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Telegram now allows you to live stream to an unlimited audience

Every time Telegram updates their chat app I am always reminded of the VHS-Betamax and Linux-Windows debates. Sometimes the most popular app or piece of software, in this case, WhatsApp, is not always the best app. Unlike WhatsApp Telegram is transitioning to become more than just a chat app into a fully-featured social network and […]

WiFi security (WPA2) can be breached easily, passwords stolen, bandwidth depleted

We all love wireless networks. Not having to contend with cables which can be snapped or trip you over is the stuff of dreams come true. Here in Zimbabwe more so as we mostly use our mobile phones to access the internet. When it comes to internet access we have come to rely on Wi-Fi […]

Here’s a guide for installing the Intel graphics driver in Ubuntu 16.04

So after a few weeks of complaining about Microsoft and Windows something happened. Quite by accident, I visited the Edraw Max website only to discover that they now have a Linux version of the software. Now I could live my Ubuntu fantasy or so I thought. After a few minutes of using the open source […]

In memory of Ian Murdock

The late Ian Murdock. By now anyone with an internet connection probably now knows that the man Ian Ashley Murdock passed away a few days before the turn of the current year, on the 28th of December, in what are still mysterious conditions. I had previously held off writing his obituary with the hope that […]

How to run Linux in your browser

If one of your resolutions for 2016 is “learn/brush-up on Linux”, but you’re (already) feeling too lazy to set up Virtualbox or a HD partition, rejoice, for you can boot up and run Linux (CLI) in a browser tab.   Don’t believe me? Checkout It’s not a remote connection to a Linux session running […]

This Easy Engine gives you WordPress on steroids

First of all I have to swear that this has got nothing to do with the current noise about This article was planned ages ago based on my own experiences. Schadenfreude is not really my thing. One of the things I learnt this year after deciding to avoid shared hosting and opting to go […]

Choosing a download manager in Ubuntu

Here’s a run through some awesome download managers to use in Ubuntu that ought to give you options, epecially if you are picky about command line software.

A weekend spent cheating on Ubuntu with Fedora 22

Ubuntu is an awesome version of the Linux OS, but is it better than Fedora 22? This is a look at how well Fedora performs and if this Linux variant is worth as much fuss and praise as Ubuntu

The loudest lesson from Ubuntu Vivid Vervet: If it’s not broken …

Those who are partial to Ubuntu know that every six months the good people at Canonical, the people behind Ubuntu, release a new version to its popular Operating System. Well if you somehow missed the big event, the latest iteration of Ubuntu and all its cousins like Kubuntu, Ubuntu Mate, Lubuntu, Xubuntu and Ubuntu Gnome, […]

Hands-on learning with “Linux From Scratch”

Almost ten years ago, I used a computer for the first time. I mean I had heard a lot and seen computers in action in movies but I had never touched, let alone, used one before then. I will never forget that late summer morning when I switched on a computer for the first time. […]

Elementary OS: A good looking cheap Apple lookalike

So after spending the not-so-bad-after all-valentine watching “romantic” movies I decided to go on a cleanse and get back in my geek groove. What better way to do this than testing a Linux Distro Beta? So I remembered how one reader once requested a review of Apple lookalike Linux distros and decided to take the […]

MS Office coming to Android

Even the most fanatical of Linux users will, after all the swearing, Communist rants, insults and talk about Microsoft’s FUD and evils still concede one thing. Microsoft Office is still the best Office Suite there is. I am one of those people who have very little love for Microsoft and its Windows OS but I […]

SteamOS offers a gateway to gaming heaven

One of the reasons that is often cited for not using Linux, besides command line phobia, is that it is not a good gaming platform. I can attest that this is somewhat true; graphic drivers for Linux often come out well after their Windows counterparts and gaming is all about graphics unless Tetrix is all […]

Admins please patch your servers!

  If you are an admin and have been living under a rock here is a newsflash for you: A security flaw was recently discovered in OpenSSL, specifically version 1.01, which is the version that has been shipping since March 2012. Codenamed Heartbleed, the vulnerability was discovered by researchers at Google and Codenomicon. The hole allows an […]

Taking Saucy Salamander for a spin

On Thursday 17 October last week the latest release of Ubuntu 13.10- christened Saucy Salamander was released. The distribution- especially this current release- has been rocked by several controversies and has since dropped to number 3 on distrowatch. It however remains a veritable force to reckon with in the Linuxsphere where it has spawned a […]

Take part in the Linux Readers Choice Awards.

For those not in the know now is that time of the year when the Linux Journal, one of the most popular and influential Linux publications since the beginning, has its readers’ choice awards. It is an election where geeks get to choose the most popular distribution, office suites, video players and other types of […]

Celebrating 22 years of Linux

It was 22 years ago, on 25 August 1991, that Linus Torvalds the father of Linux sent his famous message: “I’m doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won’t be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones.” Even he did not have any idea how popular and life changing his project would […]

Smartphone survey

In the previous instalment there was a lot of debate and impassioned discussion as people championed whatever their favoured smartphone or smartphone Operating system. We live in a country where some statistics are scarce and so for the most part our arguments were fuelled by educated guesses and intuition.

Windows closing the Linux gap?

I thought it wise to start with a disclaimer: This is not a Windows vs. Linux article. God knows enough of those have been written much to the chagrin of penguin lovers. It just seems to me like Linux is slipping it terms of their bug swatting vigilance.

Microsoft Office Coming to Ubuntu?

Since everyone is too afraid or partisan to say it I just have to be brave and say it for myself and all mankind. LibreOffice ( if you want to play that game) is the single greatest let down of the Linux desktop.

Windows goes to UFI

It is a well known truism in Linux circles: The coolest toys come with Windows pre-installed. All a geek has to do is to either completely wipe the drive or dual boot Linux with Windows. A hitherto trivial and straightforward task that could at times be completed in a matter of minutes.

Why not use Free and Open Source Software

I am inclined to think that VLC media player is the most popular software in Zimbabwe. Few people outside the tech circles know, however, that it is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Even fewer people know what FOSS is let alone its advantages especially to SMEs and Startups with their tight budgets. I am still to meet anyone who does not love the player; it is robust, has a simple interface, extensive functionality, a trivial learning curve and modest memory footprint – beauty in code.

Should Canonical can Ubuntu?

Hands up if you have used Linux in one of its various incarnations for the desktop. Well if you are reading this blog, chances are you have done that. Like many other geeks and aspiring geeks I have dabbled with using Linux specifically Ubuntu and I must say after the initial novelty of using something […]

Ubuntu how to: moving databases

I recently wanted to move a database from one computer to another. Fortunately I found a welcome guide at Moving the files is not really difficult, you can use FTP. Moving the database is a bit more challenging however.

How to: Using a CDMA modem to connect to the internet in Ubuntu

Two weeks ago, I posted an article on how to connect to the internet using mobile broadband (the dongles) in this Ubuntu How-to series of articles. The article solicited some great comments from readers with some comments providing alternative methods.

Ubuntu: Downloading YouTube videos

One of the good things about the good old Firefox 3 was that when in Ubuntu flash videos were downloaded to the /tmp directory. All you had to do was wait for the buffering to complete, minimize the Firefox window, got to the /tmp directory and copy and paste the video into the folder of your choosing. Playing the video is easy enough; vlc plays pretty much any format from .mp4 to .flv.

Playing music and movies on Ubuntu Linux

The first thing anyone ever notices after installing Ubuntu is that they cannot play mp3s, .avi/.vob/.mpeg/ or any of their videos unless you are one of those freaks that happened to have .ogg media files in your music collection. With this discovery comes shock, anger and finally frustration.