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Conversations with Zimbabwean startups: Mazwi & its play on book publishing

In the latest installment in our Conversations with Zimbabwean Startups series, we had a discussion with Taf Makura, the founder and CEO of Mazwi, the online publishing platform. He offered his perspectives on the challenges with running a Zimbabwean startup and some thoughts on issues like net neutrality and piracy.

A review of Zim’s tech startup ecosystem in 2014: Its successes and disappointments

In just one week we are going to be counting down to the end of 2014 and ushering in another year that will hopefully be better than this one. Everyone who had their hand in business and entrepreneurship, like guys who are part of a tech startup can testify to this more than most. Though there wasn’t […]

Techzim Podcast: Interview with Mazwi – Could it be Zimbabwe’s Amazon?

The last time we wrote about local startup Mazwi, they were clearing misconceptions around EcoSchool’s alleged “theft” of their concept. They went to great lengths to explain how they had a different model from what Econet was driving at. Months later, we managed to catch up with Tafadzwa Makura, the founder of Mazwi to find […]

Why EcoSchool will be good for the ecosystem

EcoSchool launched its education platform a few days ago. Hopefully it will bring to an end the questions and speculations that we’ve had to deal with at Mazwi, a start up that I have been a part of since 2013. What does the EcoSchool launch mean for our startup in particular and the digital education […]

Econet’s EcoSchool to launch tomorrow. What you should expect?

We just received an email from Econet inviting us to the launch of EcoSchool. But EcoSchool was launched 8 months ago, we can hear you say. That actually was a pilot launch. Just a really big one. The pilot was supposed to last 4 months but clearly ended up eating up double the time. According to the email […]

e-Learning Solutions out to create local learning content

  Yesterday we mentioned how e-Learning Solutions, one of the more visible digital learning providers locally, had together with Africom, launched a data plan for users of its online learning material. In the article we also highlighted the challenge of relevant local content for digital learning products that are available on the market. e-Learning Solutions appears […]

Africom and e-Learning Solutions introduce unlimited internet package

Africom has partnered with local digital education provider, e-Learning Solutions, in the roll out of e-learning content which includes the mcourser platform that was launched in June this year. Their new package gives Africom broadband subscribers unlimited access to, and for $10 per month. This is meant to ease the data burden […]

The top 11 tech startups to watch in Zimbabwe

The local tech startup scene has been going through a period of growth over the past couple years. A lot of changes taking place in our environment have contributed to this including the availability of internet services and a growing awareness of opportunities that lie in tech based solutions. There is no exact science involved […]

Latest techzim podcast: EcoSchool, Muzinda hackathon, Paper, Microsoft 4Afrika

Here’s our latest Techzim podcast episode! Guest on the show was Tinashe Nyaruwanga, blogger, social media & eCommerce enthusiast, Clinton Mutambo, our events coordinator here and the founder of, myself, and William Chui hosting. We chatted about Econet Services’s latest initiative, EcoSchool, Facebook’s new Paper app, the Muzinda Health apps Hackathon, and, briefly, Microsoft’s […]

About the EcoSchool app and Mazwi… Mazwi founder sends us a response

Last week, at the launch of Ecoschool tablet and platform, one of the things we said was remarkable was the similarity of the EcoSchool concept to the Mazwi startup that we have covered here a number of times. Initially, our guess that maybe they had partnered the startup in some way. Turned out they didn’t. […]

Here’s the EcoSchool tablet… You’ll think of Mazwi, biNu, Worldreader (pictures)

We’ve just arrived at the EcoSchool event in Harare, and fortunately got a chance to check out the EcoSchool tablet before the event. Ok, so the first thing that came to mind when we laid our eyes on the EcoSchool’s tablet is this: Mazwi. Not that they cloned it. No, you can’t clone an unlaunched […]

Zimbabwean Startup, Mazwi, looks to revolutionise book distribution and reading

You probably remember the Openbook startup from British Council Culture shift challenge that took place earlier this year. The app’s name has changed to Mazwi, and the team is getting ready release their first public version of their app. In a nutshell Mazwi looks to change significantly the way book content is created, distributed and […]