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“Bring back Chibabest”, Angry Zimbabweans react to ZESA’s 12-hour load-shedding schedule

Zimbabwe is one of those countries in which the citizens seem to be living in a twisted horror version of Groundhog Day. The same mundane problems keep happening over and over again and it seems our lives are on repeat. One of those repetitive nightmares is load-shedding and despite the winning and excuses ZESA and […]

How To Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

It’s not only our phones that we would like to preserve their power during the load shedding, but our beloved laptops too. There are things that you can do to save your laptop’s battery so that you can use these handy computers for long. Turn down your brightness Your display is a huge drain on […]

ZESA Has Lost Almost 100 Transformers To Vandals and Thieves Since The Beginning Of 2018

If you’re a regular reader of the Techzim blog, you’ll probably remember when we talked about ZETDC (Zimbabwe Electricty Transmission and Distribution Company) calling for people tampering with electricity meters to turn themselves in by the 31st of August. It seems that vandalism and theft has had a far greater than one might first think […]

iPhone 6S, Adele, Lamar Odom & all the other top Google searches for 2015

Google has released its annual list of top searches made through the search engine. The trends, which cover various categories and zero in on specific countries, offer a glance at the things that grabbed people’s attention throughout the year.

3 ways ZESA can build its own virtual power station, without Dangote

Before any well-planned investments in thermal energy come to fruition, we have to manage what little power we have. Any huge savings on electricity can then be extended to other sectors of the economy and all that power is enough to be termed a virtual power station on its own.

Power company, ZESA, issues notice & schedule of severe load shedding

If your June, like ours, has started with frustrating long hours of unexplained power outages every day, consider this the explanation. It won’t unfortunately provide any relief to this madness, but at least you know what’s going on and can take action. Hint – maybe relocate that startup office from the bedroom. Whatever action you take, fact is […]

How an App & SMS can help end ZESA load shedding

Today most of the African continent is in pitch black darkness. literally! The Zimbabwean government, like a number of other African governments, has not – for one brilliant reason or the other – invested in new electricity generation capacity. To put this into perspective, in 2014, 13 million Zimbabweans will rely on generation capacity that […]