving out their Roku Powered Kwese Play Box to qualifying customers for free together with 12 months iFlix. Well today is 1 April, and no this is not one of those cliche April Fools jokes. Starting today if you are […]

You Can Now Get ZOL’s Roku Kwese Play Box On Contract Terms: Prices As Low As $10/month

It’s been weeks since we bid a reluctant farewell to Kwese’s satellite TV. Though it’s not completely dead all that remains is a poor imitation in the form of its remaining free to air bouquet with a severely curtailed channel list. The reason that Econet gave for the switch was that Kwese would now focus […]

Podcast On The Death Of Kwesé TV And The Future Of Video On Demand

On the 1st of November Kwesé pulled a shocker announcing the immediate termination of their satellite television service. We were all left wondering what now? In response Kwesé pointed out that you can still enjoy their Video On Demand services were their focus is from now. This is their Kwesé iFlix and KweséPlay. But how […]

Kwese Partners Vodafone To Introduce Kwese Play In Ghana

Kwese is broadening their horizons and entering a new market. Kwese recently announced that it would be partnering with Vodafone to introduce their hybrid-service Kwese Play. Kwese Play is an attempt by Kwese to capture the best of both worlds by offering both their live TV service (which would otherwise only be available via satellite) […]

TelOne DEOD vs Kwese Play Round 1: Content Comparison

TelOne recently launched a new streaming service called DEOD (Digital Entertainment On Demand) and you’re probably itching to see what you can get to watch if you do sign-up and shell out your hard earned. Kwese Play and Kwese iflix are the most comparable services, but which service is actually better? DEOD Premium TelOne have […]

What’s The Difference Between Kwese TV, Kwese TV App, Kwese iflix And Kwese PLAY?

A week ago Kwese announced that the public could now reap the fruits of their partnership with iflix. They have also made Kwese PLAY available in Zimbabwe (previously only available in SA). The introduction of these two may cause some confusion as people had become accustomed to Kwese TV, which is Kwese’s satellite TV offering […]

The Kwese PLAY-ZOL Deal Is Not As Attractive As We Thought But It’s Still A Good Package

Yesterday, we wrote on ZOL’s partnership with Kwese Play and we were really excited about the offering. It seems our excitement was short-lived as ZOL has provided clarification on this package and how it will work. Netflix comes at a cost The $33 monthly subscription does not include a Netflix subscription. If you have never […]

UPDATED: ZOL Adds Flavour To Kwese Play: Netflix And Free Streaming For ZOL Subscribers

UPDATE: When we first got wind of this Netflix deal we were skeptical and we called ZOL to confirm. They did but this morning we were called by ZOL ‘correcting’ some parts of the deal. We still think it’s a sweet deal but here is the actual deal that’s on the table. Netflix will be […]

Kwesé Play Unboxing Reveals Quite A Compact Decoder

Kwesé Play launched a little while back and its purpose was to aggregate as many of the popular online streaming sites onto one device. Here we are talking your YouTube, your Netflix, Your Red Bull TV and more. Currently Kwesé play is only available in South Africa at a buying price of around R999 and […]

What Can We Expect From The Kwese-iflix Partnership

With Kwese recently acquiring a stake in iflix, the video streaming powerhouse in Asia, it’s only natural that Kwese subscribers will be waiting to see the changes coming to the Kwese platforms. Here are my thoughts in regards to how this deal may impact both Kwese and iflix… How the deal impacts Kwese I may […]

Kwese Advances On Zimbabwe, Country To Be Second Market To Get Kwese Play

Back in September Econet Media launched Kwese Play with the first market to get the product being South Africa. The service is not available in any other country to date but Kwese has decided that the next country to get it will be Zimbabwe. It would do us some good to distinguish Kwese Play from […]

You’ll Not Want To Miss These 5 Talks At AfricaCom 2017

Last time we talked about how Econet, Liquid Telecom and ZOL have been shortlisted for Awards at AfricaCom in various categories like fintech, customer experience and innovation. Today, I’m going to share with you some of the talks that you might not want to miss at AfricaCom 2017, Africa’s largest technology, telecoms and media event. Start with a problem, […]

Econet Media To Build More Content Delivery Networks For Kwesé Play In Africa

According to Telecompaper, Econet Media, the company behind Kwesé TV and Kwesé Play,  is seeking to build more Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) in Africa. Through Liquid Telecoms, they have already built CDNs across Sub-Saharan Africa, some in South Africa and another at Africa’s largest Internet eXchange Point based at Teraco (NAPAfrica). Kwesé Play is a streaming […]

Kwesé TV’s new partner Roku files for initial public offering to raise $204m

Roku Inc, which recently partnered with Econet Media on Kwesé Play, has filed for an initial public offering (IPO) in its home country in the USA. They aim to raise $204 million in the IPO. Morgan Stanley and Citigroup lead the undewriting. An IPO is simply the first time a private company’s shares are offered to […]

As Netflix partners Kwesé what does this mean for Netflix in Africa

Earlier this month Econet Media announced Kwesé Play, a Roku powered streaming box. It has launched in South Africa. They also announced a partnership with Netflix. In the partnership, Kwesé becomes Netflix’s official African partner and the Kwesé Play streaming box becomes the first set-top box to officially include the Netflix service. By Africa they […]

Kwesé Play, a streaming set top box offering Netflix etc, launched in South Africa

Kwesé TV announced the launch of Kwesé Play, starting in South Africa, which had been announced as coming months ago. Kwesé Play is a Roku powered streaming box, similar to Apple TV and Chromecast. That means you need an active internet connection, preferably uncapped to watch content. It is basically just a Roku set top […]