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Constitutional Court Dismisses MISA’s Application To Livestream Tomorrow’s Election Challenge, Says ZBC Has Sufficient Capacity To Broadcast

Zimbabwe’s highest court, The Constitutional Court has ruled that Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) cannot livestream tomorrow’s court proceedings of the Presidential Election Challenge. The court was of the view that, the state-owned broadcaster, ZBC has enough capacity to publicise the court proceedings. This comes after, MISA and one Bulawayo lawyer had made a […]

4 Technologies That Are Making Their Mark This Election

No one can doubt the impact of technology on practically every aspect of our everyday lives. In this case, the use of various technologies on politics is worth noting particularly in Zimbabwe (and obviously in Africa). The ongoing elections saw the use of many kinds of technologies to inform, instruct, reach a wider audience or just […]

Prophet Walter Magaya’s PHD Ministries adopts Facebook Live as its latest broadcast channel

PHD Ministries, one of Zimbabwe’s most prominent churches most popularly know through the works of its founder Prophet Walter Magaya recently announced that it would be live streaming its services on Facebook Live. Facebook Live is the mobile broadcast video feature from the popular social media platform which allows users to livestream themselves to their friends and followers. […]

Econet signs another sports content deal, positions Kwesé TV as SuperSport’s biggest competitor

Even though Kwesé TV is set to be a distributor of various categories of content, Econet Media has clearly focused a lot of its content acquisition efforts on sports content with other types of content hardly receiving any mention.

Zimbabwean startup SSN introduces live coverage of schools sports to the internet

Thankfully SSN hasn’t been limiting its focus to news before and after the game. In addition to its existing live commentary feature it has started livestreaming sports events via YouTube.

Competition in live mobile broadcast heats up as Facebook adds live interactive map

Live broadcast has attracted a lot of attention because of the way it is primed to disrupt the traditional model of live video delivery by giving every smartphone user an easily accessible tool for real-time sharing that just happens to offer amazing opportunities for getting feedback.

Sports publication SSN starts crowdfunding campaign to livestream local matches

School Sports Network (SSN) launched a crowdfunding campaign meant to mobilise resources that will be used to set up a live stream service for Zimbabwean school sports. The target is $1,700 and SSN is offering unlimited access to live streamed sports for everyone who contributes.

Sharing YouTube & Facebook videos in Zim? You could be breaking the law

Just so we are clear, that headline isn’t meant to scare anyone who’s busy sharing the latest P.O BOX, ZviriKufaya or Zimdancehall video. It’s a legally sound fact that fortunately for all of us isn’t taken seriously. We can call the law a lot of things; blind, fair, cold or just but when it comes to […]

Livestream for the ZOL Startup Challenge Harare Meet Up

Its finally here! The ZOL Startup Challenge Harare Meetup is set to start any moment now and seats have started to fill up. For those of us who couldn’t make it but are keen on checking out what’s going at the event tonight we have set up a livestream link. You can check it out […]