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SA is switching off analogue TV signals, while Zim’s digitisation program is in the doldrums

Things are always launched in Zim but nothing comes of them…

Masiyiwa to sell 30% of his shares in Liquid Telecom to pay off Kwese debts

Strive Masiyiwa is reportedly having trouble selling off 20-34% of his stake in Liquid Telecom because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The stake he is looking to sell is valued at around US$600 million. Part of the proceeds from the sale of shares will be used to pay Kwese TV’s US$375 million administration bill. Masiyiwa was […]

Former Kwese Partner Told To Return Documents Seized During Raid On Econet

Dr Dish – remember them- recently got a verdict on their attempt to raid Econet’s premises to present as evidence in a dispute between the two company. This dispute has been so drawn out that, Econet Media and Kwese TV which are a central part of the story are no longer existent after, Econet Media […]

TelOne Slashes Prices For Video-On-Demand Service DEOD – Now We’re Talking

TelOne has announced a massive price slash for their DEOD Video-on-Demand (VoD) service for both premium and on demand packages. For the uninitiated, DEOD is a video streaming service that allows subscribers to stream shows and movies on a monthly or daily basis. The service was launched back in 2018 but TelOne hasn’t marketed it […]

Retrenched Kwese Staff Haven’t Received Packages As Promised

Econet Media was put into administration a few months ago after the company hedged its bets on the wrong horse (figuratively, of course) which left the company staring a US$130 million debt in the face. A tip from a former worker alleges that the Media company’s problems don’t end there as they are allegedly yet […]

Cell C Does A Kwese & Pulls Plug On Their VoD Offering

Over the last few months, we’ve closely covered South Africa’s struggling telco Cell C. Not only does the company find themself in troubles that have some vague similarities with Telecel but they also had a media division which was like Econet. Interestingly enough towards the end of September after announcing that they had made R8 […]

Econet Blames Failure Of Kwese On Zim Economy

As typical, Econet put up big notices announcing the official shut down of Kwese TV, their attempt at the Pay TV landscape. The media release is signed by the Econet Wireless CEO himself: Is it really about Zim economy? No, the issue is not just about Zim. Kwese TV is dead, Econet Media, the company […]

Roku Says Econet Is Shutting Down Kwese Play And Is No Longer In Partnership With Them

Yesterday, people started receiving an error message on their Kwese Play streaming boxes which read: Econet no longer offers Kwese Play. For more information contact Econet. Econet calmed the storm and said they were in discussion with Roku and would inform customers of the resolution of these discussions Pan-African broadcaster, Econet Media, has noted that […]

Having Trouble Creating A Kwese Account? You Are Not Alone.

On Monday morning ZOL delivered on its promise and started handing out it’s Roku Powered Kwese Play box for free to qualifying customers. The box is supposed to also come with 12 months of free Kwese iFlix. Creating a Kwese account might be an issue As soon as you boot the box for the first […]

ZOL Now Giving Their Roku Box For Free

When ZOL hiked their internet prices they also mentioned the fact that they would be giving out their Roku Powered Kwese Play Box to qualifying customers for free together with 12 months iFlix. Well today is 1 April, and no this is not one of those cliche April Fools jokes. Starting today if you are […]

Breaking: Econet And Cassava Lose Court Case, High Court Rules That EcoCash Cannot Separate Itself From Cassava

The drama at the courts continues between the Econet family and their former partner Dr Dish. Dr Dish argues that Econet Media owes them $6.8 million as part of their revenue sharing deal when Kwese TV was launched. They are disputing the supposed claim by Econet that they only had 38 Kwese TV subscribers in […]

Breaking: Econet, Cassava Accused Of Obstruction Of Justice After Defying High Court Order

Yesterday the High Court of Zimbabwe issued an order for the Sheriff of the High Court and lawyers of Dr Dish (PVT) LTD to search several premises where Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited and Cassava Smartech Limited operate from. When the sheriff and the lawyers and some folks authorised by the court order to carry out […]

Kwese iflix Introducing New Lifestyle Network To Its Content Roster

It’s been a quiet few months for Kwese iflix but they have now got their 2019 up and running with the launch of their lifestyle Network Scoop. Reading through the press release sent by Kwese iflix, it seems Scoop will be pretty similar to E-News and the whole bunch of channels associated but with a […]

DSTV South Africa Versus Netflix: DSTV Adds More Users In 2018 Despite Netflix, That’s Probably Going To Change Though

So there is this myth that DSTV and Netflix are like Tom and Jerry. Always trying to do each other in with DSTV as the nimble and cunning Jerry using its willy guile in the form of exclusive deals such as their all important EPL deal to trip up anyone who may want to steal […]

Friends Become Foes: Kwese TV Suing Former Partner, Dr Dish Over $634 000

Even though Kwese Television (owners of the defunct Kwese TV) ceased operations, it hasn’t ceased to follow up on what it’s owed. Kwese Television is now suing its friend-now-turned-into-foe, Dr. Dish over a $634 000 loan it received from Kwese last year. Do you remember that Dr. Dish is that local media and broadcasting company owned […]

Here’s What Econet Will Be Focusing On After The Demerger

Yesterday, we wrote about the restructuring that’s going on at Econet right now, thus, Econet’s demerger arrangements. So now I’m going to outline what each and every strategic business unit does, that will be ‘parented’ by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited after the demerger process is done with. Econet Wireless This needs no introduction I guess. […]

Too Late! Supreme Court Gives Verdict On Dr Dish’s Appeal To Distribute Kwese Content

The long-awaited verdict on the court case concerning Dr Dish’s licence to distribute content has finally been passed and the Supreme Court has ruled that Kwese was not supposed to be distributing content using Dr Dish’s licence. Recap Where is this coming from you may be wondering? Well, to fully grasp what happened we have […]

As We Mourn Kwese Here Are Some Products Econet Has Killed Over The Years

So Kwese satellite TV is the service we all liked to hate but now miss terribly. As they say it only takes the rain to miss the sunshine. The thing though is that Kwese’s satellite is not alone when it comes to products and services the international giant Econet has ruthlessly excised. Here are some […]

Kwese Finally Commits To Making Local Content

So last week ended on quite a sad note for Kwese’s satellite TV offering but if there’s one positive to draw from last week’s announcement was the fact that Kwese is now going to focus on local content. Something we missed in the excitement of having such a big scoop was this part of Kwese’s […]

Now That Kwese Satellite TV Is Gone Here Are Some Options For Kwese Subscribers

A lot of people, including myself, were shocked by the sudden announcement that Kwese was shutting down. In fact by the time a lot of the subscribers became aware of this the service had for all intents and purposes already stopped operating on the first of November and some had already paid their subscriptions for […]

The Entertainment Industry And Circumstances Conspired Against Kwese’s Satellite TV

To begin with we need to reiterate the facts: Kwese is shuttering its satellite business across the entire African continent and not just in Zimbabwe as some people seem to think. Officially they are not going away their passion and vision will live on in the form of Kwese Play and iFlix. Stop blaming the […]

Kwese Partners Vodafone To Introduce Kwese Play In Ghana

Kwese is broadening their horizons and entering a new market. Kwese recently announced that it would be partnering with Vodafone to introduce their hybrid-service Kwese Play. Kwese Play is an attempt by Kwese to capture the best of both worlds by offering both their live TV service (which would otherwise only be available via satellite) […]

Kwese Not Airing The French Ligue 1 As Promised And It Seems EPL has vanished?

Back in early 2018 reports started surfacing claiming that Kwese had acquired the rights to Ligue 1. Soccer24 ran with it, Telecompaper ran with it, and The Herald ran with it. What’s happened since? This was interesting news as it seemed Kwese would be scooping up everything else that isn’t the EPL (which is exclusive […]

TelOne DEOD vs Kwese (Play & iflix) Round 2: Pricing

Having looked at the content being offered on TelOne’s new DEOD streaming platform it might be best to now turn our attention to pricing. We are going to compare DEOD to Kwese Play once again as that’s the most similar service. We’ll also look at DEOD’s other packages along with Kwese’s revised pricing for the […]

New Challenger To DSTV And Kwese? Trevor Ncube’s AMH Gets Content Distribution Services Licence

AMH has been granted a Content Distribution Services licence. The media house now has three licenses considering they were already awarded a VoD and Webcasting licence. The content distribution services licence allows AMH to compete with DStv, Kwese and whoever else set up camp in that field. There are a few contenders mind you; Azam, […]

Multichoice Tried To Increase Pricing For Subscriptions In Nigeria But The High Court Intervened

Multichoice, in true Multichoice fashion, intended to increase pricing of DStv Subscriptions with increases supposed to take effect on the 1st of August. DStv is already considered expensive across the region and this proposal led to some outcry from the Nigerian public. Their cries were heard and the Federal High Court in Abuja intervened. According […]

Kwese Introduces An Enticing Promotion To Celebrate Its 1 Year Of Existence In Zimbabwe

Last year around this time, Kwese graced the satellite and broadcasting network scene challenging DSTv. I must say it wasn’t an easy road for Kwese to enter into Zimbabwe. At that time it was ironic that it was being impeded to start broadcasting in Zimbabwe, the home of Strive Masiyiwa, yet in other African countries […]

EcoSure Moovah Follows In Kwese’s Footsteps And Announces Their Own Million Dollar Promotion

Econet is hell bent on making sure that you use their new products. After launching the million dollar promotion that rewards users for using Kwese-iflix, they’ve now announced a new promotion for their insurance service EcoSure Moovah. The promotion titled Move over to Moovah will have two monthly draws; one ‘normal’ draw and a bonus […]

Kwese-iflix Introduces New Bundles That Just Make It Cheaper To Watch Shows On Kwese-Iflix App

Today Kwese has introduced Kwese-Iflix bundles which are meant to save money for Kwese-iflix app users.  Before today, users had to buy (for example) a 1 Day Pass and 250 megabytes of data separetly, to watch programmes on Kwese-Iflix. This means that you had to spend $1.60. But Kwese-Iflix bundles makes it cheaper to watch […]

DStv Takes Swipe At Kwese For Lack Of Content; Will The EPL Continue To Fuel DStv’s Supremacy?

With the football season right around the corner, DStv is taking the chance to brag about its more varied content line-up with both hands. The satellite broadcaster has put up ads on the popular English Premier League (EPL) and they also took the opportunity to remind you of the fact that their local competitor, Kwese […]