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Former Kwese TV Subscribers Find New Use For Abandoned Kwese Decoders

It now over a year since Kwese TV met its death. You probably remember that the shutting down of Kwese TV was met with a backlash from people who had spent money on Kwese decoders and satellite dishes. If you walk into some homes these days you will find some Kwese decoders being used as […]

Econet Blames Failure Of Kwese On Zim Economy

As typical, Econet put up big notices announcing the official shut down of Kwese TV, their attempt at the Pay TV landscape. The media release is signed by the Econet Wireless CEO himself: Is it really about Zim economy? No, the issue is not just about Zim. Kwese TV is dead, Econet Media, the company […]

iROKOtv CEO Says Econet’s Approach With Kwese Was Not Respectful To The Nature Of The Business

Lately, we’ve been covering iROKOtv a lot, and the fact that we were not doing so over the past year is downright CRIMINAL! Why? Well, iROKO is the only African video content platform that has been scaled widely and with Econet, TelOne and NetOne (at some point in the future) all trying their hand at […]

Econet Media Put Kwese Pay TV Business Under Administration Due To US$130 Million Debt

Econet Media CEO Joseph Hundah has said the company going into administration and has already appointed Ernst & Young accountants to take them through this process. Speaking to Business Day, Mr Hundah is said to have claimed that Kwese’s free-to-air business was too small to sustain its operations, but one has to wonder just how […]

Roku Says Econet Is Shutting Down Kwese Play And Is No Longer In Partnership With Them

Yesterday, people started receiving an error message on their Kwese Play streaming boxes which read: Econet no longer offers Kwese Play. For more information contact Econet. Econet calmed the storm and said they were in discussion with Roku and would inform customers of the resolution of these discussions Pan-African broadcaster, Econet Media, has noted that […]

Econet Appeals To Supreme Court To Stop Search Of Their Books As Previously Granted By High Court

So last week Econet told the Sheriff of the High Court to leave their premises peacefully as he was executing an Anton Piller order which had been granted by the High Court in favour of Dr Dish. Dr Dish are disputing the compensation that Econet says is due to them based on their revenue share […]

Too Late! Supreme Court Gives Verdict On Dr Dish’s Appeal To Distribute Kwese Content

The long-awaited verdict on the court case concerning Dr Dish’s licence to distribute content has finally been passed and the Supreme Court has ruled that Kwese was not supposed to be distributing content using Dr Dish’s licence. Recap Where is this coming from you may be wondering? Well, to fully grasp what happened we have […]

Podcast On The Death Of Kwesé TV And The Future Of Video On Demand

On the 1st of November Kwesé pulled a shocker announcing the immediate termination of their satellite television service. We were all left wondering what now? In response Kwesé pointed out that you can still enjoy their Video On Demand services were their focus is from now. This is their Kwesé iFlix and KweséPlay. But how […]

Crazy Reactions To Kwese Tv’s Shutting Down

The news of Kwese TV virtually closing down (or rather scaling down) its service has been disproportionately met with adverse reactions by both Econet ‘lovers and haters’. People just don’t have kind words. If you take into account the faith people have in Econet’s products and services nobody envisioned this abrupt demise of Kwese TV. We have gathered […]

In Plain Language, What Is Happening With Kwese?

So Kwese TV is shutting down their Satellite TV and they released a confusing press statement that didn’t really explain what is actually going on with the service? So what’s left? The satellite TV is being shut down but Kwese Free Sports, Kwese Play and Kwese iflix are here to stay; what does this mean? […]

What Led To The Death Of Kwese’s Satellite TV Service?

So Kwese satellite TV has been on the market for a year and a half but it seems that Kwese is already shifting strategies and ditching a service that was met with huge waves of excitement followed by an underwhelming sense of inadequacy… Let’s take a look at why Kwese couldn’t hit the home run […]

Kwese Partners Vodafone To Introduce Kwese Play In Ghana

Kwese is broadening their horizons and entering a new market. Kwese recently announced that it would be partnering with Vodafone to introduce their hybrid-service Kwese Play. Kwese Play is an attempt by Kwese to capture the best of both worlds by offering both their live TV service (which would otherwise only be available via satellite) […]

What’s The Difference Between Kwese TV, Kwese TV App, Kwese iflix And Kwese PLAY?

A week ago Kwese announced that the public could now reap the fruits of their partnership with iflix. They have also made Kwese PLAY available in Zimbabwe (previously only available in SA). The introduction of these two may cause some confusion as people had become accustomed to Kwese TV, which is Kwese’s satellite TV offering […]

Kwese TV Launches In Liberia Just In Time To Capitalise On The World Cup

Kwese vs DStv will continue to square up as Kwese TV is being introduced to the Liberian Pay-TV market. Before this development, Kwese’s Free-to-air channel Kwese Free Sports was already available in Liberia but now Liberians will be able to access the ‘full bar and catering’ as a popular local musician would say. The move […]

Kwese Channels Still Available

Yesterday we published an article stating that Kwese was removing 6 channels from their channel roster. It seems their press release was released prematurely and they have made it clear that these channels are still working and will continue working in the short term. We pulled the article because Kwese asked us to do so […]

Strive Masiyiwa Goes To Hollywood To Acquire Some Content For Kwesé TV

Is this the part where we say watch out DStv? On a post on social media, Strive Masiyiwa (founder and Executive Chairman of Econet Global) mentioned how he was on his way to Los Angeles to sign some content deals for Kwesé TV. I’m sure by now you know what Kwesé is, I mean with all that […]

Kwesé Inc’s #GoGettaz Winners Announced. Two Zimbabweans Made It

The #GoGettaz entrepreneurship competition finals finally took place last week on Friday in Nairobi, Kenya. The competition began on the 18th of August last year (2017) and has been running since. #GoGettaz is an initiative by Strive Masiyiwa (founder and Executive Chairman of Econet Global) aired on Kwesé Inc which is an exclusive channel on Kwesé TV (Kwese is […]

Kwese Terminated Contract With Dr Dish Because Of Mlotshwa And His Links To Telecel And Mnangagwa

First off I’m going to call out to the film guys, please make a movie on the Kwese story. You won’t need writers for this story. There are so many plot twists in this story that your audience will be confined to the edge of their seats, if indeed they can even sit. Okay, now […]

Econet Media (Kwese) Applies For Broadcasting Services Licences

You probably know by now that Kwese (Econet Media) terminated their contract with their partner Dr Dish. It was interesting news because Dr Dish has a broadcasting licence and it is that licence which Kwese was utilizing to be able to broadcast in the country. If one is to peruse the Broadcasting Services Act, one […]

Kwese now showing ZBC TV

Kwese announced today that ZBC is now available on the Pay TV service. ZBC TV, the state broadcasting service in Zimbabwe, can be watched on Kwese channel 230. Kwese had long said that this would happen but until now, subscribers were still waiting, starved of local news content. DStv, the established pay TV service whose […]

You Heard About The Kwesé Video Bundles? Here Is How You Can Try Them Out

Econet recently launched Kwesé video bundles as the pay-TV fight heats up. By now we are aware what ‘bundle’ means. These bundles are similar to the WhatsApp and Facebook bundles we are used to except that they give access to Kwesé. Bundling is important because the data prices in this country are ridiculous and so we […]

One Customer’s Experience Of Kwese After 3 Weeks…

Kwese TV is the new kid on the block and a number of people are contemplating whether they should jump ship or not. Kwese has come up with a number of interesting spins on their service to separate themselves from their competitor, DStv. They (Kwese) are offering things like one bouquet, 5 devices on one […]

Kwesé TV Mobile App Announcement

An audio of the launch of the Kwesé TV mobile app that allows you to watch Kwesé live on your mobile phone or tablet over the internet. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy […]

Econet Makes Kwese Free On WiFi Hotspots As They Take The Fight To DStv

At the launch of Kwese TV last night in Harare by Econet it was announced that subscribers to Kwese TV will be able to visit any ‘Kwese Free Wi-Fi Zone’ and watch the media service from the comfort of their phones for no additional cost. This will be for a “limited period” only and will […]

Econet Launches Kwese TV in Zimbabwe

Local telecommunications operator, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, last night launched their longly awaited media offering Kwese TV in Harare at an event attended by a number of local celebrities in the arts and culture industry as well as a number of people active in the local media ecosystem. The event was well attended as people came out […]

How To Complete Technites Registration and Become A Technite maybe even start installing Kwese

Techzim recently wrote about you could earn up to $1500 per month working as a Technite. This was mainly centred around installing Kwese TV, a satellite entertainment service, which has recently seen high demand from Zimbabweans. Today, we’re going to look at how to complete Technites registration so you can become a Technite and potentially […]

Wanna be a ‘technite’ but earn more than a Technite? Yes, a Super Technite

Kwese TV recently launched in Zimbabwe and has seen a lot of demand which has created jobs for people to install the satellite entertainment service. Technites are the ones who install Kwese TV among many other things they do. Techzim recently wrote about how to complete Technites registration and become a Technite but to be one, […]

You can now watch Kwese TV on 5 different devices using your current subscription

You know DStv Now right? The extension of DStv that allows you to watch the shows you subscribed for on the go? Yea, Kwese TV just enabled that feature – Kwese TVEverywhere So how does Kwese TVE work? Basically, what this means is you can now access your Kwese TV on your gadget, be it […]

Kwesé shows commitment to producing local content with VICE deal

Econet Media (Kwesé) and VICE Media have announced a new joint venture, Kwesé VICE, that will see the launch of a bureau and production studio in South Africa.  Kwesé VICE, set to be launched in 2018 will focus on developing, producing and distributing local content and original video programming. That means editorial content and video content distributed […]

Kwesé Not Being Zimbabwean Is NOT A Bad Thing, Pointing It Out Is Not An Attack

We recently wrote an article pointing out that Kwesé is not a Zimbabwean company. Responses to that were surprising. You can go read the comments if you haven’t already and you’ll be entertained at the very least. There were so many comments they could not be responded to individually and so here goes Many did not […]