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Tag: Marvellous Nyongoro

What Impact Has Coronavirus Had On Local Tech Companies & Startups?

Corona Correction… An intriguing term that has been used by some financial analysts to denote how the pandemic has “corrected” and continues to “correct” market valuations for business all over the world. After reading a number of these theories, I was left wondering what kind of impact has the virus dealt to local startups and […]

Local Startup Needs Help Naming Their Mobile App. You Might Get A Prize

Housing Hub is one of the best (if not the best) places for local university students to secure off-campus accommodation. The startup has decided that now is the best time to create and launch a mobile application: We believe mobile apps are taking over and we believe they are the next thing. Imagine having an […]

3 Lessons We Learnt From Startups In 2019

I’m pretty sure 2019 was a pretty eventful year for all of us but through the good and the not so good, there are always lessons we can take. Here are 3 lessons we learn from 3 startups in 2019: Housing Hub – Solve The Problems In Front Of You This is probably the biggest […]

Vote For Zim Entrepreneur Who Made The 20 Youngest Entrepreneurs List In Africa

A month ago, we wrote about Marvellous Nyongoro and his impressive feat – making the list of top 20 youngest entrepreneurs on the continent. Marvellous made the list because of his work with The Housing Hub – a started he founded to solve accommodation struggles for university students. The voting for the Anzisha prize he […]

22 Year-Old Zim Entrepreneur Nominated For The MasterCard Foundation & African Leadership Academy Top 20 List for Youngest Entrepreneurs in Africa

Back in May, we sat with Housing Hub founder Marvellous Nyongoro who’s startup is hard at work solving the issue of accommodation for university students across the country. Due to his work with the Housing Hub, Marvellous has made it to the 2019 MasterCard Foundation and African Leadership Academy Top 20 List for Youngest Entrepreneurs […]