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Vaya Working On Kombi-Hailing And Ride-Sharing Services

It’s clear that Vaya has set its sight on making themselves one of the biggest players in transportation. From starting at simply merely offering ride-hailing services through their Vaya Lift application, there’s been a lot of expansion. Since then, they’ve tried their hand on delivery, on-demand ambulances, tractors, and waste disposal trucks. Recently, Strive Masiyiwa […]

Lyft, A Competitor To Uber Started Off As ZimRide Inspired By Zimbabwean Kombis, Should The Service Come Home?

I knew about ZimRide, the Silicon Valley startup that launched in 2008 to solve public transportation problems in the United States. I knew that this startup was inspired by Zimbabwe after one of the founders, Logan Green visited Zimbabwe in 2005 and witnessed the Kombi transportation system we have had around for decades. We even […]

We don’t need Uber in Zimbabwe

Most of us who follow technology and crazy business valuations are already familiar with Uber, the on-demand service that allows anyone to get cab transportation at the tap of a button. The disruptive app started in the United States and but spread virally to the rest of the developed world. 60 countries and a $68 billion […]

Zim’s ridesharing app SmartGo,the WhatsApp Wiki Bot & Liquid Telecom Partnering Netflix – Podcast

In this first part of the weekly podcast, we discuss the Zimbabwean ride-sharing startup called SmartGo, the potential behind WhatsApp bots, and the peering arrangement between Liquid Telecom and Netflix.

Local startup SmartGo Zimbabwe develops Lyft-like ride sharing service

A local startup called SmartGo Zimbabwe developed it’s own ride sharing service that uses an Android application with the same name. The service works in the same way as conventional ride sharing services, offering travelers a tool for facilitating and coordinating rides or lifts from transport headed in the same direction as their intended destination.