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Netone’s Suspended CEO Is Wanted In South African For Fraud Charges: How True Is It?

You know the saga Netone is currently involved in. The state-owned telecoms operator, Netone suspended its Chief executive officer, Lazarus Muchenje for undermining the authority of the board through his sudden dismissal (and reinstatement) of 9 Executives some weeks ago. Before his suspension, Mr. Muchenje had filed a court application suing the minister of ICT and […]

More Twist And Turns : Netone Suspends Its CEO

Netone’s Chief Eexucite officer (CEO), Lazarus Muchenje has just been suspended until further notice for exercising poor corporate governance in the sacking of senior managers. Just two weeks ago Mr. Muchenje fired 9 executives for an undisclosed reason and last week he reversed the decision with the 9 being reinstated again. Netone’s board chairman, Peter Chingoka letter […]

Law Firm Representing NetOne CEO Against Office Of The President Is Owned By The President’s Son-In-Law

The situation at NetOne seems to have gone into overdrive and with the current CEO – Lazarus Muchenje- having now sued the ICT Minister Supa Mandiwanzira and The Office of The President we were quite alarmed by the fact that the law firm representing Mr Muchenje has a very interesting ownership and we couldn’t help […]

NetOne CEO Is Suing Supa Mandiwanzira And The Office Of President

Just when it appeared the unrest at NetOne had met it’s end, the saga continues. In the space of three weeks NetOne fired 9 executives, reinstated the same executives and now it appears the CEO -Lazarus Muchenje- has just sued the ICT Minister for illegally involving himself in NetOne’s running. Muchenje is suing 18 respondents […]

Government Speaks On Netone’s Sacking And Reinstatment Of 9 Executives

The Minister of ICT and Cyber Security, Supa Mandiwanzira who is seemingly the de facto boss of Netone, has now given his side of the story concerning the drama that rocked the state-owned telecoms operator over a week ago. Netone’s CEO, Lazarus Muchenje unilaterally dismissed 9 senior managers, only to reinstate them a week later. […]

The Crisis Is Over, Netone Reinstates The 9 Executives It Had Sacked Last Week

Whilst some are engaged in real politics, Netone was busily engaged in its own politics. Only that in Netone’s case, its ‘boardroom politics’/boardroom squabbles. Last week the state-owned telecoms operator made headlines as 9 Executive managers were unceremoniously dismissed by its Chief Executive, Lazurus Muchenje. On Friday, Netone sent a memo alerting its employees about the […]

Netone Holds An Emergency Board Meeting Following The Sacking Of 9 Executive Managers

Following the sudden dismissal of 9 executives by Chief Executive Officer, Lazarus Muchenje, Netone’s board members called for an emergency meeting to defuse the crisis. A memo sent by Netone on Friday to its employees listed the executives who were dismissed but didn’t give the reason why they were dismissed. According to the Business Times, it […]

NetOne Finally Appoints CEO, Two Years After Kangai’s Dismissal

NetOne, Zimbabwe’s second largest Mobile Network Operator has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer Mr Lazarus Muchenje who formerly worked at Vodacom. Mr Muchenje’s tenure will begin on the 1st April 2018. The position had been vacant for the past two years with no replacement coming after Reward Kangai was let go. Previously Mr Muchenje […]