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Dandemutande entering EBITDA profitability. Here’s the ownership structure after merger

According to the results, Dandemutande, after years of losses, was now entering profitability at an EBITDA level based on the 2015 fourth quarter performance.

4th mobile operator on the cards as Shingi Munyeza consortium plans LTE network

A group of local investors that include former Telecel Zimbabwe CEO Francis Mawindi and former African Sun CEO, Dr Shingi Munyeza is set to launch a 4G/LTE network by the end of the year. This is meant to provide competition to existing players like Econet, NetOne and Telecel, while also entering the Pay TV services arena.

uMAX company, Dandemutande, in 4th annual consecutive loss

Masawara’s annual results for the year ended December 2014, show that Dandemutande, a subsidiary they own, went through a 4th consecutive loss making year, posting of a loss of US $1.2 million. The loss has however improved from the $2.1 million posted in 2013. Dandemutande is the internet provider behind the uMAX and Utande brands. Dandemutande however managed to increase revenue […]

Would Masawara buy Telecel from Vimpelcom?

A new dimension of a possible buyer emerged today following the talks yesterday between Vimpelcom and the ICT minister to find a solution to the Telecel closure. Apparently Masawara may buy Vimpelcom’s  share in Telecel Zimbabwe. A New Zimbabwe article says government plans to “force” Vimpelcom to sell to Masawara. The article doesn’t say if Masawara would actually […]

Guaranteed ISP Happiness: It’s all about value not price as uMax competes in aggressive market

You probably have seen the ad already by now; local ISP uMax is offering a money back guarantee to new subscribers. If you sign up for their Wimax package and for whatever reason are not happy with their service they are offering, they will give you your money back. Actually this is not a new development. […]

iWayAfrica Zimbabwe now in the green. New products doing well, says source

In an article we posted earlier today about Gondwana’s new deal with SevenC Computing to have iWayAfrica Zimbabwe introduce new managed IT services, we indicated that iWayAfrica has had “lacklustre performance in recent years”. This, based on the $55,000 loss they made in 2012. A source close to iWayAfrica Zimbabwe sent us an email to provide more facts and to point us to […]

Masawara hangs on to iWayAfrica as Telkom SA exits

In December, Telkom SA announced the offloading of their majority stake in iWayAfrica, citing a need to cut out the negatively performing business from the group. The sale was to Gondwana Communications, a South African telecoms firm. We talked a bit about the possible chances of Gondwana turning around iWay here. The one issue not […]

Dandemutande chairman comments on uMAX losses & shareholder confidence

Earlier today we posted an article titled “uMAX incurs $4.9 million loss. Shareholders express low confidence”. We noted in the article, as the title says, that the contents of the annual report indicate low confidence in the retail and consumer internet business becoming profitable in the short term.

iWayAfrica in $55k loss for year ending December 2012

The annual report released this past weekend by Masawara also had details of the financial performance of one other internet provider which Masawara has shareholding in; iWayAfrica Zimbabwe. The iWay business also made losses in the year ending 31 December 2012 albeit much lower than uMAX.

uMAX incurs $4.9 million loss. Shareholders express low confidence

The 2012 annual report sent out to Masawara shareholders over the weekend revealed that Dandemutande, an internet provider they have shareholding in, incurred losses amounting to US $4.9 million during the year ended 31 December 2012. Masawara’s share of the loss was US $3.4 million. The losses are attributed mainly to the retail and consumer internet division, which is called uMAX.

An early review of the Utande uMAX service

On Tuesday (20 June 2012) I had the pleasure of an 8 O’Clock press conference with some pretty bland exec types and a Pretty cool talking animated giraffe named Max. Utande was launching their “SME and Home” Wimax service, with all the hoopla and promises we have heard from all the other ISPs when they […]

Utande launches new WIMAX broadband service

This morning Utande Internet Services (Pvt) limited, a subsidiary company of Dandemutande Investments a company in Zimbabwe’s telecommunications industry launched its broadband WIMAX service under the uMAX brand. The Financial Express notes that uMax is currently available in Harare at a 95 percent coverage rate joins other broadband internet providers-who include Africom, Econet, and Spiritage’s […]

Dandemutande speaks

After last week’s announcement of Utande’s connection to the SEACOM undersea cable along Zimbabwe’s border with Mozambique, we visited the company for more information. Prior to this, efforts to get even the slightest of a whisper from Utande were mostly unsuccessful, apparently due to acquisition negotiations with now majority shareholder, Masawara plc. We were thus glad to meet Colin Franco, the company’s chief technical officer, and Russell Clinton the Utande CEO, for a discussion and tour of the Utande data centre.

SEACOM: Mozambique agrees to Zim connection

Zimbabwe is poised to benefit from a deal announced yesterday between SEACOM and Telecomunicacoes de Mocambique (TDM), Mozambique’s telecoms parastatal. The company has been granted the go ahead to connect our landlocked country to the undersea cable. This is expected to have a positive impact on corporate and individual consumers in the not too distant future.

Masawara Telerix aquisition. Which ISP is Telerix?

Many of you saw the Masawara press release on Tuesday, and like us, most of you went into looking for who Telerix is. This is because Telerix is not on the list of official POTRAZ licensed Internet Access Providers. We thought it’d be a typical walk in the park verifying this information with the concerned parties. We were wrong.