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Full Text: Jonathan Moyo’s Allegations Against Strive Masiyiwa – This Is War

Former Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo beef with Strive Masiyiwa is still on and the Professor has published a series of tweets containing disturbing allegations on the Econet’s Founder. What started as a mere exchange of opinions has turned into a war of words. 1/24 The self-righteous outburst by #StriveMasiyiwa, supported by his fellow bible-quoting juntapreneurs, in […]

ZEC Failed To Ensure “Impartial and Fair Coverage” Of The Election By State Media, ZBC Did Propaganda For Zanu-PF: MDC Alliance Court Petition

The role of media in elections is undoubtedly critical. Media gives politicians a chance to share their visions and plans with their supporters (aspiring supporters) on what they will do (for their voters) when they are elected into office. This gives voters a chance to choose which politician to vote for. And as part of […]

ZEC Released Phone Numbers Database To Zanu-PF, Says MDC Alliance In Its Petition Challenging Presidential Election Results

Some weeks ago, just before the elections, Zanu-PF and Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) were caught up in a sensational controversy. Both Zanu-PF and ZEC were accused of colluding in the sending of unsolicited bulk SMSs to people. The issue was somewhat ignored by some political parties until now, a week after election results were announced. […]

Zanu-PF Sends New Bulk SMSs Thanking Recipients In Advance For Voting For ED Mnangagwa

Zanu-PF has sent out a fresh batch of bulk SMSs ‘thanking’ people for voting for President Mnangagwa on the election day which is now three days away. Zanu-PF is no stranger to sending bulk SMS asking for people’s votes. And the sensational part of the bulk SMSs is that they were said to be unsolicited by people […]

Zanu-PF Vs MDC Alliance: Here Are Their Plans For ICT

Forgive us for seeming like we are going political but politics ultimately affect everyone including us. Whoever is going to rule Zimbabwe after elections will implement policies that will affect technology, finance, media etc Zimbabwe’s two main political parties have released their manifestos, setting out what they would do if elected into government on July 30. […]

ZEC Instructs Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe To Provide Equal Coverage To All Political Parties

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has written to Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) and Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe(BAZ) asking them to grant equal coverage on all media platforms to all participating political parties for the upcoming 2018 Elections. Since the past 20 years or so Zimbabweans have been ‘force fed’ to watch just one television channel, that […]

MDC Alliance Manifesto Maps Out Their Vision For Tech, Blockchain Has Central Role

Usually you expect politicians to be the last to know what’s going on especially anything tech related. Politicians seem to come from some other planet where long windy speeches are loved and appreciated or even understood. It’s refreshing to see tech entering the political discourse this election. Most times technology is discussed at political forums […]