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Gtel looks beyond phones, introduces its own tablet

You can never get enough of screen size. That logic that has been the driver behind the transformation of mobile phones from small and easy to handle toys into larger, well-sized devices with ample displays. It’s what makes sense in a world where we watch more video on mobile devices than ever before. That’s what […]

How to root your Chinese android smartphone or device

In our previous article we mentioned the fact that some apps might require you to root your phone. There are some useful apps that require super user privileges for example firewall software like Data Usage Defender. Whilst there are plenty of guides and tools about how to root many of the famous brands, your Chinese […]

Low cost tablets: the Cruz Reader case

We have written about some tablets here on Techzim. Overpriced low spec’d and low quality ones like the $500 Nhava Maestro tablet, and some high spec’d ones like the WeTab and the Galaxy Tab that we found a bit too steep for this market. When we wrote about the WeTab some weeks ago, a generous reader, Barry Launder, wrote to say tablets like it are just too expensive for this market, and that he could prove it. True to his word, he brought us a US $200 (calculated retail price in Zim) Velocity Micro Cruz Reader tablet to sample and see for ourselves.