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Here’s why Liquid Telecom became Liquid Intelligent Technologies

Its not just a change in name.

Liquid Telecom “fibre link challenge” was the cause of bank USSD outage

The Bank USSD service outage faced by some Econet customers this afternoon was down to a Liquid Telecom fibre link challenge.

Liquid Telecom gets poor credit rating from firm – Zim currency issues largely to blame

Moody’s -a risk assessment firm- recently affirmed Liquid Telecoms B1 Corporate family rating (CFR) to honour it’s obligations on a US$730 million senior secured notes offering. Ok, what does any of that even mean? Senior secured notes are basically bonds – but they take precedence over other debts in the event that a company declares […]

ZOL Service Maintenance Still On-Going, Wibroniks Customers Facing Disruptions

Yesterday at the launch of Liquid Telecom’s promotion targeting enterprise customers, one of the issues we brought to the attention of Liquid Telecom Regional CEO Mr Wellington Makamure was the fact that soe Wibroniks customers have been complaining about the quality of service over the past fortnight. The CEO explained that the reason why this […]

Liquid Telecom Announces 20-50% Data Discount For Enterprise Customers

Earlier today Liquid Telecom announced that from the 23rd of March they will be discounting broadband prices for their enterprise customers by 20%-50%. Regional CEO for Liquid Telecom in Southern Africa, Mr Wellington Makamure made the announcement explaining that the 6-month promotion will be provided to loyal customers who will get 20-50% additional bandwidth at […]

Liquid Telecom Zim Provides Students With Free WiFi As Part Of Edu-Zones Initiative

Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe, part of the leading pan-African telecoms group Liquid Telecom, is today celebrating the success of Edu-Zones, a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative to help students bridge the digital divide with free Wi-Fi delivered across the company’s high-speed fibre network. Edu-Zones forms part of a long-term CSR initiative by Liquid Telecom launched in […]

Liquid Telecom Giving Out US$1000 Microsoft Azure Cloud Credits To Startups

Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe’s partnership with Microsoft will bear a lasting impact for interested startups under the Liquid GoCloud initiative. The program is open to local startups looking to adopt Microsoft’s Azure platform. The startups selected will be joining Liquid’s “marketplace of opportunity” and receive 1,000USD in cloud credit along with exclusive access to Microsoft developers […]

Econet Is Selling Away Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe, Here Is Why

So right now the major news is that Econet (Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited) is going to split into two companies: Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited) and Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe Limited. Technically speaking though CSZL already exists they are just waiting to gobble up part of Econet. Hidden however among the mumbo jumbo is an interesting fact. […]

The Econet Demerger In 3 Simple Diagrams

So as we have already reported in an earlier article: Econet is going ahead with its demerger. The process is quite technical and we are here to do the hand holding. Nothing says simple like a picture so below are diagrams showing exactily what is going to happen to Econet.The de-merger is a multi-step process […]

Zimbabwe registers 793 public WiFi hotspots nationwide led by a Liquid Telecom & TelOne rollout

The latest data on public internet access for Zimbabwe shows that at the beginning of October 2016 there were 793 public WiFi hotspots active across the country.

ZOL subscribers experience service outage , ISP apologises & offers 10GB of free data (update)

According to a statement released by ZOL, the service disruption affected its phone lines and some customer connections with WiMAX users being the most affected group. ZOL has stated that the problem has since been rectified.

Liquid Telecom’s VOD service ipidi tv launches in Zambia

According to its website, people using Hai Zambia Fibre internet can access ipidi tv and a promotion has been launched offering free ipidi TV until 30 April 2016 for every Hai customer who signs up for ipidi by 31 January 2016.

More details of Liquid Telecom’s VOD service ipidi emerge as it nears launch

According to an updated ipidi website, the VOD service will come with two options – ipidi flix and ipidi boxoffice. The ipidi flix alternative offers monthly access to TV shows and movies and ipidi has made claims of a growing library with “thousands of hours” of content.

Econet records 7 million subscribers for its Broadband services

However, one other number that stood out for us related to Econet’s broadband services. According to to the analysts’ presentation which accompanied the results, Econet has 7 million broadband subscribers. Econet says this number is an improvement from the 4,7 million broadband subscribers that the operator had in the same period last year.

Liquid’s expensive bandwidth, rogue economics in Zim telecoms & Infrastructure Sharing: Podcast

In this podcast, we discuss the comments shared by the Minister of ICT in a recent interview on ZiFM Stereo that touched on Infrastructure sharing.

Minister says Econet buying expensive bandwidth from Liquid Telecom Group (Update)

Liquid Telecom Mauritius is the holding company for Liquid Telecom Group. So, according to what the Minister has pointed out, Econet Wireless, which acquires its bandwidth from Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe, is essentially paying a significant premium on bandwidth to a sister company instead of acquiring it from cheaper alternative suppliers.

Supa Mandiwanzira clarifies infrastructure sharing issue & impact on private companies

The latest statements from the Minister of ICT give a glimpse into what the government is thinking in terms of Infrastructure and may explain the ICT ministry’s agenda in infrastructure sharing.

Cheaper VSAT in Zim, YoStore, energy alternatives & Econet vs POTRAZ – Podcast

In this episode of the Techzim podcast, we discuss Econet and Liquid Telecom’s reaction to POTRAZ’s Infrastructure Sharing strategy, the iWayAfrica VSAT products that just got so much cheaper and the online retailing platform YoStore from the ISP, YoAfrica.

60,000 jobs: Econet spits out numbers to emphasize its value to the Zim economy

In its latest effort to highlight its position as a job creator, Econet has published a full page press statement outlining its support of more than 60,000 jobs in the Zimbabwean economy. Could be it be part of Econet’s efforts to lobby for the loosening of regulation which has been handicapping the industry?

Liquid Telecom has upped the ante on services, not just the infrastructure

There’s a pattern that is emerging in all of this – Liquid is striking a balance between the infrastructure and services, defining a clearer role for itself in value addition and not just focusing on fibre optic rollout.