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Linux is not invulnerable, here are some top Linux malware in 2021

So yesterday I wrote about the latest iteration of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS coming out in my usual glowing terms. I feel like there was nothing amiss in that article after all Ubuntu, especially the version in question, is a stellar operating system that is rock solid and has served me well. A few people however […]

Punished for downloading Ubuntu via torrent

When the machines take over.

How To Wirelessly Connect Your Android Phone To Ubuntu

My esteemed colleague has already written a guide on how you can connect your phone to Windows. Being an Ubuntu user it is now left to me to write a guide on how write on how you can wirelessly connect your phone to an Ubuntu computer without messing with USB cables. FYI Android is Linux, […]

Don’t Worry The Windows 10 October Update Is Now Safe But …

Although I have Windows 10 on my main laptop I haven’t used (production use) it in a while-could be going on two years now. I do like to keep the operating system up to date though like any other security conscious computer user. Mainly because I am very curious about developments in the WSL realm. […]

Using SmartDNS and VPN on Ubuntu

Last month I wrote about the awesomeness of SmartDNS‘s DNS and VPN services. A lot has happened  since then in the political arena. Not least of which is the fact that we have a new President; something that was unthinkable when I wrote the piece. The world is changing Some have taken these changes to […]

Here’s how and why you should disable Flash

I decided to disable Flash player in all my browsers. My laptop has Ubuntu installed on it, and being a security conscious user, I always keep it up to date. After a lot of research I was convinced that Flash was the Achilles heel on my machine, a hack waiting to happen.

A weekend spent cheating on Ubuntu with Fedora 22

Ubuntu is an awesome version of the Linux OS, but is it better than Fedora 22? This is a look at how well Fedora performs and if this Linux variant is worth as much fuss and praise as Ubuntu

Here’s how to make your Ubuntu Desktop beautiful

if you are bored by your Ubuntu desktop there is a way to change it. This is a step by step guide on how to customise that Linux desktop.

Why I would pay a fortune for One Program to run on them all

One of the advantages that was and is still given for Cloud Computing is that it allows home and business computer users to operate freely without the need to be that aware of the technical details or even the name of the operating system they are running. The theory goes that all the user would […]

LibreOffice kind of sucks, but here we are: Spell checking with LibreOffice!

OK before I say anything else I feel like I have to say this: I love Ubuntu (of course I don’t like Mint and their insidious plans to take over the world – first it was MintMenu, and now its Cinnamon! What’s next?) I have been using Ubuntu since Feisty Fawn and have lived through it all; […]

Tips for faster downloads: How I combined two internet connections

Recently during the holiday season my primary internet connection started acting up. It seems there is a signal problem affecting my upload speed, so it takes an inordinately long time to complete simple tasks such as processing the GET request although the download is a breeze once this obstacle is surmounted with download threads achieving the […]

Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn review: deceptively simple

Just over a week ago Canonical the people behind Ubuntu released its latest iteration of its flag ship operating system nick named Utopic Unicorn. The release also coincided with Ubuntu’s 10th birthday. For an operating system named after a magical creature, the release might strike some of you as somewhat overwhelmingly similar to the previous […]

You can now watch Netflix videos on your Ubuntu desktop

As most of you know I have been an unashamed ambassador and proponent of Ubuntu from the beginning. Sure I have used Fedora and think it’s cool but my love for Ubuntu has been unrelenting and with it, the desire to make it indispensable to others as well by sharing with them useful tips. One […]

My date with Qiana

We have already taken Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) for a spin and we had nothing but good things to say but then we have always been privy to the latent beauty of Ubuntu. It’s robustness, resilience and brutal sturdiness are the answer to every serious computer user’s prayer. But, if we are honest, the default […]