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Illegally Streaming Live Sports? You Might Have Some Problems Down The Line

The EPL is back along with the Champions League and the Rugby World Cup. For sports fans who can’t afford to subscribe for DStv, a simple alternative is turning to illegal streams of whatever sport you like. It’s less expensive and at times the quality rivals that of DStv (without the convenience of course). These […]

Kwese Has Been Licensed For VOD, I Wonder If Netflix And YouTube Are Licensed Too

So Kwese has been licensed finally, yaay! They have been given a total of three licenses. Content distribution license, webcasting license and video on demand license. Only one of those licenses makes sense and I am being generous… I believe this whole licensing stuff is not progressive and has been overtaken by technology. I believe […]

Bulawayo City Council Promises To Start Live-Streaming Council Meetings.

The Bulawayo City Council(BCC) plans to live-stream it’s monthly chamber meetings, events, and other functions. The town clerk Christopher Dube feels that social media’s impact gives citizens a voice they did not have before. The council intends to use not only the live-streams but also Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to interact with residents. A […]

Broadcasting Authority Of Zimbabwe Inviting Applications For Licenses For Some Stuff We Didn’t Know Needed Licensing

The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) has published an invitation for those interested in being licensed for what they called ‘classes that do not require allocation or use of frequencies.’ They went on to define these classes as: Video on Demand Services (VOD) Webcasting services Content Distribution Services In fact, here’s the advert quoted below […]

Live streaming service is now available to DStv Compact and Compact plus subscribers

Today, DStv Now updated their streaming service to allow customers on Compact and Compact plus packages to access entertainment on the go. Previously, the service was only available to customers on the Premium package of DStv. This is a good move by DStv as it allows them to keep people on their television network that want to […]

We tried live streaming with Periscope. Here’s our experience

We tried Periscope on both WiFi and the regular 3G and clearly this is not an app for a mobile data as it exists today. But even if 3G could handle Periscope, this is video and expect for it gobble your data down chop chop. These kind of apps are not for us paying US 15 cents per MB.

And DStv wins…again

Unlike most people I don’t really support many teams during the World Cups. I admire the aesthetics, consistency and team of effort of the Germans above all but I also have a soft spot for the underdog. Nothing is quite as mesmerising as the spirit and dogged performance of a team that has nothing to […]