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Zimbabwe’s internet speeds versus other African countries

Nobody wants slow internet. In Zimbabwe, we all dream of having that awesome home internet connection that allows us to stream to our heart’s content, download gigabytes in seconds and video chat with friends and family without issues. Unfortunately, the reality is that we don’t always get what we want. Zimbabweans always complain of slow […]

Uncapped LTE data prices Zimbabwe versus South Africa

There is nothing that I loath more than data bundles for specific services and zero-rating. Essentially what you have is an Internet Service Provider or Internet Access Provider going out of their way to be a referee in the content game. It’s the reason why bad apps like WhatsApp triumph over good apps like Telegram. […]

ZOL says poor WiBroniks speeds a result of people moving outside of coverage areas

Many of the complaints WiBroniks customers have logged over the last few months have been to do with the speed of the network over the last few months. We reached out to ZOLto understand why this has been the case despite the fact that there have been multiple maintenance updates over the last few months. […]

[Updated] ZOL suspended sale of LTE SIM cards but they will be back soon

In early March, we wrote an article on how ZOL had run out of LTE SIM cards, and since then the SIM cards never came back in stock. At that time the Novel Coronavirus was to blame but now it seems there is another issue at hand. ZOL cutsomers enquiring about the LTE SIM cards […]

TelOne Blaze Vouchers Have Started Going For Sale, Seems You Can Already Sign Up!

Despite reporting that TelOne had an upcoming service -Blaze- leaked, it seems the product is already available though an official launch event will follow soon. We already know that Blaze will be an LTE based service and packages being sold by Paynow indicate Blaze will come with 6 packages: Blaze Lite – ZW$54 – could […]

5G Is Going To Disrupt Many Industries, Here Are Some Of Them

As you may know by now, 5G is the next-gen (or is now the current gen?) of wireless tech which is expected to offer new consumer and business with near real-time connectivity. For the last decade (half a decade for us in Zim) the rest of the world has enjoyed 4G connection and with these […]

Finally, We Have Full Details On How Much It Will Cost You To Get WiBroniks. You May Want To Go With One-Fi

The details concerning ZOL’s recently launched LTE service -WiBroniks- have been scarce. At the launch event, we managed to know how much the packages for WiBroniks will cost but we never got a clear answer on the costs of activation/installation at the time. Now we have a clearer picture and if you are interested in […]

WiBroniks Vs The Competition: Is This Better Than One-Fi And TelOne ADSL?

ZOL recently announced a new wireless service that they have termed WiBroniks. The finer details of the service will be provided by ZOL at a later date but thus far they have provided details such as the data caps for these packages, the speeds and also the cost. From these details, we can begin to […]

ZOL Introduces New LTE Based Service: Meet WiBroniks

[UPDATE]: This article initially stated that Fibroniks unlimited was dropping from $139 to $119. This was incorrect and we’ve made ammends to the article. Zol has introduced a new service that they are calling WiBroniks. The service will rely on LTE and will be available to subscribers  at a later date. Coolest start to an […]

Release: Econet Targets 100% 3G coverage countrywide with new Infrastructure Investment

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, which according to industry data controls a commanding 98% of the LTE data customer market share, has announced a major data network upgrade that will see the mobile network market leader achieve 100% 3G coverage across the country by the end of this year. Announcing the developments at the company’s Msasa head […]

Press Release: Telecel announces $200m deal – moves to close coverage gap and introduce LTE

Press release sent to Techzim by Telecel Zimbabwe: HARARE – MAY 17, 2017 – The Minister of ICT, Postal and Courier Services, Honourable Supa Mandiwanzira has announced that Telecel will be unveiling LTE and expanding the mobile company’s network coverage through a government brokered  $200m finance deal. Speaking at a briefing cocktail held in Harare, […]

Telecel to launch LTE

Angeline Vere, Telecel CEO Telecel Zimbabwe will be rolling out LTE data services in the 3rd quarter of this year. The announcement was made by ICT minister Supa Mandiwanzira at an event to mark the revival of Telecel as a brand and telecoms player in the market. Telecel, which is now owned by the government of […]

LTE coverage in Zimbabwe triples in 12 months as Econet & NetOne invest in broadband coverage

Between October 2015 and October 2016, the number of LTE base stations across Zimbabwe increased by 343% as Econet and NetOne, the country’s largest and second-largest mobile network operators expanded their mobile broadband coverage.

TelOne Centre of Learning to host telecoms training from October to November: Effective Strategy, LTE, IP, Sales

After successfully providing telecoms training in May this year LTE course and a mini MBA, TelOne Center of Learning will this October and November host more telecoms training in Harare. The centre is once again partnering Informa Telecoms & Media, which is a leading authority in telecoms research and events globally. The following course are scheduled: Effective Telecoms Strategies […]

How to activate LTE on your NetOne line, its type and why they use USIM over SIM cards now

Yesterday, TechZim was able to spend the day with a member of NetOne‘s Network Optimization team and an Engineer from Huawei Zimbabwe (NetOne’s network infrastructure vendors) to test mobile internet speeds around Harare. Apart from the speed test, we were able to ask a few questions on NetOnes elusive LTE connection shedding light on a […]

NetOne invites TechZim on a LTE and mobile data speed test excercise around Harare

NetOne’s network optimisation team has invited TechZim on an LTE data speed test tomorrow, Tuesday 20th September from 9am. This follows our report on the state of mobile data speeds in Zimbabwe concerning the three Mobile Network Operators (NetOne, Telecel and Econet). The results of the initial tests were shocking with all three operators failing […]

Econet takes internet revenue increase with a pinch of salt!

Econet, the countries largest Mobile Network Operator, recorded an 8,7% revenue increase in data and internet services according to the mobile operators integrated annual financial report for the year ending February 2016. Revenue for data and internet services increased from $104,17 million in the 2014-15 financial year to $113,18 million in the 2015-16 financial year. Econet’s increase in […]

Exclusive: Techzim Interviews TelOne Chairman, Charles Shamu. TelOne plans, LTE, Infrastructure sharing

Recently we had the opportunity to interview the TelOne chairman, Charles Shamu. We spoke about TelOne’s ADSL business, the fibre, it’s subscribers, the issue of infrastructure sharing and TelOne’s plans to enter the mobile data market this year. Below is the interview: Soul Kabweza: We notice the emphasis now on Fibre at the expense of […]

TelOne Centre for Learning Introduces University of Derby accredited Telecoms Mini MBA

The TelOne Centre for Learning  has partnered Informa Telecoms (a UK based research, training and events company that you probably know for the annual AfricaCom events) to offer the Informa Telecoms Mini MBA and LTE Courses in commercial and technology. The Telecoms Mini MBA  is a 5 day program starting on 30 May and will cost $3,200 […]

Yet-to-launch operator Viva Mobile introduces new VOD service, fights for visibility with diverse content & free access

In the meantime, Viva Mobile has introduced its subscription-based video on demand TV service known as Uhuru TV (stylised as uHuru TV) with a pre-launch campaign that is offering early signups a free 7-day trial.

Telecel upgrades data network as it plays catch up in coverage and services race

While reserving capital from operational profit might seem even harder for Telecel than its peers its absence on the new base station front is likely a reflection of a shortage of capital for aggressive expansion, something that its new majority owner, the government, will hopefully be able to remedy.

TelOne seeks relevance in mobile, eyes converged services launch in 2017

However, TelOne won’t be eyeing the same market as NetOne. According to Mutasa, as a unified service provider, their concern will be to offer mobile services to TelOne fixed services subscribers. This means the option for an LTE mobile service that is tied to an existing TelOne account that a subscriber can access when they are mobile.

Econet open up LTE to smartphones. Unlikely to expand network fast

Starting early this month, Econet began a trial rollout of LTE services to smartphones, we are told. You will remember that before this, that is since as far back as the launch in September 2013, you could only access LTE via a USB dongle.

Interview with Telecel CEO Angeline Vere: What are the mobile operator’s plans?

Recently, Techzim interviewed Telecel Zimbabwe CEO, Angeline Vere. In the interview, she highlighted some aspects of Telecel’s plans for the short to medium term, as well as some aspects relating to the investment from its current owners.

Want the latest information on Zim telecoms? Here’s the POTRAZ Report

For close to a week now we have been mentioning the latest report to come from Zimbabwe’s communications regulator POTRAZ. Until today, we hadn’t received the official document and had been relying on detailed highlights and extracts. In articles published recently, we have run through some of the major highlights, which include the latest figures […]

Innovation Africa Digital Summit 2015: Should we expect anything there?

How is technology made accessible in Africa? is there a single solution and does this problem bigger than people realise? How is this a huge concern for decision makers anyway? These are some of the concerns that are supposed to be addressed over the next few days at the Innovation Africa Digital Summit 2015 in […]

From WhatsApp bundles to LTE: NetOne goes all out on data services

Finally, NetOne has stepped up to the plate, and not a moment too soon actually. The mobile network operator launched its own Over The Top (OTT) service bundles, or more specifically WhatsApp and Facebook bundles. The modus operandi is the same: Give subscribers unlimited access to the most visible applications or services and have them pay […]

Kenyan mobile operator Safaricom to try its hand at broadcasting

According to an article carried by IT News Africa today, Kenyan mobile network operator, Safaricom has applied for a digital broadcasting licence. This move comes as the MNO is setting out to harness the opportunities that have come from the digital migration which was carried out in Kenya. This is the same analogue to digital migration […]

From devices to Africa’s internet, this stood out from Mobile World Congress 2015

The best and loudest in mobile tech wrapped things up last night at the Mobile World Congress 2015 as the mega expo came to an end. The latest in tech was unveiled, hinted at, flashed and discussed in this past week and we got a feel of what the world of mobile will be buzzing about this […]

Where are we now with LTE in Zimbabwe?

4G/LTE always gets people in telecoms excited, and for good reason. Faster connections and efficient networks are everything. Even though it has been singled out globally as the mobile tech advancement that should come front and centre in a mobile world that will be all about better mobile internet, the uptake of 4G on the local front is […]