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Struggling to find job offers via LinkedIn, changing the location might do the trick

I have a confession to make, I have never taken LinkedIn seriously. Many years ago I signed up for an account on the platform and occasionally I receive requests from colleagues and virtual strangers who want me to add them to my network (whatever that means). I have also linked the account with my WordPress […]

How Does Your Social Media Activity Affect Employment Chances

Ever imagined something as “silly” as a Facebook comment making you miss out on an important job opportunity? Well, for all you know that could be what’s happening right now as you blame nepotism, witchcraft or your family’s bad luck. Judging from some posts I have seen on social media it is clear that many […]

Organisations Offering Essential Services Will Now Be Able To Post Jobs On LinkedIn For Free

Social media companies usually get a lot of negative media for how they handle data and address a bunch of problems on their platforms, but their responses during the Coronavirus have been commendable. Facebook and Twitter have been battling with misinformation on their respective platforms. LinkedIn has announced a host of measures to help businesses […]

LinkedIn’s New Skill Assesment Validates Your Skills In Certain Areas

LinkedIn is social media for grown-ups and in line with the no-nonsense approach that most of us take once we go there, they’ve introduced a new Skill Assesment feature that allows “recruiters and hiring managers to more effectively pinpoint which candidates are a good match on the basis of proven skills.” Hiring is one of […]

Global Report: There Are 1.2 Million Zimbabweans On Social Media

If data from We Are Social and Hootsuite is to be taken at face value, the number of active social media subscribers grew by 20% from 0.88 million users in 2018 to 1.2 million this year. That’s an interesting number, but it seems pretty low and only makes up 7% of Zimbos. Of this 1.2 […]

LinkedIn Lite Ensures That Data Costs & Storage Don’t Stop You From Climbing The Professional Ladder

If you’re interested in working your way up the corporate ladder or just having a social media that can add to your professional value then there’s no question having a LinkedIn profile is a must. For those who don’t know what LinkedIn is, now is a good a time as any to get with the […]

Social Media Etiquette For Professionals Part 1: LinkedIn.

We owe a great deal  of gratitude to Mark Zuckeburg for introducing us to one of the widely used social media platforms. We also owe the same amount of gratitude to our local MNOs for enabling us in more ways that one to connect to the internet thereby living a digital footprint that can be […]

Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in the largest social network acquisition

According to Microsoft, the acquisition will be a cash transaction and has been set at $196 per share. This will value the deal at $26.2 billion which is inclusive of LinkedIn’s net cash.

Here are 6 steps to selling your skill online: Insights from Comexposed

This idea of online freelancing or e-lancing obviously has a lot of allure for locals that have been at the receiving end of employment contract terminations and a dwindling job prospects. The opportunity is even being investigated by other entities like Econet through its soon to be launched platform Technites.

9 sure fire ways to kick start your brand to #GetSocial

Yes, it finally has been preached enough and you are part of the converted. Social media is a necessity if you are serious about getting your brand recognised at a marginally lower cost than traditional media. The powers that be have given you the nod and now it is left for you to get things […]

The single most important benefit of LinkedIn

As you may obviously be aware, I love LinkedIn. So much so that I’ve recently been reading the stuff from my good friends Jan and Bert from The Networking Coach (we’ve never actually met by the way, but their deep insights into LinkedIn have been a tremendous help to me and thus I call them […]

5 compelling reasons why you should seriously use LinkedIn

Whether you are a large company, employee, young professional or entrepreneur, believe me when I tell you that you should be on LinkedIn. Here are 5 reasons why you should actively use LinkedIn. 1. Connect to the largest network of global professionals According to their website, LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the […]

With 200,000 local users, should local firms be looking to advertise on Linkedin?

Just yesterday we got a call from an associate asking how he could advertise on Linkedin. Our initial reaction was why would someone in Zimbabwe want to advertise on Linkedin when Facebook offers a wider audience. Infact, we initially we thought it was not even possible to advertise on Linkedin from Zimbabwe. Linkedin is the […]

LinkedIn to help students prepare for college with new University Pages

Today, the globally popular professional networking site, LinkedIn, announced the introduction of University Pages, a set of tools targeted at helping school going members choose the right university/college and ultimately a career more effectively.

LinkedIn passwords leaked on the internet. How you can protect your account

If you’re on the popular professional social network, LinkedIn, you really want to change your password immediately. Yes you do. LinkedIn suffered a hack yesterday whose payload was the leaking of some 6.5 million passwords onto a Russian hacking site. The security breach was confirmed by LinkedIn itself admitting that some passwords were indeed stolen […]

LinkedIn Africa Stats: Zimbabwe sitting in 11th position

According to statistics published by zoomsphere, a social media analytics platform ,Africa has 5 772 194 registered users on LinkedIn. The information is as of February 27 2012 and digs into each African country’s most active companies by members and activity. Zimbabwe is understood to have 103 400 registered members, making it the 11th biggest Linkedin user base in Africa. The top twenty countries on the continent are as follows:

Social Media: What Facebook and Linkedin’s Africa partners are saying

After publishing a couple of articles focused on how local businesses are using and not using social media, we recently had a telephone interview with Adrian Hewlett to get an expert opinion. Adrian is the founder and CEO of the South African based Habari Group, which has a division (Habari Media) dedicated to Social Media sales and consultancy services. The company works directly with Facebook and LinkedIn across the African continent and has gained headway in prime markets like Nigeria and Kenya.