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Here’s Where To Watch Game Of Thrones Season Finale

It may be a bit too late to let you know where you can watch Game of Thrones season finale considering that the premiere episode already aired last week. But lately, I have encountered and also heard some people asking where can they watch this long-awaited season 8. I even heard some folks asking whether […]

DSTV considering letting subscribers choose and pay for the channels they want, admits Netflix and the Internet are their biggest rival right now!

In a recent interview with CapeTalk, a South African Radio Station, M-Net CEO Yolisa Phahle spilled the beans on many hot topics surrounding DSTV, its present strategy, and future goals. The Money Show by Bruce Whitfield hosted the CEO and asked a wide range of questions many subscribers have been burning to ask. According to their […]

A word for Zim producers: MultiChoice is calling for local content

Do you know any local film and TV producers that are making content that is worth the notice on a regional scale? It turns out 2015 is their year actually. First it was ZBC, now MultiChoice Zimbabwe, the company behind DStv, is calling for locally produced content to air on its M-Net Africa Channels. This […]

As Channel O closes, the opportunity for good quality local content is highlighted

Nothing lasts forever, especially on TV. Who would have thought that something that had become a permanent feature of sorts, Channel O Africa, would be calling it a day at the end of this month. For us in Southern Africa, this doesn’t concern us directly. What’s being cut off is the feed for the rest […]