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Breaking: CID Seize Computers Belonging To Magamba TV, Organisation Martha O’Donovan Works For

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) today made their way to Magamba offices at Moto Replubik armed with a warrant to confiscate desktops and laptops. This has been confirmed by Magamba Network Trust. The warrant they were wielding was granted in connection with the Martha O’Donovan case. If you recall, Martha O’Donovan is an American citizen […]

Breaking News: Martha O’Donovan Granted Bail

After spending 7 nights in Zimbabwean prison cells, 5 of which were in Harare’s Chikurubi Maximum prison, Martha O’Donovan was this afternoon granted bail by the High Court of Zimbabwe in the matter where she is charged with “subverting a constitutional government through masterminding a social media campaign to overthrow the government by unconstitutional means” […]

American Citizen Martha O’Donovan’s Bail Hearing Postponed To Thursday

The bail hearing of Martha O’Donovan, the United States of America citizen has been postponed to Thursday 9 November 2017, after the State applied for the postponement due to them “not being ready”. The matter is in the case of State vs Martha O’Donovan, where she is being charged with “Subverting a constitutional government through Masterminding a […]

Martha O’Donovan to spend two more days in jail, bail hearing set for Wednesday

By now you know about Martha O’Donovan of Magamba TV was arrested. Martha, an American citizen, who has been resident in Zimbabwe for at least since February of this year, working as Projects manager at Magamba Network Trust was arrested and her charge sheet which popped up on Twitter revealed the charges to be: Subverting […]

What Did ZOL Reveal That Got O’Donovan Arrested?

Last week a social media activist, Martha O’Donovan, was arrested for a tweet that went out in September 2017 that is said to have denigrated the President of Zimbabwe as well as for having set up organisations that are aiming to “subvert a constitutional government through masterminding a social media campaign to overthrow the government […]

What is it and how secure is the Tor Browser that O’Donovan was using?

If you are following the Martha O’Donovan case you might have seen mention of The Onion Router (Tor) on her charge sheet. The charge sheet says O’Donovan says, The accused made significant use of the Onion Router (TOR) browser, a tool which is used to hide online activity. To understand what the Tor browser we […]

EXCLUSIVE: US Embassy Speaks On O’Donovan’s Arrest…

The US Embassy this morning responded to questions sent to them in regards to the arrest of Martha O’Donovan in the matter where the Zimbabwean Government is alleging that she denigrated the President of Zimbabwe through a tweet and was “subverting a constitutional government through Masterminding a social media campaign to overthrow the government by unconstitutional […]

Activist, O’Donovan, charged for attempting to overthrow Zimbabwean government using Twitter

A few days ago, a woman called Martha O’Donovan, who works for a local activist organisation called Magamba Network, was arrested by the Zimbabwean government on the charge of undermining the authority of the president with a tweet. Yes, a tweet, which you can read about here. There have been some further developments since. Today, a […]